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Arousal of Tina Part 3, by Mr. Sentence

Tina decided, that the night should have another humiliating effect on her slave.  She first demanded of her slave, to sit at the side of her bed, just waiting, while Tina was doing her toilet.  From the bathroom, she could see the kneeling Karen, shifting a bit from her left to her right.  She looked so delightfull.  Apparently, she was just waiting for her Mistress to return.  As Karen returned to the bedroom, she slowly took of her bathrobe .

Karen took the liberty to look at her mistress.  Just looking at the now completely naked body of her mistress, turned her body into a glowing bundle of lustfull nerves.  You may sleep at my feet, Tina stated, while taking her place in the bed.  Karin was in turmoil.  Would she have to be content with just laying in the big bed at her mistress’ feets?  After a short hesitation, she climbed on the bed. Lay herself at the feet end and covered herself as good as possible.  It took a long time for her to settle and fall a sleep.

The next morning, Tina awoke very slowly.  Her eyes seemed to open only very slowly.  As her awareness grew, she started to remember the former evening step by step.  The rememberance brought a sharp chill down her spine, followed by a warm glow, starting in her belly and spreading through her whole body.  Her fingers seemed to tingel in exact the same moment, as her nipples did, leaving them protruding from her glowing breasts.  In a flash, she had a vision of total domination over her slave.  She felt this urge inside her, to make Karen’s submission as complete as it could.  She found this drive to be so disturbingly strong that she never recalled to have felt such a determination ever before in her life.  After some internal struggles, she decided not to fight against these feelings, but act according to them.  So her mind started inventing a scheme for action.  She surrected herself slightly from the bed, supporting her upper-body with her elbows.  Karen was still very much asleep at her feet.  Today, Tina thought, will be a day of complete humiliation for Karen.

Tina rose silently from her bed, and went into the bathroom.  After a light toilet, she set out for her wardroom and dressed in a very sexy outfit.  A tight shirt, showing her tits very delicately.  A short, falling dress, curving delicately around her full hips.  No panties and no bra.  After this, she awakened Karen by shaking her by her shoulders.  Karen opened her eyes in wonder.  As she realised where she was, and in what condition she was, she just lay still and waited for an action of her mistress.  Tina acted decisevely.  “When you wake up by the hands of your mistress, my slave, you are expected to show your submission immediately”.  “And you are expected to do so, by bending down at my feet and kissing both of my feet”. “You will say the following phrase after you did so”.  “Mistress, please take your humble slave and do with her what pleases you”.  Karen lost no time and complied immediately.

Tina watched her slave comply with her orders, but was not completely satisfied.  She noticed that Karen was not yet aroused as much as she should be.  Tina walked behind her slave and, without much ado, fondled her slave between the legs.  “Slave, you are not humble enough”.  “Didn’t i explain to you, that i would look upon your lack of arousal as a lack of servitude to me?”   Karen responded with a feeling of guilt in her voice.  “Yes mistress, please forgive me for being so shortcoming.  Your slave is not behaving as she should dear mistress.  Please have a little patience with your slave mistress”.  “Enough”, Tina shouted sharply.  “Stay in this position and wait till i return”.  Tina went to the kitchen immediately and looked for a device where she could punish her slave with.  She felt absolutely dominant, and wanted her slave to be corrected for not complying to her will.  Tina found a terrific instrument.  A simple wooden curtain rod.  The thing was about a meter long and less than half an inch wide.  She tried the thing on her own hands, and even a view times on her own tighs.  A perfect stinging feeling, she judged.

After returing to the bedroom, she positioned herself behind her slave and looked at her bottom.  Great buttocks.  So absolutely smooth and roundly shaped.  Without any warning, she brought it down with a firm swing.  The sudden impact brought Karen completely out of balance.  She cried out in an agonizing scream.  “AAAAAHHHH, SHHHHHIT!” she shouted.  Tina ordered her to keep quiet and stay in position, with the sternest voice she could come up with, and brought the rod down just slightly above the first place of impact. Karen gritted her teeth together and made sissing sounds, coming from her frantic breathing through her teeth.  It felt to her, as if the surprise lamed her actions.  She could simply not do anything against the harsh treatment she was receiving.  Simply because it happened to her so suddenly.  As the next impact hit her, her feelings of pain and surprise transformed into a sentiment of total overpowerment.  She was completely
overpowered by her mistress.  As she realized that she had not even the smallest of intents to resist her treatment, her lack of power started to alter her perception of the maddening impacts.  Her own natural behavior convinced her, that Tina was completely in her right to punish her in this harsh way.  Yes, she thought, Tina is right to treat me this way, because i want to be treated this way.  No, i need to be treated this way, because deep down, i am a horny submissive slut.  Oh God, she thought, how i want to be forced in this way.  How i want to be stripped of my pride and completely subjected to the absolute determination of her Godess.  As the next impact hit her, the hardest of all, Karen concentrated on the reason why she was punished.  Strangely, she found that reason only after some struggle.  I have to feel more aroused, she remembered.  And then, the strange thing happened.  Her body waited for the next impact of the rod.  As she took the sharp pain, the impact spreaded out directly to her cunt and tits.  The following hits of the rod made her whole body glow with passion causing her arousal to grow to unbearable hights.

Tina became more and more delighted with the submissive reaction of her little slut, as she forcefully landed stroke after stroke.  This was terrific.  Apparently, she could act out her dominative urge however she wanted.  She wanted Karen to be aroused.  And if Karen did not enough, according to her sovereign judgement, she could just impose her will on the little slut by correcting her with a fierce punishment.  After delivering 20 strokes with the rod, Tina was satisfied.  She threw the rod on the bed and sat herself on the bedside.  “Crawl over here”, she ordered.  Karen crawled over.  Her face was flushed to a deep red.  As Karen crawled before her, Tina took one nipple firmly between her fingers and found that the thing was as hard as never before.  “Very good, Karen.  See how i have the power to correct you, slut?”  “What do you think of this.  Do you like to be corrected, according to my wil?”.  “Oh yes my Godess, Karen answered truthfully”.  Your slut needs to be treaded this way.  Please do this to me whenever it pleases you my mistress.  Please do not give me any opportunity to resist your will or deny you any pleasure you deserve.  Your slut needs so much to feel the overpowerment of your will.  Oh mistress, it makes me feel so good, to be able to feel exactly as you want.  Your slut wants to please you so much mistress.  Please force your slave into total obedience.

Tina was impressed with the total abandonment, that shined though these words.  In the short silence that followed, Tina parted her knees a little. “Look up”, she ordered.  Karen looked up straight into her mistress’ pussy.Her eyes filled with enraging lust, as she studied her godess cunt for the first time in her life.  Unvoluntary, she started to moan.  Animalistic sounds came from her throat.  “What would you want to do with what you see, slave?”.  “Your slave would like to..  Oh Godess, please let me lick your precious cunt.  Please my Godess..”.  Tina interrupted her slaves pleading by pulling her by the hair.  Tina looked into her slaves eyes.  This, my dear slave, is not a game anymore, she insisted without mercy.  I will make sure, that you are going to become my total slave.  After this weekend, you will be nothing, but my possession.  I will decide about you.  Is that clear?  Tina had judged Karen’s mental state right.  Her sudden arousal by the punishment.  Her total submission.  It was the right moment to come up with this move.  Karen could only moan, and admit that Tina was right.”From now on, your name is not Karen anymore”, Tina said bluntly.  Your name will from now on be “arousal”.   What is your name slave?   My name is arousal mistress, came the instant reply.   Arousals mind was in a daze. She felt like whe was treated right, the first time in her life.  Her
mistress was going to turn her into her possession.  She saw herself in a constant arousal and eagerness to serve her mistress.  Such an overwhelming constant desire.  Oh, how she needed to feel it.

Good, arousal.  Let me tell you what we are going to do.  The coming days, you are going to prove to me, that you are worth of becoming my possession. Today, that means, you are going to show me your acceptance of humiliation. Are you willing to accept humiliation as a sign of your submission to me? Yes mistress, your slave is, Arousal stated.  Good, then the first thing is, that you will only be allowed to worship my body, if i think you deserved it.  Otherwise, i will find other ways to satisfy myself.  The same goes for your own orgasms.  You will only have orgasm if i allow you.  No matter how much you want one, or need one.  Only i can give you one.  Let me make this perfectly clear to you.  Since you are such a horny slut, and since i am going to put you in constant arousal, there are ways for you to receive incredible pleasure.  And the only one, from who you will receive this, is me.  Is that clear Arousal?  Arousal had to clear her throught, before she could stammer “yes mistress, i will gladly lay my pleasure in your hands”. Tina played with her slave’s breasts for a while and noticed red spots forming on Arousal’s body.

Tina realised, that Arousal was becoming heavily dependent on this constant state of arousal, she was in.  Yet another day, and she would not be able to live without it anymore.  Tina would have a slave in her possession.  At her constant disposal.  She would be able to order her anything she wanted.  She could punish her anyway she wanted.  Tina just went out of her head.  She needed to come.  “Lick me slut”, she ordered her slave.  Arousal went to work like there was nothing she would rather like to do.  She sank in total
submission and gratefullness as she licked her mistress cuntlips with great tenderness.  The smell of her mistress sex settled firmly in her mind.  With every action of her tongue, she realised more and more, that this smell would make her mouthwater flow at the slightest presence.  Arousal also concentrated on the taste of her mistress’s juices.  These juices were the finest thing, she would ever taste in her life.  With an incredible intensity, all her senses absorbed every experience in the minutest of details.  Never before in her life had she been so focused on a specific task.  Her she was, licking her mistress.  And after perhaps a minute, she allready knew the exact folds of her mistress outer cuntlips.  This was indeed real worshipping, Arousal thought.  She went on to the inner cuntlips of her mistress and found them so delicate, that she nearly fainted from the pleasure of touching them.  She sucked on them one by one, taking them between the soft lips of her eager mouth.  As she continued her precious task, she kept thinking to herself “i am my mistress’ possession, i am her instrument of pleasure”.

Tina leaned her head back as Arousal set to her task.  Oh God, how enjoyable this was.  The little slut was just an extention of her will.  She looked back at her slave.  Her head was under her skirt.  How nicely, her buttocks were sticking out in the air.  Look how she was showing her aroused state by moving her hips.  The horny slut was even trying to stimulate herself a bit, by pressing her legs together.  “Legs apart”, Tina ordered.  Arousal obeyed. Tina felt heavenly stimulated and horny.  She clenched her tighs tightly around Arousal’s head, directing the slave’s tongue towards her clit.  As her slave started to lick her there at ernest, it did not take long anymore, before Tina climbed towards a tremendously satisfying conslusion.