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Brittany Wilson of The Dungeon Store Talks about Puppy Play and Pleasure Products on Adult Site Broker Talk

Brittany Wilson, Brand Manager for The Dungeon Store, was recently on episode 106 of Adult Site Broker Talk with Bruce Friedman, to discuss working in the pleasure products business, the evolution of BDSM toys, violet wands, rope for shibari, puppy play, and the differences between distributing BDSM products and selling at shows.

Every week, Friedman interviews movers and shakers of the adult industry and discusses what goes in adult related business.

The Dungeon Store is a curated collection of kinky pleasure products ranging from mild to wild, mostly created by BDSM professionals in the United States. Friedman asked Wilson about the differences from the distribution side of The Dungeon Store, and the direct to consumer side of the business.

“A lot of the stuff we distribute is also available on our web site,” notes Wilson “You just won’t find it at events. The biggest thing I can think of is, we have a very robust puppy [role] play line that is available on our website, it just doesn’t get picked up for purchases very often there. We wholesale it… Puppy play is very popular… There are pups across the entire spectrum of LGBTQIA+ and BDSM… You wear a tail, which can either affix to a belt or be part of a butt plug. You have mitts on your hands that turn into effectively, paws, and very often knee pads, and you go into ‘pup space…’ It’s a fun community!”

Friedman asked of Wilson, “In event photos, we’ve seen some items that aren’t on the site, like insertable violet wand toys, shibari rings for suspension, and those awesome wax play candles. How does someone order those from you online?”

“I would strongly recommend to anyone who sees something… they want to order and it’s not on the site. Just drop me an e-mail,,” replied Wilson. “There’s always a reason stuff isn’t on the site. It has a lot to do with what makes the most sense for some of the small manufacturers we work with… But I can sell them to you. I’m the same, reputable business. I’m the same person. Whether it’s an e-mail order or an event based sale.”

This week, Wilson will be with The Dungeon Store at Dark Odyssey’s Fusion, a sold-out summer camp for the kinky and sexually adventurous. The Dungeon Store will be offering handmade floggers and paddles, books on BDSM techniques, rope made for bondage lovers, and wax play candles so campers can light up their sex under the starry night.

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