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In Trouble Again
by Elaine

It seemed as though I had been chewing on the rubber ball lodged in my mouth for hours ! As much as I tried, I could not dislodge the monstrous object that was gagging me so severely. The elastic straps, locked about my head had pulled the latex covered ball totally behind my teeth and with the straps tugging at the corners of my mouth my lips had closed over the ball sealing it in place. In addition to the straps, the gag was also locked in by a heavy duty rubber face mask that was zipped about my head. Totally enclosing my face , the mask cut off all sight and sound. The punishment bondage that held me helpless permitted me only the sense of taste and smell. The “Gas Mask” like rubber hood contained a breathing apparatus to insure my safety, yet the erotic aroma of the rubber imprisoning my head, permeated my nostrils while my taste buds were excited by the sensuous tang of rubber that exuded from the latex ball filling my mouth as I chewed on it so nervously. I was paying for a stubborn streak in my nature, for earlier in the day I balked at the training regimen that had been prescribed for me by my Mistress. My stubbornness earned me the loss of my evening meal and a lashing as well as spending the night in punishing bondage.

I had been bound in a standing position. A harness was locked about my chest and shoulders with a set of chains attached to the shoulder straps and running up to the ceiling. The links of the chains were adjusted so that the tips of my toes were just touching the floor and bearing the bulk of my weight. My feet and legs were laced tightly within a pair of heavy leather, “Ballet Style” punishment boots, which arched my insteps distressingly as the legs were held rigid from the ankles to my upper thighs. A spreader bar was locked about my ankles and separated my legs by several feet. Behind my back, my arms were bent upward and had been coupled to the harness with each wrist attached to the opposite shoulder. Also a “Nipple Stretcher” was contained in the breastplate of the harness. A threaded rod sticks out from the chest plate of the harness.. It has a movable cross bar on it. Two fine chains hang from the ends of the cross bar and connect to the rings that were installed in my nipples about a year ago. A wing nut is threaded on the rod and activates the cross bar. As the wing nut is rotated by the Dominant in charge of my discipline, it draws the cross bar out from my chest and the chains become taut as the slack is removed. Before long I can feel my nipples being tugged as the tension mounts. In no time I am moaning pathetically through the rubber closure about my face and as the stretcher continues it’s attack on my nipples I am doing a restrained tap dance on my toes. For the moment my greatest desire was to be able to cry out for mercy, or at least be able to blink away the tears filling my eyes.

By now, I was half standing and half hanging in my bondage position. The wing nut on the nipple stretcher had been eased off a turn or two, but there was still ample pain from the tension taunting the rings planted in my tits. The harness chains holding me erect were so finely adjusted that the slightest movement on my part would sweep my feet from under me and I would swing somewhat freely on the chains. This unexpected movement would add more tension to the already biting pull on my nipple rings. My toes would struggle to seek the floor and stabilize the slow swaying movement of my body so as to ease the torture at my breasts. With my legs separated by the spreader bar, my crotch was fully exposed and was now the center of attraction for the dominants who were implementing my punishment. A leather chastity belt was wrapped about my waist and dug deeply into my skin as the locks snapped shut. Biting into the rubber ball filling my mouth, I winced as my pussy stretched to accept a monstrous dildo. The attached Butt Plug was lubricated before being slid home with the tightening of the crotch strap which also locked the dildo in place. A lighted candelabra was held over my breasts and tilted so that the wax could flow freely over my taut mounds. The shocking heat of the hot wax caused me to recoil within the stringent bondage and set me swaying in the chains again. My nipples screamed out in silent agony as my toes desperately tried in vain to reach the floor only to find that my efforts set me in motion again.

In time I calmed down and my toes found the floor. Ever so slowly time passed in the darkness created by the rubber hood. The erotic aroma of the rubber covering my face as well as the prolonged taste of the latex ball filling my mouth kept me aroused even as my body stiffened in the stern bondage. A myriad of needles were biting my legs as the stiff boots slowed the flow of blood to my feet. Was it imagination or fact that my toes seemed to bear more and more of my weight ? They began to ache immeasurably and I was now purposely trying to move them to ease this new aggravation in spite of the dull torment caused by the added tension on my nipples. The flame of the hot wax had long gone out , yet the burning of my breasts seemed to increase as the nipple stretcher tore at the soft flesh gathered behind my nipples. I flexed my fingers again and again to ease the ache which was settling in my arms after being held so rigidly behind my back for such a long period. My mind wandered aimlessly to the areas of distress about my body. First my tits, then my legs and toes and then back to my arms. Alternately I would swing freely on the chains and then my toes would grip the floor and stop the movement only to lose their purchase and the chains would support me as the nipple stretcher would tug on the rings as I desperately would strive to regain my balance.

I had lost track of time, but most of the night had past when I sensed that the spreader bars were being removed from my ankles. Slowly my stiff legs came together as much as the deeply imbedded chastity belt would allow them to. I stood in the dark silence wondering what was to come about. Was I to be freed at last from my maddening punishment ?? No ! I found soon that things were only to get worse before they got better. Time drags by slowly when one is helpless in bondage and it was not as late as I thought for the morning hours were still in the distant. With the spreader bar removed, my ankles and knees were strapped together and I was now standing directly on my toes with my feet arched in the “Ballet Boots.” The chains holding me erect were adjusted again to take up the slack as my legs were drawn together. I stood waiting and wondering, balanced delicately on my toes not daring to hardly breathe. Suddenly something cool draped about my shoulders. The unseen object was wrapped about my back and arms then wound about my chest above my breasts. Almost immediately, my body tensed as the wrapping process continued tightening in never ending circles. The wrap wound about me above and below my the nipple stretcher which seems to have taken an even more firmer grip on my tits. The coolness that I sensed initially was now turning to a warm glow. I realized that I was being Saran wrapped from head to toe. The pliant plastic was crushing my arms into my back and drastically reduced my waist line over the chastity belt. Up and down, round and round the Saran snaked it’s way about my helpless torso. Layers upon layers were applied before the wrapping ceased. Each turn gripped me tighter then the previous ones. I stood rigid as a board with only my tortured tits peeking through the plastic cocoon that imprisoned me so securely.

Held motionless, I stood in silence as the morning hours faded slowly. The ball of latex sealing my mouth seemed to swell even larger. My jaws ached from the growing sensation within and trapped by the outer pressures of the rubber hood. The taste and aroma of the erotic material capturing my head was almost over powering My bondage kept me in a state of uneasiness as my legs stiffened within the close grip of the Saran Wrap and the weight of my body on my toes was becoming excruciatingly painful .

The next day brought with it an entirely new scenario. Two soft rubber cups were held in place over each of my breasts by a Sports Bra. The Bra which held the rubber objects tightly to my soft flesh. each cup had been altered and now a hard plastic tube extended form the openings in the base. Threaded into the ends of each tube were air tight quick disconnect couplings. The hoses from a vacuum pump could easily be attached or unhooked with a flip of the finger. This new Bra was an amazingly simple device for breast enlargement. By activating the pump, the objects became unique suction cups. The soft rubber formed a perfect seal about my bosom. With the air removed as the vacuum formed, my breasts would blossom filling the inside of the rubber cups. Along with the growth, as the cups filled, my nipples would then be captured by the flared rims of the hard plastic tube and be sucked severely inside forming a secondary seal of my flesh and the tubes. After only moments of pressure, my aureoles were aflame surrounded by a larger ring of fire at the outer circumference of the cups. At the start of each day, I was instructed to don the Bra, activate the pump so that the cups swallowed my breasts to the ultimate degree. I was to maintain the vacuum for fifteen minutes then release the pressure for five minutes. The vacuum was to be pumped up again for another fifteen minutes and then released. I was to repeat the cycle over and over for the first two hours of the day. At that time I was to pump up the vacuum again until I felt the tubes grip my nipples and then disconnect the hoses maintain the vacuum. After storing the pump away I was to continue wearing the Bra under whatever garments had been laid out for me for the days scenario. The scathing grip on my tits as I moved about throughout the day served as a reminder that I my body as well as my personality was being molded into a new character by my Mistress.

Today was my turn to be the attending maid for our Mistress. Each day one of the slaves in training had to fulfill the task. My turn meant that I had to start the day earlier then usual in order to get dressed properly and be ready for the Mistress’ call. It was the first time that I had to put on the suction Bra alone. My breasts were somewhat sore from the prolonged training session with the Bra yesterday as well as from the punishment bondage the night before when I had to wear the nipple stretchers throughout my penalty period. At any rate, I struggled to get ready for today’s events. Up at the crack of dawn, I followed the instructions for activating the Bra, going through the repetitive cycle and then finally locking it in place with the vacuum set so that my nipples were sucked into the small tubes as specified. next came the black and white Maid’s costume which was made entirely of Latex. First I donned the binding corset which was custom made to my measurements. (or should I say the measurements dictated by my Mistress.) The corset was rigidly boned and my contours were quite shapely after I tugged the heavy rubber garment in place. The glossy black latex stockings rolled up my legs with surprising ease and were fastened to the garters at the bottom the corset. My feet were covered by white ankle boots that had to be laced as tight as I could get them. I practiced walking about the room on the six inch heels which I knew would cause me problems before the day was over. Finally came the White and black latex blouse covering my upper body completely including my arms. The long sleeves had fingerless gloves that concealed the backs of my hands as well as the palms but left the fingers free so that I could perform my duties without difficulty. The front of the blouse had slits designed in it so that the tubes of the Bra were exposed and available to attach the vacuum hoses periodically throughout the day in order to pump up the pressure within the soft rubber cups. Sitting before the vanity, I applied my makeup which included extremely long eyelashes and a blond shoulder length wig. My ruby red lips contrasted sharply with the white latex ball gag that my Mistress preferred her slaves to wear in her presence. The final touches to my costume included a set of chains and manacles. In addition to the extremely high heeled shoes, my steps would be hindered by the one foot long chain that connected the ankle manacles. My wrist irons were hooked together by a chain about one and a half feet long and also attached to the waist chain. The tightly locked waist chain also had a streamer that ran down to the ankle chain and held it off the floor as I walked about. After pumping up the Bra. I left for my station kneeling beside my Mistress’ bed waiting for her to waken.

My chores during the morning hours included preparing my Mistress’ bath, checking the water for the proper temperature, fluffing up the towels, making up her bed and laying out her clothes for the day. After bathing she called me in to dry her off. Her magnificent body glistened star like, reflecting the lights from above. I gently toweled her back, arms and legs before requesting permission to touch her beautiful breasts. Leaning on a high stool, Mistress implanted her feet on the floor wide apart and instructed me to dry her pussy, with my tongue. The chains between my ankles made it difficult to kneel, but with a struggle I finally made it and settled my face between her lovely legs to achieve my task. In my anxiety to please my Mistress I had forgotten about the ball gage sealing my mouth and she smiled softly at my dismay. With my tongue uselessly tucked away behind the gag, my only option was to use my lips, so I slid them gently up one side of her pussy and down the other, followed by a path through the middle. My actions pleased Mistress for she encouraged me to continue. After completing about six circuits with a lapping motion she began to breathe rather heavily and before I completed the eighth turn she clamped her legs together with a wild moan and together we slid to the floor with my face locked between her thighs. She rolled over to her side and mashed the lips of her clit forcefully into the ball gag. Her erotic actions not only closed my lips tighter about the ball, but also sealed off my nose. Maintaining the strangle hold about my head, my Mistress continued to pump her legs until she reached a shrieking pinnacle of pleasure. She relaxed the smothering grip only when it was apparent that I was going to collapse from a lack of oxygen.

Laying side by side on the floor, we slowly regained our senses. I was flattered when my Mistress commented that I was a good Slave and I was to be rewarded that afternoon by appearing in public at a gathering of friends that she had invited for a demonstration of training techniques. I cleaned up the mess we had created in the bathroom as my Mistress gathered her thoughts for this afternoon’s visit. I was bathed in perspiration within the tightly fitting latex costume after the exciting activity so I was directed to return to my cell and refresh my self. Mistress ordered me to keep the Sports Bra on and to replace the latex garments with similar ones for I was to be an important part of the afternoon’s performance. I hobbled back to my cell with my steps limited by the ankle chains and the six inch heels. As I walked the manacles about my ankles seemed to tighten, hindering my progress as well.

In my room, I quickly found the key to unlock the tightening irons and shed my shoes as fast as I could. My fingers seemed all thumbs as I strove to unlock the straps about my head thus ridding myself of the bulging gag between my teeth. My jaws still ached from the vigorous treatment they were subjected to as my face was lodged tightly within Mistress’ pussy earlier in the day. As I passed the dressing table, I peeked in the mirror and sighed. My makeup was in a horrible state, smeared all over. It was a good thing that I had not passed one of the training dominants in the hall, for surely I would have received demerits even though it was not my fault. As quickly as possible I stripped off the latex clothing, wiped them down, powdered and then hung them neatly away. In haste I showered and prepared my self for the unknown events of the coming afternoon. Though I knew that time was short, I stayed in the shower as long as I dared, letting the warm water soothe my breasts which were very tender from being sucked into the cups of the Sports Bra for over six hours. I dreaded the thought of having to put the tortuous twin constriction on again so soon. Upon leaving the shower, I found that my clothes had been laid out for me with instructions to be ready at precisely 3:00 PM. All of the garments were made of latex except for the shoes of course. A severe corset went on first. In addition to the wasp waist effect, it spread the lips of my pussy by a thong between my legs . I pondered somewhat, for my ass was left bare with the rubber squeezing my pale cheeks out in prominent contrast to the black covering. The corset was designed much like a leotard, with a high neck and included sleeves that ended in fingerless gloves. Like my ass, the breasts were also exposed by openings on either side of my chest. Next came the thigh high stockings which covered my legs entirely as they were attached to the bottom of the corset by hidden garters. Strangely there was no blouse with the costume, and the note said not to put on the Sports Bra, but to carry it with me. The shoes, of shiny black patent leather had broad locking ankle straps accompanied by the usual chain which seemed shorter then usual. I hoped that I would not have to stand too long during the forth coming demonstration for the six inch heels would keep me on my toes.

Taking extra care in order to look perfect, I replaced all of my makeup. The eye shadow that I used was silver and gray which made my eyes very appealing with a thin wisp of liner on the lower lid. The brightest red in my cosmetic kit made my lips standout like a scarlet rose. My shoulder length blond wig brushed out real nice as it settled in place about my head. One last check and I was ready to go. My dominant trainer came for me, and I held the tormenting Bra in my right hand as she snapped the cuffs about my wrists behind my back. Taking me by the arm, she lead me down the long hall to the display room.

As I entered, I realized why I had not seen any of the trainers on my way back from Mistress’ bedroom earlier. They must all have been here preparing their displays. Every piece of equipment had a slave on display. The level of bondage positions were unbelievable ! Suspension was the foremost theme on display. One slave was spread eagled vertically hanging from the ceiling while she rotated slowly on a single cable, her nude body was fully exposed to every point of view. Another girl was Saran Wrapped from head to foot on a post which was supported at each end on a rotating rack much like a roast on a spit over a cooking fire. Ever so slowly her body turned over and over giving everyone an opportunity to view her total distress. My heart went out to the poor slave bound hand and foot to an automated exercycle. The seat had been modified to resemble an inverted “Vee” shape which was lodged between her legs bearing all of her weight. Her head was enclosed within a heavy leather hood which no doubt contained a severe gag. A taut chain connected from the hood to the rafters above pulled her head erect, while her arms and legs were stretched to their limits in response to the movement of the machine.

I glanced nervously about the room and observed from the nature of dress or undress that there were male slaves in attendance as well. My blond wig and black latex costume glistened in the spot light as it captured me with it’s beam. I was being led to a unique stool in the center of the small arena. Mounted on a turn table, the stool could be rotated in any direction. It’s characteristics consisted of multitudes of straps on the legs and seat, while the seat itself was constructed like a small saddle, except that the pommel was a dildo. While seated on the saddle with all the straps in place, it would be impossible for the rider to escape. Spying the dildo on the saddle, I now realized why my ass was left bare within the latex corset. The fearful looking dildo was large with a bulbous head and bumps surrounding it’s exterior. It appeared to be inflatable and had wires extending from below the saddle seat so I assumed it was a vibrator as well. It was heavily lubricated and ready for use. At the stool, I was directed to put my feet in the stirrups of the saddle and position myself above the seat. A round of applause sounded as strong hands guided my asshole to the dildo. It took several thrusts for the mischievous object to center on it’s target, but upon scoring a bulls eye, it entered the anal canal and with a loud “slurp” it slid home. Hands at my shoulders jostled me up and down several times to insure total penetration. The process of positioning the straps and locking them in place began. First came the lap band, following this my ankles were drawn back and fastened to the rear legs of the stool. The stirrups, no longer needed after I was seated in the saddle were removed so that the other straps could be placed without interference. With my knees pulled forward, my legs were soon locked in place by the leather thongs from ankle to thigh. My legs were now hugging the horse like stool with a passionate grip.

I sat astride the saddle immovably as I pondered my fate still holding the Sports Bra in my hand. My trainer approached with a very large ball gag and I shuddered to believe that it would ever fit in my mouth. Obediently I parted my lips to receive the gag without a command to do so. To my surprise, it slipped past my teeth with very little effort for as large as it was, it was made of springy rubber and was easily managed by the deft fingers of the dominant. In my mouth, it began to swell even before the elastic straps could be locked together behind my head. With an agonizing effect my voice was muted to only low moans. I heard my Mistress pointing out the fact that I had rather small breasts and that the finale of the days events would be concerned with her plans and equipment for enlarging my tits to full ladylike proportions. This was the cue for the Bra to be held up for display to the audience before it was slipped over my chest and tightly secured. The rubber cups snuggled close to my soft flesh and my Mistress pushed them in and out several times to create the initial vacuum holding them in place. An erotic feeling over came me as I felt my boobs surrender to the suction of the two captivating cups. At this time my wrists were securely bound behind my back and lashed to the rear of the saddle. This forced me into a stringent posture with my chest thrust outward. I watched with apprehension as the hoses from the electric vacuum pump were attached to the “quick connect” fittings at the cones of the Bra. I had worn the Bra before, but always activated the vacuum with a hand held pump and could stop as the tightness increased about my breasts.

This was my first experience with a motorized pump and had no idea how acute and severe the strain would be ! I anticipated a reaction from my body as I watched my Mistress open the release valve on the pump. But I was stunned by the abruptness at which my bosom blossomed as the two hoses quivered slightly while the air was sucked from the cups. In an instant my breasts had sprung outward filling the insides of the rubber cups and I could feel my nipples challenging the rims of the hard plastic tubes that had produced the emptiness now occupied with my enlarged bust. Mistress let the vacuum stabilize as she explained the activity to her guests. My breasts seemed to harden as the suction maintained it’s grip. She was explaining in detail with practiced expressions, when without warning she opened the valve again very quickly. I almost fainted as my nipples were sucked deep within the confines of the rigid tubes ! It took about a half an hour for Mistress to complete her lecture on the Sports Bra while I sat Motionless in the saddle. My breasts began to feel as hard as granite for she had let the suction continue during the entire lecture. With my mouth filled with the growing rubber ball, I breathed a sigh of relief through my nose as she released the pressure at long last. With a stab of pain, my nipples burst free of the tubes that had entrapped them so cruelly. I soon learned that my distress would not end so easily, for Mistress invited the audience down to get some hands on experience with the tormenting device. Over a dozen inexperienced hands turned the pump on and off activating the suction valve brutally as I moaned and writhed within the confinement of the sadistic saddle.

An hour had passed before Mistress’ guest had satisfied their urge to torment my suffering breasts. The men in the group seemed to be curious about the mechanics of the suction system and perhaps were more gentle in their operation, while the women were savage in their desire to show superiority over a helpless slave. In a brutish manner they open and closed the valve clapping in delight when their actions caused me to flare my nostrils in a vain effort to cry out for mercy. At last the guests returned to their seats and relaxed as refreshments were served by the group of slaves that each had brought with them. My wrists were released from bondage so that the Bra could be removed and my arms hung limply at my sides. Even with the vacuum turned off, the rubber cups clung to my swollen breasts and the trainers had to slip their fingers between the edges of the cups and my skin. With a soft “whoosh” the cups popped off exposing my chest. A round of applause rang throughout the room as my glistening boobs deeply ringed by the pressing cups proved to have grown considerably larger then they were before the demonstration began. There was no doubt about the effectiveness of my Mistress’ creation. The ball gag was plucked from my lips and I was allowed to sip some nourishment as the trainers went about retightening all the straps on the saddle. My legs were gripping the hard leather surface more then ever with a myriad of needles biting into my lower limbs from a lack of circulation. The lap strap was tightened several notches spreading the cheeks of my ass solidly against the inverted “Vee” of the damn saddle driving the dildo deeper within my anal byway. Fondling my delicately sore breasts my Mistress announced that the next step in her enlargement process would be nipple augmentation. For this enactment, she would demonstrate two different versions of her newly developed “Wonder Bra.”

Step one would involve additional suction which would enhance the aureoles of her slaves nipples. This Bra, differing from the “Sports” model had much larger sized cups, in fact they were size “C” and contained large Styrofoam falsies. The falsies housed the rigid suction tubes which had an inside diameter of one inch with a flared rim to encompass the entire nipple. This Bra was a “long line” style with wide shoulder straps and a zippered front closing. It was made of very strong Spandex.. Without further hesitation the Bra was slipped over my arms, the nipple tubes centered and the front zipped up. It proved to be extremely confining, with the falsies crushing my tender breasts perilously. The white Spandex was in stark contrast to the glossy black latex corset firming up the contours of my body. As with the previous Bra, hoses connected the cones to an automated vacuum pump. Only now the pump was on a timer. Mistress set the timer for a fifteen minute on and five minute off cycle and pushed the start button. It took a few seconds for the vacuum to build up and then viscously both of my nipples were drawn into the torturous tubes by several inches. A burning flame shot through my breasts bringing tears to my eyes. Again my wrists were bound behind my back as well as my elbows which were drawn close by biting leather straps pulling my shoulders back putting a strain on my bosom as the pump fought to regain it’s purchase on my tits. I was muted by a heavy latex hood containing a penis gag.

This step of the nipple augmentation would take another hour or two so my Mistress directed her guest’s attention to the other slaves on unique demonstration equipment. I was left alone in dark silence during the interim. Beneath the heavy latex hood I could faintly hear the pump click on only seconds before my nipples were inhaled by the tubes and the aching pain would set in for another quarter of an hour before I would get a five minute reprieve. Each time the pump stopped, a relief valve would open for a split second easing the pressure to some degree. My nipples would back out just enough to allow the pumps to drag them in a little deeper during the next cycle increasing the stress on my taut skin within the Bra. It was late in the evening when the clutch of the vacuum tubes finally released their inflexible grip on my nipples. With the hoses unhooked, the zipper of the Bra was drawn down and the falsies with their abominable tubes were removed. My blossoming bosom now displayed a pair of nipples that had been contorted to almost twice the size as normal. I was exhausted, hardly able to hold my head up. My legs were cramped, locked in place by the web of straps holding them tightly to the saddle. My pussy lips were completely numb from the cutting edge of the “Vee” upon which I had been sitting over the past hours while the dildo in my ass felt solid as a rock. But the worst was that I could not forget the abuse that my painful nipples had suffered from the continuous cycling of the suction cups attached to the Bras. Were it not for the stringent bondage, I surely would have slumped to the floor.

Mistress had again invited her guests down to examine the full breasts that I now displayed. Unseen fingers prodded and poked my supple orbs as my flinches were hidden by the hood locked about my face. As usual the hussies were more aggressive in their examinations then the males. The hood was removed and I hastily spit out the penis gag that was so deep in my throat that I had a terrible time attempting to swallow the saliva that was always generated when I was severely gagged. My arms were freed to relax a bit and while sipping on a nourishing drink I hoped that Mistress would not remember the second version of the “Wonder Bra.” But no such luck for she asked the group to be seated for the finale demonstration. The existing falsies were removed from the Bra and replaced with a similar set also made of Styrofoam. The coolness of the unused material was almost soothing to my feverish bust. This set however did not contain the suction devices as did the others. Instead a hollow slender rod extended down the center. The opening in the ends were just large enough to accept the very tips of my nipples which were forced into them as the Bra straps were tightened. A cross bar had been fastened to the rear of the saddle and now my wrists had been drawn out and back, then bound to the bar. My upper body was pulled backwards by the bondage. My weight shifted and I moaned softly as the dildo probed deeper with the movement. Another hood was readied to blind my vision and silence my tongue, but before it was laced on, my ears were also plugged by soft latex cylinders. Ear pads inside the hood further sealed off all sound as the laces were drawn together and tied off.

Deaf, dumb and blind were good descriptions of this helpless slave as my Mistress began her last demonstration of training Bras. A hollow ringing in my stifled ears prevented me from hearing Mistress’ words so I had no idea what was going to come about in this part of the session. She explained that this version of the “Wonder Bra” did little to enhance ones breasts, but rather was used for training and/or for punishment purposes. Mistress produced two dowel rods whose diameter would fit inside of the hollow tubes within the bra’s falsies. At one end of the rod was a small knob or handle. A small hole was drilled though the knob to accept a thin but strong cord which was six or eight feet long. The cord was extended to pass through the corresponding hole in the matching rod. At the other end of each dowel a menacing needle was embedded. The overall length of the instrument from the knob to the sharp needle point was designed to be just slightly longer then the tube in the falsies. Very gently, Mistress slid the two dowel rods into the tubes of the Bra. She wanted the needles to only touch the tips of my nipples. Remember, I could not hear any of the explanation and I barely sensed the needles resting on my tits. Mistress wound the cord around my back and tied them off on my chest below the breasts, explaining that she was applying enough pressure to keep the needles snug against my tits and that the cord was to be held taut by the knots. The object of the exercise was to cause the helpless slave to inflect self punishment by impaling his/her nipples upon the sharp needles themselves. This can be accomplished by encouraging the slave to take a deep breath. Heavy inhalation will swell the chest tightening the cord which will force the rods further into the tubes and with the needles touching the nipples there is no where to go but into the skin. Watch this simple example. By inflating the dildo that the slave has been wearing in her butt all afternoon she will get a little excited and start breathing heavily. Held motionless for so long and with the tight hood cutting of all sight and sound, I had almost dozed off in the dark silence of my lonely world. I was startled by the sudden growth in my rectum. The unseen dildo expanded somewhat at first and then seemed to grow longer, creeping steadily deeper and deeper stirring a sensual feeling within me.

Becoming sexually aroused I started to breathe deeply seeking air through the vents in the hood. Almost panting for air, I suddenly stopped short for two sharp pin points of fire shot into my tits. Steeling my nerves, I managed to control my breathing to a very low pace and the flames in my bosom died out. By this time the guests who had gathered about my prone form to get a better view murmured approval and cried for more. This time Mistress explained that she would turn on the vibrator contained in the dildo, slowly at first and then faster and faster, YES !! YES !! the crowd begged. All the while I was totally ignorant of what was happening. The feeling in my ass was a bit strange at first, Then the movement became stronger and the sensuality of the moment burst forth as I was steadily becoming aroused by the dildo delving at my alimentary canal . I could no longer contain my feelings and started to almost pump in rhythm to the vibrations passing through my colon. My heavy breathing caused the pin points of fire to reappear in my tits and the flame continued to grow when suddenly it burst into a searing circle about my entire bosom as the needles broke through the tender skin of my nipples !

My passions soared and I rode the saddle as if it was atop a bucking bronco The crowd roared it’s delight at my delirium and my pussy struggled to escape the rubber prison that trapped it so securely between my legs. A spasm of lustful obsession filled my chest, the cords tightened bringing the needles to their full depth and at the same instant my clit spit out it’s erotic flow.


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