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Fantasy Sex Story – Dragon’s Blood by Dennis Lindsay

It was a dark morning, the battle fought so hard. An early morning raid had cost dearly. Fourteen riders and their mounts slain. Senseless slaughter of life over nothing more than nesting rights.

Lost in my thoughts of the night, I wander up to the shower stalls to rid myself of the carnage. The moans of the wounded sound in the distance, smells of cookfires run on the breeze.

It is rumored that a female in season was slain and her rider somewhere in the keep.

The stone stairs echo with the sound of my steps as I walk down to the shower level. Most traffic has died down and I have the stairs to myself.In the distance I see a figure walking into the room I am headed for.

“It’s Crazy! We were just preparing the nest. “I think to myself as I take my riding jacket off.It is thin calves leather that is wool lined, and 2 inch wide belts with saddle harness.

The blood splatter from my dragon managed too get through every opening. An attacking male tore a gash from tail to shoulder. I thought she was dead, but the healers were able to save her for now.

“Now to wash this stuff off!” i mutter and pull off the undershirt and breast strap.

‘I wonder if what they say is true?” About the blood of a wounded dragon in heat being an aphrodisiac,” you again say as you peel off the riding boots and leather pants.

Feeling the chill from the cool draft you walk to the fountain room,nipples hardening to the stimulation. The fountain is a large bowl cut in the rock from natural warm water from deep in the earth. Dropping from about ten feet out of an opening in the wall.

You climb into the water and step under the the falling liquid. It’s warmth causing a quivering deep in your belly, a familiar sensation. Grabbing some soft washing sand you start rubbing at the red stain on your skin. The water reddening as the drying blood washes away. Rubbing at the neck and to the shoulders your olive skin starts to return. Hands rubbing across your chest you feel a tingle in your breasts as the sand teases the soft flesh. Washing lower to your belly a new wave of desire overcomes you. A flood of emotion envelopes you. You lash out! Tears streaming down your face.

As I walk through the door I see a figure walking swiftly to the fountain room.”Riding gear? Female gear, and covered in blood?” I pick up the jacket and feel the dryed blood sink into my palms. Wondering what group she belongs to. I remove my gear as well,wondering if the blood was from one of ours.

Finally removing the riding pants, I too head to the fountain room. The vision of a plump riders bottom rounding the corner still in my mind. The blood quickens with the vision in my minds eye. I rub my palms together to wipe the sweat from them and it is warm. “I wonder if this could be from the female?” I ask myself.

Reaching the doorway I look around and spy you. Standing in the pool, the water cascading over your hair. Streaming over your shoulders and down your back. Your breasts are firm and excited, nipples hard and pink.
You stand with your arms outstretched, large brown eyes sparkling with tears and gleaming with lust. I approach you, watching your every movement.

Your arms outstretched i step before you, waiting for your vision to return. The fire in your eys is as Dragon fire, waiting to enflame my passion. Your arms they engulf me and your lips meet mine. We accept each others passion as new lovers do, our bodies responding to the heat of our desire.

I lift you to the pools edge and set you there, your thighs spreading to accept me. I enter you and you take hold, wrapping your legs around me, driving your body onto mine. My hard member piercing you as we move with reckless abandon. The heat of your womb lights my desire more and i thrust harder, you respond with a cry and let your orgasm take us both. Screaming out, you flood me with your nectar, my own climax building for release.

You release me and lowering to your knees you swallow me. So hot is your mouth. I hold your head and slide in and out as you hunger for my release. Cupping my balls you play and coax more pleasure from me, my mind reeling from the desire.You grab hold of the shaft and pump as you lick and suck, my soul erupting. I cry out as you pull my semen from deep inside. Wave after wave of fire spray into you and you drink hungrily not letting a single drop escape.

You stand and I kiss you deeply. Tasting the saltiness of your prize.

Laying you down I spread you,opening you to my eyes.Your womanhood waiting for more.glistening with honey for me to eat. I lower my self between your outstretched legs, kissing your belly, running my tongue to your navel and lower. I find your clit and draw it between my lips, slowly circling it with my tongue. Your body responds with a release of juice showing me you want more. I pull your button in and suck while I enter you with my fingers. Mashing into me you say”MORE”and pull me in closer. I massage your pussy, sliding in faster to your movement. Your lips engorged with blood wait to be licked and nibbled. I withdraw my soaked fingers and slide my tongue down and insert it deeply. As i lick, you moan and I feel your belly start to quiver. You clamp your legs shut around my head and with a loud scream start to flood my eager tongue with sweet cum from deep within you. Long,deep spasms take hold of you and you release your desire upon my eager face, the rewards of my play wakening my loins once again.

I pull from you and raise to meet your lips, A long kiss and i settle between your waitng hips. A hand holds my shaft and settles the head on hot wet flesh. With a thrust you take me entirely, Groaning with the fullness of my desire. Your fingers like dragon claws dig into me shooting wave of pleasure in my loins. I swell more and drive harder to meet your bucking hips. Our passion building I feel you release on my thrusting member, over and over as you kiss hungrily at my mouth.

Your tightness and slick hot pussy feels like fire in me and I feel the orgasm building. “NOT YET” I moan as I stroke in and out, relishing in the heaven of your body. “FILL ME”you say as your muscled tighten on my throbbing cock, milking it, pulling forth another orgasm. “AHHHHHH” The first spasm grabs deep and my cum shoots forth. You gasp at the heat and drive harder onto me. Screaming as you flow to meet my spewing member. An eternity passes as we move with each other, bringing one another further into bliss.Our passion flooding beneath you as we continue our movements. We lay in each others arms content with the fulfillment of the need of the dragons blood.

[image: The Rescue Vereker Monteith Hamilton]

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