There are many ways to spice up life in the bedroom, from introducing sex toys to trying sexual role play games. There are a variety of options for you and your partner to try, and finding something you both enjoy can be part of what makes this exploration so exciting. One way to ramp up your bedroom games is to perform for your partner, and there are several different ways you can turn up the heat during sex play, no matter your experience.

1.     Strip Tease

If you both enjoy music, then you can bring that element into your sex lives by performing a strip tease for your partner before joining him or her in bed. Choose a song you enjoy; you can even pick something non-traditional to give your partner an additional surprise. Your dance moves do not have to be complicated and you can use your clothing or lingerie to entice your partner as you remove it by rubbing it across his or her neck, chest, or lap.

2.     Put on a Lingerie Show

If you have a variety of sexy lingerie at your disposal, you can titillate your partner with a show that shows off your prettiest nighties, teddies, and undies. Not only is sexy lingerie fun to wear, it can boost your confidence in the bedroom as well. Choose a theme you know your partner would like, such as lace, silk, or mix it up to keep him guessing.

3.     Masturbate in Plain Sight

One way to get your partner in the mood is to masturbate for them. One advantage to this is the variety of ways you can entice your lover. You can use your fingers, rub yourself against objects like pillows or stuffed toys, or try out a cyber skin dildo on yourself while your partner watches. If you both enjoy voyeurism, watching out of sight or pretending not to know you are being watched can add quite an exciting element to this type of play.

4.     Play the Sexy Servant

Putting yourself in a submissive role for your partner can open doors for other types of games, including those that call for restraints and blindfolds. However, if you want to start small, dress in a sexy servant’s outfit and offer to fulfill whatever requests your lover might have. You both might discover whether you enjoy such games and if you might want to explore them further in the future.

Playing sex games and performing for your partner can lead you both down paths to untold pleasure. As long as you remember consent is key, you and your partner can explore hidden desires and make life in the bedroom hotter than ever before.