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Three Friends
by Elise

Two of my friends and I were sitting around the pool one day sipping wine and talking, when the conversation finally got around to sex! Jan, who was a single bi-sexual lesbian, and had a terrific figure, and great boobs, asked if we had ever thought about tying people up? Sue, who was married, said she and her husband did it once and a while and that she really liked it. She said nothing in the world felt as good as being completely helpless, and having someone you trusted playing with you! I said that my boyfriend was very shy about doing things like that, but my previous boyfriend and I got into some serious bondage games! I said that I really enjoyed it! I secretly liked being told what to do or being in a position where I could nothing about it!

Sue said if we really wanted to that we could go inside, and cut cards, and the losers would have to take off something, until the first person was naked. Then that person would be the one who got tied up! Jan said that since we all the same amount of clothes, meaning we all had on short shorts, halter tops bras, and panties, we would only have to play four hands before someone lost, and would be the one to get tied up! Jan said that she was game, as she always wanted to get her hands on Sue! I said that I wouldn’t mind playing with either one of them, and teasing them to orgasm! They both replied that if I won that might happen, but they could also be the ones playing with me! I secretly knew that I would like that!

We went inside and into Sue’s bedroom. She went to the closet and returned with a bag of bondage equipment, and deck of cards! We sat on the bed like schoolgirls and Jan dealt the cards. The first hand Sue and Jan lost their tops! The next hand Sue lost her shorts, and I lost my top. The next hand Jan and I both lost. Now we were all down to our bras and panties. This was getting exciting; how I wanted to get my hands on one of my friends! The cards were dealt and Sue and Jan both lost, and they took off their bras! I said that it looked like I would get to play with one of them, as we had only one hand left! I really hoped that Jan would lose. Sue dealt the cards and Jan breathed a sigh of relief, as Sue had the low card!

She stood up and peeled off her panties, and said she was ours’ because she had lost! Jan told her to pick out the toys she wanted us to use on her. Sue went to the bag and returned with one of the biggest dildos I’d ever seen, and a smaller vibrator. She said she had always wondered about getting fucked by it because it was so big. Sue said that since it was just we girls, and since she would be tied up, this was her chance to see if she could handle that monster! Jan asked her if she was sure that was what she wanted? Sue said that she had this fantasy about getting tied up and raped. She added that the rapist would be as big as the dildo, and she would be completely at his mercy! Now this was her chance, and she wanted to take advantage of it! since she had lost, she wanted us to tie her up and use it on her! She said no matter how much she hollered she wanted that thing all the way inside her!

Jan told her to get wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs and lay them on the bed! Sue sat on the edge of the bed while we put the cuffs on her wrists. Jan told her to lie down, and we tied the wrist straps to the corners her king-sized bed. I told her raise her hips so we could put some pillows under them. Then we put the ankle cuffs on and tied those straps to the other two corners. Sue was spread wide like a giant “X”, and with every opening available for us to play with!

I sat on side of her and was playing with her nipples, and her titties. Jan was on the other side and her fingers were busy between Sue’s out-stretched legs. Sue was moaning and her hips were starting to move around. Jan stopped and got the K-Y jelly from the bag and applied some to Sue’s clit and her entrance. She returned to playing with Sue’s clit and when she had her squirming around and moaning louder she stopped. Then Jan held that big dildo up for Sue to see and was rubbing K-Y jelly on the head and up and down the shaft. I was amazed Jan was so aggressive! Sue’s tongue was licking her lips and her eyes were watching Jan’s hand on the dildo.

Jan then told me to get the smaller vibrator and when she started to fuck her I was to hold it on Sue’s clit. Jan then mover her hand down and spread Sue’s lower lips and eased just the head of the dildo into her. Sue groaned and tried to pull away, but was held firmly in place by her bonds! Jan started working the dildo slowly in and out of Sue, and she told me to put the vibrator on her clit. I did and Sue started moving her hips up and down matching Jan’s movements! The dildo was going a little further in and Sue was moaning louder. I reached up and started playing with her nipple with my other hand. It was as hard as a pebble as I rolled it between my finger and thumb. Jan withdrew almost all of the dildo then she eased the whole thing into Sue in one movement! Sue yelped in delight and her hips bucked upward knocking the vibrator away!

Jan told me to play with Sue’s tits with both hands while she fucked her to orgasm. I looked down at Sue’s pussy as Jan started sliding the dildo in and out of Sue, while her fingers were busy on Sue’s clit. Sue’s hips were moving up and down with Jan’s thrusts and she started rolling her head from side to side and moaning loudly! Sue was straining against her bonds and her thrusts were becoming more rapid.

I knew she was close to getting off, and I did something I had always wanted to do! I stopped playing with her nipples and held her head between my hands and kissed her deeply! Her tongue played with mine and I could feel her orgasm start as I pulled away! Jan was fingering her faster and that big dildo was sliding in and out of her! Sue let out a long loud moan and her back arched and she started shuddering as orgasm after orgasm racked her body. She started babbling about that was the best fuck she ever had! I kissed her again and she returned it as she started to calm down. Jan eased the dildo out of her and we started to untie her.

Sue said that her fantasy was every bit as good as she thought it would be, and maybe we should try it again sometime. She said that maybe next time she would get to play with Jan, but would be content to play with either of us. She also said that she wouldn’t mind losing again at all!

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