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Submission Story – The Night I Became Submissive to You

by Vicky

I walk down the hallway sadly not noticing the flashing light above me, I walk slowly towards the bathroom in a daze, open the door, switch on the light and walk in. I stare at the reflection in the mirror. It doesn’t look like me at all, the face is pale and you can see lines of tears from where the person had been crying, hair all over the place and looking like a complete wreck!

My hands slide down my breasts, onto the hem of my nightgown, I lift it up over my head and it drops onto the floor. I gently untie my necklace and place it on the bench. Now I am totally bare naked. I turn on the shower, the cold one then hot. I step onto the cold tiles, my nipples go hard and my body shivers. I step into the warmth of the water. The water trickles down my face, onto my breasts, down my tummy and down my warm spot, running down my silky smooth legs. I move my soft hands against my slippery body from my belly up the sides and up to cup my perky breasts. While massaging with one hand, my free hand moves slowly down my tummy and rubs my smooth wet pussy. Oh how I love the feel of my soft smooth body under the warm gentle water running down my body.

I dip a finger in feeling how wet and turned on I am, I close my eyes and imagine that you are with me. Thinking of how much I love you and the first time we met. The first time I saw you, how I felt the first time you put your arms around me and gave me a hug, the first time I felt my soft lips against yours, how I felt so safe and snug in the warmth of your arms. I’d be so lost and afraid if you ever left me. I sighed quietly to myself deeply, if only we hadn’t had that silly fight, then you would be with me. I never ever like making you angry but when you said you were disappointed with me I felt like a hot dagger had gone through my heart. I just couldn’t bare the look of your usually soft brown eyes looking at me in a menacing way, just thinking about it makes me want to cry again.

I switch off the water, feeling the last few gentle drops across my back and reach for my soft fluffy white towel, pull it down from the shower and wrap it around me, drying myself quickly. I step out onto the soft rug feeling the fluffy object between my toes, I look at myself in the mirror once more and a tear trickles down my face. I quickly wipe it away as I’m ashamed of what I have done. I put on my white three quarter robe, turn off the light in the bathroom and walk slowly down the hall way, careful not to slip, I get to my room, close the door quietly and carefully and light some incense, soon the room is filled with the lovely scent of Lavender. I crawl into bed lazily, tuck myself in and lay on my side curled up.

As I am lying snuggled up in my bed staring up at the ceiling, I feel so sad and lonely, wishing you were here with me. Tears start to run down my cheeks and into a small puddle on my pillow. All of a sudden, I smelt that faint familiar cologne that you wear on special occasions and felt that familiar hand, touch my face softly stroking my face gently, at first I thought that I was dreaming it. I pinched myself hard and cringed my face, nope, definitely not a dream. I went to speak and apologise to you but I felt your finger on my lips telling me to hush in that gentle familiar voice I’ve grown to love. I feel your hand come up grabbing hold of my thigh possessively, you whisper in my ear, Tonight is our special night, tonight is the night you become completely submissive to me and only me, your mind body and soul is mine.

I feel myself being uncovered, the bed sheets stripped off my limp body and my night gown lifted above my head and thrown to the floor. You grab hold of my neck and bring me up to your mouth, your lips touch mine and I feel your tongue down my throat, giving me a most possessive kiss as in to tell me I’m yours. You push me back onto the bed and walk away telling me not to move, I lay there still scared that if I move I will wreck the moment, I knew in my heart you would never purposely hurt me. A few minutes later, I saw you emerge out of the darkness; I closed my eyes and tried to relax. Shortly after that I felt your hands slowly reach down and grab my wrists and cuff them to the bed posts. I smiled to myself, lost deep in thought of what would happen next. You smirk, knowing that this is one of my deepest darkest fantasies, to be totally helpless and completely dominated by you.

You give me one last deep meaningful kiss, without wasting anymore time, I feel you running your tongue down between my firm perky breasts, down my chest, to my tummy and passing my warm wet spot, down my long silky smooth legs and back up to my tummy, the whole time avoiding my most sensitive areas. Making me crazy and getting me all geed up, you know how much I love being teased. You keep going, your warm wet tongue rubbing up and down my body teasingly, even when I beg you to stop teasing me and put your tongue deep in me, you continue as if I never said anything, running your tongue around me in circles. Just as I think you are about to stop, you come up to me closer, your tongue making it way up my body and making circles around my big nipples that you love so much, only stopping slightly to take it in your mouth and bite on it gently, making me clench the cuffs, causing me to moan out aloud.

You stop, grab my hair and pull my head back, you whisper in my ear again, if you want be my slut you got to prove to me how much you can handle being treated like one, and with that you un-cuff me only for a few seconds, turn me over so that my knees are on the bed and my bare ass is facing you, cuffing me again, I can’t see what you are doing and turn my head around to try and see. You see me trying to look and you yell at me, Turn back around now, slut! Without having to be told twice I turn around and face the wall again. I feel your hard firmly grab and squeeze my ass, playing with it and feeling it in your hands. Your hands leave my ass, and just for a second I think that you’ve gone away again. All of a sudden I feel your hand smack down on my ass, making me move suddenly; you smirk and slap my ass again slightly harder than the last. I am on my knees completely still, not daring to cry out, cringing every time your hand lands hard on my ass. All of a sudden you stop.

All this action and seeing me naked is making your python hard, you get it out of your pants and start rubbing it ever so gently on my wet pussy with a smirk on your face. I move my body around trying to get your growing hard on in me, but it doesn’t work, you just move your cock to my ass and start slapping my ass with it teasingly, making me wetter. I start groaning in pure frustration, you sense this but you tease me more, running your cock up and down my slit and around my curvy ass. You like this don’t you my pet, I don’t answer you and try to make your cock slide into my pussy, don’t you! Silence. Okay my dear, you want to play it that way huh? You just never learn do you my pet. I won’t stop until your ass is bright red and you’re begging me to fuck you, asking me for more and more and even when you beg me, I’ll deny you want you want most, my hard cock.

You put me into a position so that I have my tummy lying flat on the bed and then you cuff my legs as well as my wrists, spreadeagled on the bed. One more chance baby, are you going to behave or am I going to have to punish you, I don’t answer, Alright baby, you asked for it, you know I don’t like having to hurt you but you are just so damn stubborn my pet. Don’t worry, all will be set right real soon. My face is pressed into the pillow, you sit on my back, and pull back my hair, I let out a cry and you bite down hard on my neck, I scream and you put a gag in my mouth. You get off me and go back down to focus on my ass, you raise your hand and it comes smack down on my ass, you do it but each time you bring your hand down harder, rubbing it every now and then. My ass is starting to go red again and this time it stings from the last time. A tear rolls down my face and I let out a cry as I feel your hand smack down, even thought I’m shaking, I don’t tell you to stop.

I feel you spreading my legs wider and all of a sudden I find your fingers pressing up against my clit. Oh you little Bitch, you’re enjoying this aren’t you!? Your pussy is dripping wet and you still want more. You un-cuff my ankles and put me back into the doggy position, the wetness running down my legs and onto the bed sheets. You slap me one more time really hard just for good measure, I cry out louder than before, tears running down my face, my ass burning hot and stinging from your slaps. I feel you grab my hips, and all of a sudden without warning you thrust your cock deep inside my pussy then take it out again. You start to tease my pussy again, moving your cock up and down the slippery wet body part making me want your cock so bad, moaning every time your cock comes in contact with my clit, making your cock wet too. You insert it in me a tiny bit and come back out again, by now I’m getting very fidgety, squirming and moving all over the place.

You push your cock in a little further than before and I moan with pleasure, forgetting all about my burning hot ass until you slap it really hard once again. You rub your cock against my clit and then thrust into me again deep, then back out again. I feel you bring my ass back against your body and you start pushing your cock in and out of me slapping my ass while doing so, causing me to yell out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I feel one hand leave the side of my body and you grab hold of my hair and pull back hard while sliding your cock in and out of my dripping wet pussy. That’s it baby, take it like a slut, you say to me as I moan louder, my body in rhythm with yours. You start thrusting your cock in me harder and deeper each time making sure you touch the walls of my pussy. You pull my hair harder and then without warning your hand comes crashing down on my sore ass.

I start to whimper with each slap that lands on my ass, feeling you fingers twisting and rubbing my nipples. You have had enough of me moaning and squealing for now so you pump me harder and harder, thrusting your cock in and out of my wet pussy, making me cum. I’m getting really hot and sweaty feeling your balls slapping against my ass. I feel my legs start to tremble and before you know it, I have cum with you in me letting out a huge scream because you slapped my ass again. The mixture of pain and pleasure confuses my body and I’m not sure how to react. I cum hard underneath you letting out a huge moan, the pressure of your body on top of me and the pure exhaustion, makes me collapse in a heap on the bed. Although you see me trembling, you do not show that you are concerned about it, you un-cuff me and give me a kiss on my forehead.

You tell me to get down on the floor on my knees, I do as you say, and you tell me to close my eyes, then you rub the tip of your cock on my lips, teasing me slightly. I stick out my tongue to lick your hard on, a smile crosses your lips, you stroke my face, and tell me to please you. I start by licking around the tip of your python, running my tongue up and down and around all of it, making it nice and wet. I suck on the head gently, swirling my tongue around your tip. I make my way down your cock slowly with my mouth, a little bit at a time. Without using my hands, I suck down your shaft and back up again, slowly as I can. You lift up my hair so that it isn’t in my way, making sure I have a clear path. With every suck I go down further; I take you into my mouth all the way, feeling your python deep down my throat, taking it all in, trying not to gag.

I feel your hands around my head, you start pushing me up and down on you cock faster, down further onto your python, making my eyes water. I look up at you, trying to make my eyes less watery but all I can see is one big blur. I see you lean back, take your hands off my head and your eyes roll back; I can tell you are enjoying it a lot. I use my own strength to continue going up and down you cock, going fast and then slowing right down, the regaining pace again, making you crazy and wanting to desperately to cum. I go faster and slower one more time then with one big breath went right down to your balls, your python pushing on the back of my throat, held my mouth there for a few seconds and then went all the way back up then stopped to catch my breath, went right down to your balls again and with that you came hard in the back of my throat, some dripping down and falling on my perky breasts.

You put your hand around me and lift me up and give me the longest pash ever, feeling the juices from your cock swishing around in out mouths. You put me back down onto the floor and pat my head saying I’m a good slut and how much you love what I do to you. I see you reach somewhere behind you, and from the draws you pull out a small box, I can’t really distinguish it because it’s dark. You tell me to close my eyes and turn around so that my back is facing you. You tell me to lift up my hair so that it isn’t in your way. I feel your soft hands putting on something smooth around my neck, something that feels like a chain, you say it’s okay to let my hair down, I let go letting it cascade down my back. I touch around my neck gently and notice that you have put a gold chain around my neck. This necklace that I have just put around your neck symbolises how much you mean to me and that you are eternally mine, and only mine. Wear this on your neck at all times and it must never be removed. And with that we laid down on the bed entwined together and slept through the night in each others arms.

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