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Punishment Story -Material Musings
by jenny

She was caught red-handed in aisle six. She swore she was most careful putting the item in her bag, but she was not as clever as she thought. When approached about shoplifting, her mouth fell agape. The security guard grinned with a ‘cat’s delight’ as he softly nudged her by the elbow to keep her moving along. Back to the managerial office she went. They had her sit as they stood around her with pursed lips and crossed arms. The female manager was a large woman who towered over her. The guard was of a strong ,build, lean and strong.

She was then told she had two options: pay for the item or be taken into custody. She winced, as she knew she had no money. She cringed to know that ,either way, he would have to save her. She took a deep breath and exhaled ,with frustration.

“I’d like to make a phone call.” She said.

“We make the calls around here, young lady,” said the female.

She handed her his number and told her his name. She heard the female phoning and telling him what had transpired. She grimaced as the story was recounted. Her mind drifted to his thoughts. She pictured him grabbing his briefcase and storming out of his office, to the car park, shutting the door slam!, the engine rumbling and, and,… Everything was such a mess.

His hands gripped the wheel. He cursed aloud with fury, his mind was racing, his pulse rate escalating. SHE! SHE! SHE! No such thing as rhyme or reason when it came to her. Yes, he knew she was a handful, to say the very least. It was her eyes and how he saw her soul through them. The way she smiled. The way she spoke on a variety of topics. No such thing as a dull moment. Everything was such a mess.

He was going to scrub away the tarnish, certainly.

Upon entering the store, he was greeted by the female. He shook hands with her, apologized for her actions and any inconvenience she caused. The female nodded and led him to the office. There she sat biting her nails. She crossed and uncrossed her legs. He felt her anxiety. She felt his disappointment. She looked like a deer in the headlights. Part of him wanted to whisk her away in his arms, hold her tight, and deliver gentle kisses. But he knew that that would not teach her anything. That part of him would have to come later, afterwards…

He stood in front of her. “Let’s see” he said motioning to have her show him the item. Her trembled hands held the item out to him. The guard and the female looked on curiously. He grasped it, shook his head, and placed it on the desk. Then, he took her hand in his and smacked her palm. She whimpered upon contact. This startled the other two. Again, he smacked her hand. As he did his eyes pierced into hers. Her baby blues were filling up with tears. As much as he wanted to stop and hold her, he could not. He hated this, but it was for her benefit. Again, SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Her eyes were wide in astonishment; the pain, the audience,… the sorrow she put him through. He held her reddened hand up and said aloud, “is this how she was caught?”

He shook hands with the female and the guard. She stood behind him in the doorway holding her punished hand. Tears cascaded down her face. Her eyes focused on her feet. As they exited the store, she felt eyes looking at her foolishness.

The ride home was silent and tense. Everything was such a mess.

At home, he immediately retreated to the bedroom. She waited for him to beckon her. When he did, her stomach became uneasy. Her feet were heavy.

God knows how she made it to the bedroom.

He was hiding something behind his back. He needn’t say anything to her. Tapping on his knee was signal enough for her to drape herself over it. Her dress crept up over her bottom exposing her white silky thighs and panties. Auburn hair fell into her face. He leaned down to her, whispering, “you know, I got something today at the market and you’re going to pay for it.”
erotic spanking punishment

In front of her face, he swung a wooden paddle like a pendulum. She gurgled a cry. In one motion he ripped the panties right from her flesh and tossed her dress above her waist. She cupped her face with her hands. Up the paddle went, and down the paddle came on her bottom. A barrage of swats followed. Her crying was labored after the 17th swat. Three more and he would be finished the task.

After a few moments of catching her breath, he assisted her to stand. Her auburn tresses were damp with tears. He gently stroked a few stray strands from her face. He softly lifted her face to look at him. He was met with muffled cries and resistance. She nodded her head saying she could not look at him. She was feeling unworthy of his attention.

“Come here,” he said with his arms open to her. He did not give her a chance to object; his arms swallowed her, bringing to him his treasure.

“You are worthy of me, as I am worthy of you,” he soothed. “My disappointment is that you stole when I felt I gave you everything. Do I not give you everything? Do I not share with you all that I am, all that I have?”

“You do, my beloved. You do…” she sobbed. “For once, I suppose, I wanted to get for myself, even if it meant stealing. I have nothing to give you.”

“Do not speak those words to me. Material things are musings. You are my precious treasure. I want, I have wanted, and I will always want you… no wrappings, no gift boxes, no ribbons, no receipts, just you. Trust me, you are quite a package. I have all I want and need and some ‘extras’…” She looked into his eyes and a grin came upon her face. He nuzzled her close to his chest. He played with locks of her hair.

Meekly, she looked up at him. His eyes were soft. “Never again,” he stated.

She shook her head and mouthed “never again” to him. Time ceased as they embraced.

She whispered to him, “I love you.”

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