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As I Shave
by Dennis Lindsay

I see you enter through the bathroom door.As I start to turn you gently shake your head No, a mischievous look on your face.

Turning towards the mirror I see your reflection.You walk to the edge of the tub,setting down with your legs slightly spread apart.

I run the razor across my cheek,keeping an eye on your every movement.You see me watching as you let your robe fall away.Your breasts showing excitement from what is in your thoughts.

I watch as you spread yourself more showing me your wet pussy.As you look up,your hand drops to your mound,starting to tease your clit.

I feel the arousal in my cock start to spread. Growing with anticipation of the game you started. Watching you I see you rubbing a little faster and your face start to redden from your growing heat.

Fingers start to lower to your pussy lips.All wet and hot you slip in two fingers and I hear a soft moan come from you.You see me watching you and you start moving your body against your thrusting fingers ,teasing me with your antics.The thrill of What you have started builds in your pussy,making the cum build more and more.With a loud cry you spread open fully and let me see as the juice flows from the playing you have done.

I turn to you and you smile.Seeing what the show has done to my dick you re enter yourself for another orgasm.

“Shave me darling” you say as i start to put down the razor.

Grabbing the shave cream I come over to you and bend between your legs and lick up some of your cum, the scent of you makes my cock start to leak and swell more.

My fingers apply the cream to your hot sticky lips and you shudder from the touch.I set the razer against your flesh and you start.”I wont cut you baby” I say with a grin.Drawing the blade down,I see the naked flesh appear.Your clit swollen from your rubbing.

Setting down the razor I lean in and draw my tongue From your ass,up over your pink lips,ending upon your beautiful naked clit.Holding my head,you grind your hips and start moaning loudly.I enter you with careful fingers,probing you deeply.Looking for hidden pleasures.I feel the spasms start as your climax builds,grinding on my tongue and hand.

As the water flows from a dam ,your juice sprays out over my face.Hot nectar from my loves body.

Standing ,I turn you.Bending you over the bath so I may gain entry.As my cock enters you,I feel the boiling heat from your orgasm.Rocking it in and out ,you back in to me,meeting my every thrust.You arch your back as we thrust wildly,

I feel your hands reach under and you hold my shaft as i fuck it in and out.Slick and hot we pound hard,feeling the orgasm building.

You let out a scream and flood my balls with your cum.My cock swells and you feel the first hot jet of goo paint your pussy.Over and over it shoots in you.The feel of your lust drawing more and more out.We rock wildly as the orgasm fades.

Turning you kiss me and walk out the door.I stare in amazement at the love and fun I can have,as I shave.
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