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When you pull up a chair at the BDSM Cafe you are looking for more than just another porn site or a new naughty picture of a FemDom in a shiny latex corset. You are expecting to find out about something truly unique and important in the world of adult entertainment. We know that, and this is one of the times where we can satisfy all your curiosity by turning you on to what may be the most exciting site to launch in years. PDCams is a brand new live cam couples and live cam girls site that is 100% FREE but keep reading to see what makes it even more amazing than all the others!


Unlike the hundreds of other cam sites online which each have access to just a small number of performers in any niche, PDCams is a cam site and cam girl aggregator. Yes, we know you are thinking “what the fuck does that mean” so let us spell it out for you.


As an aggregator, PDCams automatically gathers all the top rated cam girls and couples from dozens of major cam sites and shows them to you in one simple interface on their site for free! So for example, if there are five amazing Asian blonde subs online right now, but one is on Cam Soda, and two are on Chaturbate, and the other is on Flirt4Free – you could waste time clicking around from site to site hoping to catch them OR you could just go to PDCams and see them all lined up for you side by side and ready to ride.


It really is that easy, because best of all the entire PDCams experience is free. They never ask you to pay for anything. In fact you can browse without even signing up as a member, but registering for free does have plenty of benefits. First of all you can choose your own screen name and the cam models know you registered as a VIP so they give you more affection, but even more than that you get access to extra features like a favorites button that makes it super easy to find your favorite models again the next time you come back to play together.


Since the entire site is free there is never any downside and you can click to check out their fully transparent tour. What you see is exactly what you get, as you browse FemDom goddesses, worthy subs and virtually every niche you can imagine to find the perfect playmate for your next fantasy session. Check out her model profile page, start chatting with her for free, and if you find a perfect match you can see where she is performing right now to arrange for your own private show as well.


PDCams doesn’t change the way cams work, it just makes them all work better. Less time searching, less jumping from site to site, less chance of wasting tokens and all that other stuff cams used to be known for – now it’s just the most efficient and exciting way to meet hot girls, guys, couples and trans superstars online for a good time whenever you want to get your BDSM fix digitally.


If you haven’t ever watched live cams before, you are in for a even bigger treat. Unlike porn videos that are prerecorded and made to suit the interests of a Director or the costars of the film, live cams happen in real time and that puts you in complete control of all the action.


Should your favorite new cam girl stand on her tiptoes and show off her perfect calves as she stretches up toward the ceiling, or would you prefer she lay back with her legs spread so you can get truly up close for a full gynecological view of her most intimate areas. Every second of what happens is always up to you and only you from the start of the show til the moment she needs to mop up her sticky mess!


For fans of FemDoms living in parts of the world where being a cuck or a love slave isn’t accepted by society, or for those curious to try out switch roles in a BDSM relationship without the risk of your boss noticing what you are into at a local drag bar – live cam shows are the perfect answer. Your chat and video choices are end-to-end encrypted for your security, and you can choose to share time with a model who lives half the world away so there is zero chance anyone in your locale ever becomes aware of what your heart desires unless you choose to tell them directly.


Why waste time reading on when you can check it all out for FREE thanks to PDCams with a site featuring 1000s of the top rated cam couples and cam girls anywhere online, all in one handy dandy interface that is destined to win plenty of awards once the rest of the world finds out about it. Get in now while the getting is good!