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The passing of SESTA/FOSTA has significantly impacted the livelihoods of cam models and other sex workers. They are now more vulnerable to being doxxed or having their personal information published online.

Cam Model Protection helps sex workers fight against these types of notices by filing DCMA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedowns on their behalf.

Keep Your Personal Information Private

As with any sexual activity, there are several security concerns when you engage in sex on cam. For one thing, it’s a known fact that pornography sites are loaded with various tracking tools that leak private information about your online browsing. Even incognito mode won’t keep these from spying on you.

Another concern is the risk of hackers and other cybercriminals obtaining your personal information to blackmail you. The easiest method of self-defense is to use a separate email account for your camming communications.

Likewise, you should never share personal details in chats with models. It’s against proper chat room etiquette and is highly suspicious if a model asks you to move your conversation off the site. While this is not an indictment of the models’ professionalism, it’s also a warning that they are not interested in sextortion or other forms of harassment. Visit this site” for more information.

Don’t Be Afraid To Report Insecurities

Whether you’re looking to produce content or simply interested in watching your favorite adult cam, show creators on the site, online security and privacy are paramount. Criminals are booming in number, and horny people make the perfect target, so it’s important to always put your safety and online privacy above all else. If you’re worried about a potential threat, immediately report them to the website! It might enable you to live and keep you from exposure to people who know you IRL. You should also use a separate email for your camming, so it’s harder to track down old emails that you may have used. This way, you can be sure your real name isn’t used on the site.

VPNs Are A Godsend

A VPN, or virtual private network, scrambles your location and hides your IP address when you’re online. This helps protect you from people that might try to prey on kids or teens.

A VPN can also help with privacy when watching sex cam shows. A VPN can mask your identity if you live in a country that prosecutes porn actors. Grauer cautions, however, that it’s best to use a VPN alongside additional tools like tracker blockers to stay as safe as possible.

For cam models, a VPN can be beneficial. Because cam model websites require your name and username, it’s easy for predators to find out who you are in real life. A VPN can help keep your location hidden, as well as the content you create and post on social media, so people you know won’t be able to find it. Fortunately, there are plenty of great free and paid options for a VPN.

Keep Your IRL Self Out Of The Way

Playing safe is always important whether you’re a cam model or an avid viewer. Adults should know that online crime is booming, and horny people are easy targets. But with the proper security measures, you can enjoy your favorite cam shows without worry.

It’s best to avoid social media and personal messaging during a live show. If someone from your real life finds out about your camming, it can lead to problems, such as friends or family members finding you and harassing you.

Also, don’t give a cam model your real name or any information that could be used to identify you. Using an alias is the best way to protect yourself. Besides, many cam models depend on tips and chatting to make their jobs worth it, and they wouldn’t exist if they couldn’t interact with fans. This is why you should never message a cam model outside their website, even though it’s tempting!