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Bad Girl
by Sylvia Stone

Her quivering lips parted giving him access to her pouting mouth. One hand firmly placed on the back of her head while the other gracefully guided his large tool into the opening. To the back of her throat to show his dominance was where his first forceful thrust began. Muffled moans spoke volumes of her submission as well as fueled his hunger to fuck her face.

His head fell back and his eyes closed while he enjoyed the feel of her tongue running along the length of his shaft. She had no choice as to the speed or distance of his driving force. Saliva descended from her mouth making the glide in and out easier on his rigid cock. She felt the drops of wetness land on her breast but made no effort to wipe them.Pulling out from the warmth of her mouth his balls were placed upon her lips. She sucked in one and then the other giving each a generous massage with her tongue. A sigh escaped him but was lost in the ecstasy of her sucking.

Enough he shouted. You are not going to make this go away so easy. You have disobeyed and you will be properly punished. With that he pulled her to her feet by the hold he had on her hair. He stepped out of his pants and brought her to a place in the middle of the floor. She stood in the place with chains coming down from the ceiling and chains on the floor. Her body began to shake with the thought of what was to come.

Her shirt was taken off yet her silky soaked crotch panties he left on her. The rings on her collar and belt flickered in the light, as did the moisture from her crotch. He smiled an evil grin as he ran a finger over her clit.

Her hands were cuffed in a soft fur material and then brought above her head to attach to a chain on the ceiling. Although, the chain had a little extra room she was still to keep them up until led to do otherwise. Her legs were spread and chained by the ankles to the floor with the same type of fur lining as the wrist cuffs. The ring on the back of her belt was attached to a chain from the ceiling that brought her up on her toes. Forcing her to lean forward he placed another chain from the floor to her collar.

She waited while he picked the perfect item for her punishment. She was surprised when he picked the belt from his discarded Levis. Her body stiffened hearing the crack of leather when it came loose from the last loop of his pants. He walked back to her and examined his property that stood spread out in front of him.

His fingers rubbed outside the panties and then pushed up inside her taking the crotch of her panties with them. He shoved deep in her hole getting the panties as wet as possible. She moaned and sighed with pleasure and a bit of pain from the rough treatment.

Suddenly she jumped as her panties were ripped from her without warning.He expressed his amusement with a wicked laugh as he came to stand at her head. He strapped the panties over her face making sure the crotch covered both her nose and mouth.

No gag today my love just the scent and taste of your own juices. The liquid you made without my consent. He licked his fingers as he continued to talk. Now lets see if you enjoy your sweet nectar as much as you did before I got home.

His belt landed quick and harsh on her perky bottom. He slapped again and again occasionally landing on her open crotch. Pain shot through her resulting in more fluid from her lower region. Welts and redness covered her buttocks but he still was not done. He lectured between spankings about the act of disobedience. Tears flowed from the shame as well as the pain he inflicted.

Between sobs she admitted her wrong doings and begged for forgiveness.Her words fell on deaf ears as he continued to slap her crimson cheeks.Whimpers and cracks of the belt filled the room until they were both exhausted. He came around to her face again and shoved panties and cock deep in her mouth. With only a few short thrust he exploded into her mouth. His cum sifted through the silky panties and down her throat.He collapsed on a chair while she remained chained in place. He had set in his mind that she would not be so ready to disobey next time. After several moments he brought clips to her nipples and to her pussy lips.He sat behind her with a small paddle and commenced to paddle her welted ass. Each swat made movement that tugged at her nipples and lips.Screams from the deepest part of her belly came out into the room.

Still, he did not stop.

He spoke as he spanked. Her ears rang with his words.

You will not disobey again. Am I right?

Yes Sir.

Full sentences slut. He demanded.

Through the tears and screams she managed to speak as he wished.

Yes Sir you are right. I will not disobey again.

His cock had reenergized and began to grow again. He stood behind her and slipped into the dripping hole without effort. Holding her hips he thrust deep and hard slamming into her knowing that her clips would be continuing the shooting pains through her body. Stretching her wet hole from side to side and then sliding up to fill her ass with his large cock and doing the same to her tight hole he still lectured. She had to repeat again and again that she was through with her disobedient ways. Finally convinced of her sincerity he filled her ass with his hot white fluid and eased from her stretched ass.

Again, he sat behind her. Reaching to the tray beside him he retrieved a butt plug and a vibrator. He placed both in their rightful place and began to unchain his cunt from her confinement. She instantly collapsed on the floor when the last of the chains was released. With the butt plug securely in place and the vibrator on high speed he had her crawl on her hands and knees to the bathroom.

Get into the tub slut. He commanded.

She did so without hesitation.

Now kneel in front of your Master.

Again she did as she was instructed.

With one hand he grabbed his softening cock and with the other he leaned on the wall behind her. His hot piss ran from her face to her pussy sending her into an orgasmic quake.

He had her scoot over so he could get in and shower. He took a long, relaxing, hot shower before removing her plug, panties, and vibrator.

He spoke once more to her before leaving the room.

Shower and return to me in the bedroom.