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She’s No Vanilla Woman
by Dungeon Master

Ring, ring.

“Hello Peggy.”

“Tim! How did you know it was me?”

“By that special ring.”

“Tim, you’re such a teaser. How are you sir?”

“Better, now that I’m talking to you. What’s on your mind?”

“Well, you know I just loved that session we had the other night, and…”

“And you’d like some more.”

“Well, yes. I am tired of vanilla sex.”

“I think I could fit you into my schedule,” Tim said sarcastically.

“Great! Do you want me to come to you this time?”

“If you’d like.”

“I’m curious. Do you have a dungeon?”

“As a matter of fact, I do. Have you had fantasies about that?”


“Well, I’m here to please,” he said with a laugh of confidence.

“You did that so well the other night.”

“Thank you. Now take down my address and be here in an hour.”

“Yes sir.”


An hour later, Tim looked out his front window and spotted a two-seater Jaguar pull into his driveway, which advertized how well-off this lady is. Nobody in this neighborhood drove such a high class set of wheels.

Anxiously, the dark haired dominant waited until this affluent but wanting lady knocked until he opened the door. They greeted each other with a hug, after which, the polite host offered the dark haired, brown eyed mid-thirties lady a seat. Instead of that sexy dressing gown in which he saw her last time, she was dressed appropriately on this hot afternoon in a white pull over blouse and red shorts, which once again showed off her shapely legs.

“Would the lady like some Chardonnay?” Tim offered.

“Oh I love that. Yes I would, thank you.”

“I got this from a vineyard in Virginia would you believe,” Tim smiled as he handed her the wine glass full of bubbly refreshment.

“Mmmm this is good,” Peggy replied after taking a sip. “You’ll have to give me the name of that vineyard.”

“Of course madam, “ Tim smiled graciously.

“I like your house sir. How long have you lived here?”

“Twelve years now.”

“And where is that dungeon?” Peggy asked while raising her eyebrows.


“Could I see it?” She said while her eyes got big as saucers.

“As soon as you finish your wine,” he said teasingly.

Astonishingly, the pretty brunette picked up her glass and drained the contents with one chug. “Ready now,” she smiled confidently.

“Okay, let’s go!” Tim replied as he rose from his seat and held out a hand. Anxiously, she placed her hand in his and he lead her down the basement steps. When they reached the tiled cellar floor, the owner of the house pushed open a swinging door. It opened to a room that was dark, except for the four halogen lights situated in the ceiling. Red, yellow, blue and green light cut through the darkness and along with the black walls and red carpeting gave the room an eerie feeling.

“Wow!” Peggy blurted. “This is awesome!”

In the center of the room, a wooden sawhorse-like object with leather padding sat. It’s purpose was obvious. Chains hung down from the ceiling, an old coffee table was over in one corner and one wall was covered with a pegboard, upon which various whips, paddles and other toys hung. Peggy looked around the room with mouth agape.

“Did you do this yourself?”

“No, I had some help painting the walls and a friend of mine helped me hang that pegboard. The spanking horse was made by a private company in Baltimore.”

“I can tell, it’s very well made.”

“It is indeed. The man is a true craftsman.”

“Ah, sir! This is part of my fantasy. To be in a real dungeon!” Her eyes lit up and she faced him like a kid wanting ice cream.

“Very well then.” He then pointed to a spot on the carpeted floor. “Knees!”

Complying willingly, the submissive high class lady looked up waiting for her next command. He stood in front of her and lifted her chin. “I’m going upstairs for a few minutes. When I return, I expect to see you in this same position, totally naked. Is that clear?”

“Yes sir.”

“You may put your clothes on that chair in the corner.”

“Yes sir.”


A few minutes later, Tim descended the basement steps once again. Dressed in a black leather vest, black shorts as well as black leather boots, the dominant entered his dungeon. Smiling, he gazed down at his naked submissive, who so willingly and eagerly seemed to crave this. Her bare breasts stood out like torpedoes as her flaring hips were accented by a pair of perfect globes in the rear. Like the other evening in her condo, Tim had to take a few minutes to drink in the erotic scene before him. Here was a lady who daringly answered his ad, admitted him to her luxurious habitation and allowed him to spank her. Now, she was kneeling subserviently in his dungeon, ready to submit to whatever he commanded.

Strolling to the horse, he ordered her over it. Obediently, she walked over on her knees, rose, and draped herself over it. She purred like a kitten when he caressed her bare bottom with the palm of his hand. Ten quick and fast smacks, five on each cheek warmed her up a bit and got her juices flowing. Then quickly, he changed to a hard, leather paddle. “You seemed to like this the other night my dear,” Tim cooed.

“Yes sir,” she replied with a slight yelp when the first swat landed squarely in the middle of her derriere. Nine more swats landed on his intended targets. By the time he had finished, her bottom had turned a bit pinkish and she was writhing.

Then raising the bar, so to speak, he strolled over to the peg board. He put up the leather paddle and took down a shiny wooden one. “Let’s see how you do with this one, my dear.”

She gasped when she looked around and saw the wooden paddle. “Hold on to the legs of the horse, or else I’ll have to tie you down!”

“Yes sir,” she answered while smarting from the tingling in her tush.

Round and round on her upturned bottom, Tim moved the hard piece. Peggy tensed her buttocks and he snickered slightly at her reaction. Then…THWAP!…The brunette howled and wriggled her bottom in an attempt to ease the blow.

“Hold on!” he commanded. That was followed by another THWAP! She’d never felt a wooden paddle before, but she was determined to hold out. By the time he’d reached ten, Peggy was sweating bullets and the ache in her rear was something she had never experienced. Mercifully, he stopped.

Then telling to stand, Tim hugged her lovingly and told she was doing well. “Thank you sir.”

“But we’re not done quite yet.” He then ordered her over to the where two hanging chains were suspended from the ceiling. When she willingly complied, he raised each arm and attached each wrist to a leather wrist cuff that was attached to each chain. Now suspended by her wrists, he attached a spreader bar that forced her legs about three feet apart. Feeling very vulnerable, she felt Tim place a blindfold over her eyes.

“There now,” he said. “Is this what you envisioned in your fantasy?”

“Yes sir,” she replied with a pleasurable sigh when he teasingly caressed one of her nipples. She sighed even deeper when she felt a finger massage her lower lips. She could take this treatment all night, she thought.

Then his touch was gone. He walked over to the peg board. She tried to hear him. What was he going to do next?

The next thing she felt was a tingly feeling from the tails of a whip that was agonizingly teasing her up the backs of her legs to her buttocks. The tails trailed upward to her back.

Then THWAP!…The tails screamed across her hanging, already reddened bare bottom. She howled for sure. A matching thwap forced another howl from her lips. A few thwaps across her thighs drew even louder howls. Slowly but surely he worked his way up her back. The sting of the lash followed a neat pattern, but then it stopped.

Surprisingly though, Peggy wanted the next thwap to fall. Was she like “O”? Perhaps, like that brave heroine, she secretly craved the lash.

She was glad when she heard his footsteps return. She could feel his presence in front of her. Once again he caressed her breasts, softly. Her passion was in an uproar. Strangely, she found herself being turned on by the whipping and now by his tender touch. And when he once again touched her secret place between her legs, she thought she was going to cum right then and there. But he stopped.

She felt some tails once again. This time, crawling up the front of her legs to her juncture. Over her mound to her tummy and around her sensitive breasts. Oh, this man was driving her insane!

Then she felt what felt like bee stings across the tops her breasts. She howled and twisted, but the lashes found their mark. His aim was perfect when she felt the lashes across both nipples. Then methodically he worked his way down her tummy to her thighs.

Once again, he began caressing her softly. Concentrating on her breasts and between her legs, he once again brought passionately to the brink of eruption. He stopped again.

Peggy’s hair had become disheveled and her senses were in an uproar. She writhed in the chains, wanting him to touch her and yes dammit!…She wanted to cum!

Then there was silence. She wondered. Then suddenly the next thing she felt was the lash that caught her right on the bull’s eye between her legs. Her shriek reverberated around the walls of the dungeon. It was nothing like she’d ever felt before, but somehow she felt her passion prevail.

When Tim freed her wrists she collapsed into his strong arms as he lowered her to the carpet. The hot sex that followed drove them both to the heights of ecstacy. Then he held her lovingly in his arms until her passion subsided and she smiled into his face.

“That was fantastic sir.”

“What do think your husband would say if he knew about this?”

“He thinks this stuff is for weirdos.”

“A vanilla man, then.”


“His loss.”
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