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Tina sat in her chair again.  She sipped in the sigth of Karen’s body, squirming on the carpet beneath her.  Karen came back to herself again. Slowly, she recovered from her mind shattering experience.  She lay flat on her stumach, still moving her hips in erotic gestures, still feeling an intense glow of pleasure in her loins. Spasmic contractions followed each other in lengtening intervals somewhere in her underbelly.  “I’m a mwoman”, she whispered.  “I am a woman”.  Her voice was dizzy with clouded emotions.  Then she lay completely still.  Tina studied the lines of Karen’s strong sensuous body.  So perfectly pleasing to her eyes.  Tina moaned unaudible.  She was going to keep her slave naked for the whole weekend, and enjoy the view whenever she wanted to.  There were patches of reddened skin on her submissive playmate.   Blood flooded into these sensitive areas. Tina noticed the exact locations of red on her slave’s body.  She started reading the signs on her body.  She became convinced that she would be able to tell exactly in what state of mind her slave was, just by looking at her body and bodily movements.  Incredable, Tina thought, how many signs this slave gives with her body.  She shows all of her inner secrets without any noticable effort of hiding anything.  Not that she would be able to do so, if she wanted so.  She seemed unable to detach her emotions from her physical state.  Tina smiled, as she watched Karen’s regular breathing.  She looked like she was going to sleep.  An involuntary kick of her leg showed that she was.  But then, at the second kick of her leg, shortly after, she shook her head a little.  Confused, she lifted her head, and observed her surroundings.  Her head turned, until her eyes came to rest upon Tina.  She sat up on the floor, and pulled her knees up to her breasts.  She was flushing all over her face, and tried to hide her body for the woman, who she knew only as her housemate, just a view hours ago.

Tina looked amused at Karen.  She decided to give her a view moments to come back to reality.  How are you feeling my dear, Tina asked.  I feel ashamed, Karen answered, as her face turned crimson.  You don’t need to, Tina assured her.  You were perfectly pleasing.  And as you must learn, that is your only concern, to please me.  Isn’t it Karen?  The women looked in eachother’s eyes.  A tender smile came upon both their faces.  They smiled silently at each other.  Yes, you are right, said Karen.  Well then, my little slave, let me explain to you, that the way you are sitting right now is not at all pleasing to me.  You are not permitted to hide your body from me.  Is that clear?  Karen nodded with her head and lowered her knees.  You will answer me with your voice, and address me as mistress, dictated Tina.  Yes mistress, Karen returned.  Ok, you little horny slut of mine.  In my presence, you will allways maintain an open attitude.  You will show me your
nakedness as directly as possible.  There is no room for false modesty if you are with me.  This means, that you will not hold your arms or hands in front of your body.  And you will never cross your legs or place them at any place where they could disguise the willingness of your body.  Karen looked down at the carpet.  She could not look up anymore.  She was amazed how these dictating words were able to arouse her again.  She had never experienced, to become stimulated directly after she had an orgasm.  Slowly, Tina’s words were touching her inner core, in a renewed effort to make her compliant to her mistress’s demanding will.  Karen put her hands besides her and replaced her legs beneath her.  She imagined how she could make herself look more open to her mistress.  She parted her legs and placed her glowing buttocks upon her feet.

How do you feel now, my slave?  I feel open and ..  horny, Karen stated with a sigh.  Ah, that is good.  How did you become horny again my dear?  Your commanding words did that to me, mistress.  Karen’s tone of voice sounded shy, as she placed her hands on her knees, instinctively opening her hands with the palms towards her mistress.  Well, that means you like it when i dictate you.  That makes the two of us liking that, Tina added.  She looked straight into Karen’s pussy.  It was truth, she noticed.  The girl was allready hot again, just from being commanded to open herself to her mistress view.  Oh God, how she loved to be so thoroughly in command.  She could never have dreamt to feel such a power over this woman.  They seemed to be perfectly compatible.

Go and make me a drink, she commanded.  I would like to have a Martini with ice.  Don’t use to much ice though.  Karen lifted herself graciously from the floor and walked towards the kitchen.  Her own nakedness suddenly overwhelmed her.  Her mistress was sitting in the living room, fully dressed, she though, and here i am, walking around the house completely exposed.  Being so self aware made her feel uncomfortable.  Tina immediately noticed this, as Karen entered the living again, carrying the Martini. Well, little slave, where have these sensual movements of yours suddenly dissapeared into, she asked with a curious look in her eyes.  I feel a bit uncomfortable mistress, responded Karen, while kneeling before her mistress and offering the drink.  Tina pointed with her finger right in front of her, in order to show Karen where to sit.  While Karen complied, Tina took her head, and placed it against her lap, where she could stroke the blond’s hair.  Now look, my horny slave.  There is a very solid reason for you to be naked.  In that way, your body is available to me at all times.  Not only for my eyes, but also for my touch.  Also, i enjoy your movements more, if you are naked.  Everything looks much smoother when your naked skin constantly folds to the constantly changing positions of your limbs.  Humor sounded through her words as Tina overarticulated these sentences.  I also find it necesary, to have knowledge of the exact condition of your skin. Besides, i want you to know, that all of these physical things show to me, what goes on in your mind.  And i find that a slave should do everything she can, to show her state of mind to her mistress.  Not by using a lot of cerebral words.  But by simply showing it in basic behavior.  Tina looked down at her slave.  She noticed the hardened nipples standing out from the inflated breasts.  These things have grown a lot today, she said to herself. She continued to stroke the blonds hair.

Karen, my little one.  I think you know what i am getting at.  My message is, that you are not allowed to feel uncomfortable about your nakedness.You may feel embarrassed about it, or humiliated.  But not uncomfortable, since that will influence your behavior in a counterproductive manner.  Did i make myself clear, slave!  Yes mistress, came the instant reply from Karen.  I understand.  I will try and live up to your expectation my dear mistress.  I am not fully sure if i will be able to abandon such feelings, mistress, but i will definitely try.  Tina felt a warm feeling settle in her loins, as she heard these promises of her slave.  This is starting to become real dedication, she theorized.

Would you want me to help you to perform, Tina asked.  I am not sure that i understand mistress, Karen responded, looking up with puzzled eyes.  Tina reformulated her question “shall i punish you for failing to perform like i want you to?”  Karen’s eyes continued to be puzzled, but the relaxation of her forehead showed that she understood the question, so Tina gave her some time to consider an answer.  Would it please my mistress to punish me, Karen asked.  Now slave, you don’t answer a question with a question.  A slave must give her true opinion, if asked for it.  There is no dependency between my position on punishment, and your eventual desire to be punished for bad performance.  So give me a straight answer please.  And be honest.  Karen looked at Tina with taxation.  Her facial expression showed a little tension, as she answered “i am not sure, mistress”.   I perhaps like the idea of being uhmm.. “corrected” since that seems to fit perfectly for a slave girl.  But i don’t know about punishment.  I think i am afraid of it.

That may cause you no shame, my dear.  It looks perfectly natural to me, to be afraid of punishment.  I think it is part and parcel, fear and punishment.

Although Tina was horny for a long time already, she had no intention to get herself satisfied.  She liked the tension in her body.   Her thoughts wandered.  What should she do with Karen for the night?  Evidently, it was up to her, to come up with something.  She intended to keep Karen away from her body for a while.  She wanted Karen to experience the touch of her body as a reward for good behavior.  Like a favour.  She envisioned the tremendous gratitude of her slave, being rewarded with her mistress body. That would be enjoyable, to have Karen tremble with anticipation, as she would expose her breasts, and order her slave to take a nipple in her mouth. Gratitude, she thought.  That is a nice feeling.  Arousal and gratitude. What could she add to the palet of emotions, to make it exactly the bouqet she wanted.  Silly, that she could concentrate so thoroughly on what emotions to induce in her slave, she thought.  Why should she spent so much effort in making a slave feel in a certain way?  It was all about control. If she could make Karen feel how she wanted, she could control Karen.  And that was the main point of the game.  Yes, a game it was.  But Tina allready knew that if she did this game right, Karen would end up being a real slave to her wishes within a view days.  She felt she could order Karen to make her breakfeast every morning and to allways walk around the house naked. She could invent a ritual for Karen.  One that would so thoroughly imprint her servitude in her submissive mind, that she would become more humble every day.  Like letting her begg to be allowed to sleep next to her misstress, every evening.  A wide range of possibilities went through Tina’s mind.  Then she remembered the point where their conversation had ended. They were talking about punisment.  Why should Karen be punished?  What feeling would that induce in her slave?  Apart from the physical pain, she considered another strong emotion.  Didn’t Karen say it allready?  It seems mto fit for a slave girl to be corrected.  Tina felt a sudden itch between her legs as she empathised the slave-like feelings, corresponding with “correction”.  The slave is molded en bent to the will of the mistress.  Not punishment, but the acceptance of it, was the key to this correction.  To accept punishment means to allow correction.  And thus, bending to the will of the punisher.  But what will happen if there is nothing to correct? Imagine if Karen would accept a punishment, without some behavior to correct.  Would that not be something like “bending to the will of her mistress in the purest form”?  She decided to ask.

Slave, do you think there has to be something to correct, in order to be punished?  Karen took a short time to evaluate the question.  She then simply stated “no mistress, i don’t think so”.  To me, correction without anything specific to correct feels like uhmm. “domination”.  So accepting punishment, with nothing specific to be corrected for, is something like “showing subjugation”.  Tina was amazed.  How could her slave have developed such clarity in such a short period of time?  “What intelligent quotient do you have slave”, she asked bluntly.  I don’t know mistress, i never took the test, Karen answered.  Should i have taken one?  No, silly, i was just curious.  Your respons struck me as very lucid.  Thank you mistress, Karen stated in a humble tone of voice.  Tina looked down at her slave.  All the signs of arousal were still there.  An unvoluntary smile appeared on Tina’s face.  With a sudden move, she grabbed her slave by her arm, and directed her upward, only to guide her over her lap.  I want to play with your body, she stated flatwise.  Karen was positioned with her groin over Tina’s lap, her face was pressed down, positioned against the one arm* of the chair, her legs dangling over the other.  Tina’s hand wandered over the glorious bottom, fully displayed before her.   With her other hand, she positioned Karen’s hands along side of her body.  She explored the fullness of the flesh, with growing appreciation for its texture.  Soft, warm, tender and willing was the skin of her slave’s bottom.  She let her fingers, very softly, trace the crack between her slave’s buttocks.  Karen moaned quietly, and continued to do so, during the whole procedure.  Tina’s flat hand carressed her slave’s backside.  I will give you a punishment my slave, she said.  I will do so, because i want you to show me your subjugation.  Is that clear my slave?  Yes, mistress, came the moaning response.

Tina slapped with her flat hand on the left buttock.  She found the sound just lovely to her ears.  Karen seemed to respond only with heavy breathing. Red spots showed where her fingers had landed.  She hit her slave on the other cheeck, with just a little more force.  Tina simply adored the resulting imprints on the skin.  The way the skin felt as her hand landed was absolutely fabulous.  How sensual this was.  She continued her exploitation of Karen’s bottom with growing severity.  Now and then, she would caress the reddening surface of her slave’s buttocks with a feeling of intense tenderness, only to suddenly switch back to her growing punishment skills again.  As she was satisfied with the glowing redness of here slave’s skinn, she fondled her slaves breasts to probe for results.  Karen’s breasts stood firm with tension.  Her nipples were as hard as iron.  Tina probed between her slave’s legs and found a glistening wetness, attached to her fingers.  As she played with the wetness of her fingers, spreading it over her slaves tighs, she asked her slave “what have you got to say to me, little horny slut?”.  Mistress, Karen responded, please mistress, dominate me.  Please make me yours.  If you please, make me your toy to play with.  I want to feel like you can make me do anything you like.  Like your will is iron law to me.  Please mistress.  I don’t know how to say it, but i just
want to be so totaly submissive to you.  Karen tried to continue but Tina silenced her with her hand.  She probed again between her slave’s leg, and brought the wetness on her fingers to Karen’s mouth.  Lick this, my slave.I want you to experience your own arousal.  Be aware that this arousal comes from your submission.  Karen licked with great eagerness.  She felt like the fingers in her mouth conveyed a secret message to her.  A message of tender stimulation,  pushing her to show her eagerness to please.  And so she did, by letting her mistress feel the sensuous tissue of her lips.  By letting her experience the horny artistry of her tongue.  By showing her the sucking readingess of her cheeks.  How they could suck!

Mistress Karen was very content with herself.  After she had let her slave explode into an orgasm for the first time, she had been worried a bit about her dominant motivations.  But now, everything seemed to be much more balanced.  She felt a rising respect for her slave.  One that would not interfere with her will to controll this slave, nor with the strictness of her approach.  But this growing respect would ensure that her domination was not to turn into violence.  No, she thought.  How stupid of her to have thought of her domination as “possible violence”.  It could have been though, she realized, if she would have blocked the personality of her slave form her mind.  How easy it could be for a mistress to think away the humanity of a slave.  And how easy this could lead to destruction, instead of construction.  She shook her head while she ended this introspection. Karen reacted.  She had been observing the thoughtfull face of her mistress, while she kept on licking and sucking her fingers.  She opened her mouth and allowed herself to retreat from her task in order to ask a question.  “What is wrong mistress?”, she asked.  Tina had to strain her mind to understand this question.  Then the memory of her shaking head echoed through her mind like a short scene of a movie.  Ah, it is nothing my slave.  I was just thinking how easy something can go right, and how easy something can go wrong.  She smiled as she gave this awckward presentation of her cognition. Thank you for asking.  By the way, what did you mean, as you said “i am a woman”.  You said it twice after you collapsed on the carpet.  Karen looked in surprise.  I don’t know mistress.  I am not aware of having said anything like that, i’m sorry mistress.  Oh allright, you silly submissive woman. Now return to your duty.  With her free hand she slapped her slave’s bottom quite fiercely, intending to stimulate her eagerness.  Karen jumped with a stroke of fright from the unexpected blow to her glowing behind.  As her indignancy subsided, she relaxed and got back to licking the fingers of her mistress.  The women had their glaces interlocked.  A broad smile was coming to both faces.  Twinkles of delight settled in their eyes.

Only soft sucking sounds were to be heard in that living room, where two women, one dressed, one naked, were starting to explore the possibilities of their new relationship.

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