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Arousal Part 1
by Mr. Sentence

Note of the author:

This story, in dealing with human relations, pictures the urges of human individuals in a free and open manner.  The material is in every mind.  I just put it on paper.  The problem with the raw material of the human mind is, that you cannot put them on paper as it is, since communicative skills are pressed to the back of the mind, while one experiences the presence of this raw material.  So i had to put in some extra efforts to make it all presentable to the reader.  I sketched the parts of the story in a highly aroused state of mind, and edited them afterwards.  Not in order to change the sketch, but to make the sketch recognisable in a form, closest to the original.  So that the original intents may be relived by the reader. Please take full responsibility, before reading, what arousal goes on in your mind. — Sentence

I know, Tina said, that you have the urge to be submissive.  So why don’t you admit it.  Karen looked at her.  There was anger in her eyes.  How dare you be so arrogant Tina!  Why do you think I want to submit.  What sort of stupid game are you trying on me.  Ah, cried out Tina.  A game you say? Well, you might just as well call it that way.  But it is a nice arousal game, that will eventually overtake reality all together.  At least, that is what I expect, if my judgement is right.  And what is your judgement, asked Karen. Now hear, Tina said teasingly, do I notice a curiosity getting hold over your anger?  I tell you. my judgement is, that there is desire in your eyes when you look at me.  It is a special kind of desire.  You don’t just want to touch me and enjoy the feel of it.  You want to worship my body.  And then we have that attitude of yours, that comes along whit that very special hunger in your eyes.  You, all over sudden, start to behave as compliant as a clerk in an office.  You evidently start to enjoy taking care of my needs, no matter how small they are.  You make a great show about bringing me a cup of tea, instead of just putting it down on the table.  Karen tried to interrupt.  Her mouth opened, with lips shaped, according to the amazement she felt.  No don’t, said Tina, waving swiftly with her hand.  I am sure about this.  Let me continue, and listen to my evidence, before you decide to refute me.

Tina continued without the slightest hesitation.  As soon as I noticed these unexpected shifts in attitude of yours, I decided to make a little study of your behavior.  You remember when I put on that black dress last week?  The one with the open backside?  No, just say yes or no, Tina demanded, not giving Karen the opportunity to respond at length.  Yes, Karen answered. Well, I was convinced that dress would turn you on.  And it did.  So you were starting to behave very docile again.  Then I tried to dominate you in a very subtle manner.  It struck me, how little hesitation you had, in complying with my whishes.  You brought me my tea.  You looked up a telephone-number for me in the telephone book.  You undid my hair.  You even filled the bathtub for me.  And here comes the interesting part.  You tried to get a glimpse of my naked body as I went into the bathroom.  You acted as if you were very busy doing something in the hallway, whereas I noticed that
you were trying to peak at the bathroom relentlessly.  So I pushed my experiment a bit further.  While I was in the bathroom, I called you to give me the shampoo.  I left it on the make-up table.  How forgetful I am!  You

came into the bathroom, acting as if the procedure you had to perform, was nothing out of the ordinary.  As you handed me the shampoo, I, for the first time in the six months that we live together here, put my breasts on full display as I accepted the shampoo from your hands.  As I studied the reaction on your face, I became convinced, that I was looking at a woman in turmoil.  Your breath, your facial expression, your body language, they all displayed a sudden raging lust washing al through your mind.  I knew that you were aroused, and that you would probably be as wet between your legs, as my hair was from the shower.  Now, tell me.  Was I right or not?

Karen sat backwards.  There was growing astonishment in her slightly reddened face.  I,…. she started to utter….  I,….. well ……  Yes you are right.  Damned, the sight of your breasts hit me like a hammer.  Her face reddened to a blush as her words landed in the air.  Now, that’s an honest girl, Tina spoke.  Now answer me my next question.  Did you feel submissive that evening.  I don’t know, Karen said.  Oh come on Karen, of course you do.  Did it give you a good feeling to do the things I asked of you?  Yes it did, Karen admitted, very reluctantly.  Good, very good, continued Tina.  I believe this arousal conversation is going somewhere.  Since that evening, last week, I started to have fantasies.  You know, I also have to admit something to you.  She paused for a moment and looked Karen in the eyes, as if to stress that something worthwhile digesting was coming up..  I enjoyed ordering you around!  I liked you submissive reaction to my dominant behavior.  It really felt good.  It felt like some power was in my hands. So I fantasized  a bit further about what I could do with this situation.  I felt that perhaps, if I could bring these tendencies of ours to the daylight, which is what I am doing right now, I could change the nature of our relationship somewhat.  And just how would you change our relationship, asked Karen?

Well, responded Tina, I want to do an experiment with you.  What type of experiment?  Despite her reluctance to admit her own feelings, Karen’s mind had become full of an intense curiosity.  I want you to be my slave for the coming weekend, Tina said bluntly.  You want me to be your what??  Karen’s eyes were sort of falling on to the floor, as she spoke out in her flattened state of mind, that followed the implosion of her curiosity.  You hear me, Tina stated.   I want you to become my slave for the next weekend.  And who knows.  If you behave like a good slave, perhaps I may keep you as my slave after that.  A big grin formed on the full lips of Tina’s mouth.  She looked at Karen with a challenging stare.  This was just a bit to much for Karen to swallow.  She looked down at the floor.  I think of this all as very weird, she stuttered.. what came over you, to make such strange propositions?  Ah, they are strange, you say?  I think they coincide perfectly with your secret desires.  So why call them strange my dear?  Tell me. right now.  Would you like to have a look at my body?  Karen looked up with a bit of shame in her eyes.  Be honest, Tina insisted.  After a short silence, Karen admitted. And do you want to touch my breasts right now?  Again, silence set in .. Karen admitted.  And would you experience touching my breasts as a great favor?  Karen swallowed.. and admitted.  And would you like me to order you to do something for me right now, Tina asked, a teasing sparkle in her eyes. Again, Karen could do nothing but to admit.

Then I suggest, you face the truth of the matter, Tina lectured.  You are  willing to serve me.  Someone, so eager in willing to serve, is called a slave.  And I am quite convinced that just thinking about being my slave
makes you horny in this very moment.  Isn’t it?  Yes it does!!!  Karen screamed.  But that doesn’Tina give you the right to call me your slave, and humiliate me, just because I feel that way!!  I am just as good a human being as you are, and I wont let anyone do anything to me that I don’t want to.  And I don’t want all this to happen.  Karen’s hands came to her eyes. Tears were coming down her cheeks in great streams.  Tina sat herself right next to Karen, comforting her with her physical presence.  She padded  Karen’s back.  Come on Karen, what is it, that you are so afraid of?  I don’t know, Karen managed to squeese through her tears.  It all feels so wrong to me.  I think I am endangering my life, being the way that I am.  Feeling like I do.  She gasped as Tina’s hand caressed her neck, gently.

Karen, Tina said decisively, look at me!  You are not endangering your life. I can create the space for you, to feel like you want to feel.  I can make the environment for you, to behave like you are made to do.  You will be perfectly alright.

There was a long silence after these words evaporated into the living room where the two women sat.  After a while, only the sniffing of Karen seemed to linger in the absence of sound, that the room had become.  As even these sounds subsided, both became aware of a bird, singing in the darkened garden outside of their little villa.  A window was still open, and the cool evening air made its way into their kitchen.  And their, it seemed to hang around a bit.  Only a dim fragrance of the evening coolness entered the living.  A subtle suggestion of their connection with the outside world. Karen turned her head a bit towards her housemate.  They looked in each others eyes for a long time.  Tina’s hand, still in the back of Karen’s neck, wandered up  just a short distance, until she cupped the back of Karen’s head.  Then she pressed Karen’s head towards her with the slightest of pressure.  Tina knew instinctively that she should be very gentle right now.  She directed Karen’s head towards her bosom and pressed it there, comforting her housemate with the warmth of her body.  After both were filled with the silent freshness of their house, contrasting with the warmth of their bodies, Karen asked: “so you can create the space for me, to feel like I should feel?”  Yes, Tina confirmed.  I surely can.  You’ll be perfectly save with me.  I will be very demanding, but I will have only the best intentions for both of us.

Karen’s mind became at ease with herself again.  Perhaps Tina was right, she thought to herself.  She realized that it was a matter of trust.  And that if she trusted Tina, she would soon feel better about the whole situation. And as she did, she realized that she had become totally, absolutely and completely horny.  She became aware of the smell of Tina’s body and a shiver went down her spine.  She sat up, going against the directing pressure of Tina’s hand. being still there.  I,….  she said, blushing suddenly.  I,… I want to try it.  Just for the weekend.  OK?

Tina smiled.  She felt content.  She enjoyed the anticipation in Karen’s face.  Ok, just for the weekend.  But I want you to admit to yourself that you want it to extent after the weekend, if you should start feeling that way.  A stubborn look came upon Karen’s face.  We’ll see, she said.  I wont tell you anything untrue.  How are we going about with this, Karen asked? That’s fairly simple, Tina stated.  I want you to go to your room, and dress in you red mini skirt and white sleeveless blouse.  Then I want you to wait until nine.  At promptly nine, I want you to report here in the living room. The challenge in this is, that you will have almost an hour to think about the way in which you will present yourself to my service.  Because from then, up until Sunday evening at 9 o clock, you will be my slave.  And I want you to present yourself as such.  Is that understood?  Karen nodded with a little twinkle in her eyes.  Off you go then.  She slapped Karen on the left cheek of her ass, smiling inwardly as she realized what she did. The gesture came so naturally to her.  And look how Karen reacted.  She just jumped at the occasion, and ran off, moving her hips in a suggestive swaying motion.

Karen entered her room.  She realized that a huge anticipation was starting to build inside of her.  She had trouble in locating the place where this anticipation was felt.  Perhaps, there was no physical place, she thought to herself.  Perhaps, anticipation was somewhere around her.  One thing, she was sure of.. her hands started to tremble a little, as she undid her cloths.  As she looked into the mirror, she noticed her nipples standing out proudly from her full breasts.  She did not recall to have ever thought about them as this big.  She cupped her breasts with her hands and massaged them slowly.  As her nipples became even harder and more erected, she felt a tingle shoot towards the center of her body.  As if her pussylips were trembling for only a very short moment, leaving them thicker than they were. I have to stop with this, she thought to her self.  I don’t want to start playing with myself now.  I have to think of a way to present myself to Tina.  As she looked through her clothing, in order to spot the red miniskirt, she felt amused by her own concentration on how to present herself to Tina.  Looks like I am already slipping in my role, she thought to herself.  Then, for a moment, just a brief moment, a short panic ruled her thoughts.  Isn’t this all going a bit to fast, she asked herself. Shouldn’Tina I be more cautious with this?  But then, she remembered what she told herself just a short while ago.. that this was all a matter of trust.  And in remembering this, she felt Tina’s  warm bosom against her face again, Comforting her in the moment of these thoughts.  She smiled inside, as she found herself being dominated by Tina’s breasts, as if they radiated a feeling of trust towards her.

At nine o’clock exactly, Karen entered the living room.  She stepped towards Tina, who sat on the couch.  Karen knelt before the waiting countenance of Tina, and bend over just slightly.  Her whole figure was a study of humbleness.  May I please serve you as your slave, mistress, she asked. Tina sat silent for a while.  Karen repeated her question, putting more eagerness in her voice now.  Please mistress.  Please answer me.  I beg you. May I please be your humble slave for this weekend.  Please mistress, accept me as you little slave, to order as you wish.  It will be my honor to serve your every need.  Please mistress, I beg of you.  Karen’s breath became fast and erratic.  She heard herself asking all this, and could not believe the intense feeling of submissiveness that took hold of every nerve in her body. She was going to ask Tina in an ever more submissive style if necessary, until this feeling of submission would fire right out of her eyes and ears. And it did.

Tina stood up from her chair.  Well, she said, as she walked to the back of Karen, I think I will try you for this weekend.  But realize, that it is only to see if you are worthy of my attention.  I only want very obedient slaves, who can be trained to serve me any way I want.  Do you understand that, slave?  Yes mistress, came the grasping voice of Karen.  I will do my best to prove myself worthy to serve you.  Tina smiled.  She enjoyed the athletic figure, kneeling before her.  Her thoughts were touching Karen’s body.

There is something I want to do, before you can serve me, she said.  I want you to undress completely.  Do it now, Tina ordered, as Karen did not move. Karen was startled.  She straightened her body, and opened her blouse.  It was on the floor in no time.  She could undo her miniskirt while kneeling. Still down, she undid her bra.  With shaking hands, she took of her panties, while resisting the urge to stand up for doing so, feeling that such an initiative would be inappropriate.  So she undid them kneeling, feeling clumsy with her movements.  Tina walked around her and started to comment about her body.  I see that your breasts are full and warm with anticipation, my slave.  That is how I want them to be.  I can see that your nipples are standing out firmly.  Good.  Now, bent over; head on the floor. As Karen did, she was overflowed with a feeling of humiliation.  It was precisely her own arousal from the inspection, that caused her humiliation. And as she felt her knees being pushed apart, the humiliation multiplied itself in an inescapable arousal again.  Her cunt and ass where now open for view.  Her pussylips where thick and full with her lust.  She knew.  Tina praised Karen with her state of arousal.  I like my slave to be aroused, she said.  I want her to be aroused for me all the time.  Do you understand that my slave?

Yes mistress, Tina said, I do.  And do you want to be aroused all the time slave?  Tina asked.  Yes mistress, Karen responded immediately.  As a reward, Tina took one of Karen’s outer cuntlips between her fingers and
squeezed it a bit.  Karen was hit by this stimulation like she was slapped right in her face.  Her breath came out like a pressurized air column, damp from the heat of her insides.   She could not believe how intensely this simple act had stimulated her.  See how easy it is for me to arouse you, slave, Tina asked.  She took the other outer cunt lip and tugged it.  Karen panted, as the moisture soaked into her underbelly.  It will be your faith, to always be aroused by your mistress.  Whether it is my voice, my look, my body, my touch or whatever.  You will become aroused of it.  And you know why, Tina asked, rhetorically.  It is because you have the build in desire to please me.  Even the expectation that I would give you a reward for your obedience and submission will make you feel weak between your legs.  Isn’t that the truth, little slut?  Karen was taken by this new word.  Was she a slut?  Then she pictured herself.  Head down on the floor.  Ass high up in the air.  Becoming incredible aroused by this dominant woman, who touched her between her legs.  I guess I do act like a true slut, she thought to herself.  And the shame about this realization quickly made way for the
embarrassment of humiliation again, that felt like a huge knot in her stomach.  I have to tell the truth, she thought.  Otherwise, this knot in my stomach will not go away.  Only telling the truth will make it dissolve in the hotness of my passion.  She was right.  She managed to say “yes mistress, your little slut will always be aroused by any presence of her mistress”, and continued “your little slut will be very grateful for the opportunity to please you with her constant arousal”.  As soon as she had said this, the knot in her stomach dissolved, and she grunted in the carpet, as her arousal multiplied again.  She was sure that she had never been so intensely stimulated in her life before.

Very well my slave.  Let me make this crystal clear to you.  I do take pleasure from your arousal.  So I do take the absence of it as a lack of submission on your side.  Is that understood, slut?  Tina liked the application of the word “slut”.  She wanted Karen to feel that she could call her anything, and that she had to accept it; no matter how humiliating.The first thrill of power went through her mind.  What a pleasure to dominate in this way, she thought.  She started to feel a truly genuine urge to completely control this slave.  Not just for now.  No.  Completely and  forever.  Imagine, she thought to herself, if she could indeed make Karen feel aroused all the time.  Just by the shear pressure of her dominance. Just by her will to have Karen aroused.  A wonderful thought!  She looked down at Karen, who confirmed that she had understood.  Unbelievable, how aroused this horny slave was, she thought.  In a view minutes, she will do anything for me.  She will be so hot, I can make her lick my feet for the whole night.  Another thrill of power swept through Tina’s mind.  An evil grin formed around her lips.  And with a sudden sternness in her voice she ordered: “turn around slave”.  Karen did.  Lick my feet!  Karen obeyed instantly.  She started licking the foot that her mistress, placed in front of her.  Tina sat down on the couch and leaned back.  She was determined to let Karen lick her feet for a long time, until they would feel relaxed form the treatment.  And meanwhile, she would watch her new found sexslave becoming even more aroused by being given the opportunity to service her mistress in this way.  Thus showing her mistress that she was indeed a slave, capable of fulfilling the desires of her mistress.  Jesus Christ, she thought to herself.  What a wonderful, complex chemistry this is.

After having treated the feet of her mistress with her tongue for almost an hour, Karen was panting heavily.  There were a view moments, where her vision became blurred with raging emotions.  Just simple lustful emotions swept through her body.  Slowly and pleasantly, the submissive nature of her activity settled firmly in her mind. Licking the feet of her mistress in this obedient way, was indeed a sign of submission.  And she felt as if this submissive act was the only outlet of her emotions.  And thus, all her emotions focused on licking her mistress feet as pleasing and submissive as she could.  She felt home.

Tina stood up from the couch.  “Straight”, she ordered.  Karen straightened her back, although she did not dare to stand up.  She remained kneeled on the carpet.  “Hands behind your back”.  Karen’s mind was now so attached to Tina’s voice, that she could not do anything but just act on her commands. Her breasts jutted out towards her mistress’s hands.  The new found mistress grabbed out at the nipples and played with them for a while.  Then, the sudden urge to squeeze them got hold of Tina, and she did it firmly, while pulling them towards her.  Karen responded immediately with grunting sounds, panting, while her legs went shaky.  This was a formidable response.  Tina liked it.  She grabbed at the slaves nipples again.  She got the same massive reaction.  By this time, the trembling in Karen’s legs continued, while the slaves breathing continued to be erratic.  Tina realized that Karen was on the edge of an orgasm.  It suddenly struck her as a challenge, to see, how long she could keep the little slut on that edge.  Amazing, she thought to herself, how fast she looked at Karen as her little slut.  As if she was taking full possession of Karen already.  And in her mind, she started to construct the dim outlines of a plan.  She wanted to make sure, that this new form of their relationship would prolong after the weekend. She would want Karen to beg her to continue.  Taking her as a slave for the rest of her life.

She stroked the upper body of her slave slowly and deliberately.  She made sure, that the tremblings in Karen’s legs did not become to erratic, meanwhile taking care that they did not disappear either.  Once in a while she wanted that massive emotional bodily reaction of her slave again, and twisted the slaves nipples.  Or she just simple slapped one of the breasts on the side.  After about ten minutes, the begging sound of Karen’s voice came from between her ragged panting.  She barely managed to make herself audible……   Mistress, please, mistress, may I ask something of you? Tina waited a wile before she responded.  She took the hair of the slave in her hand and turned Karen’s head towards her.  What is it, she asked?   I, stuttered Karen, in total abandonment.  May I, my dear mistress…..  may I please have an orgasm?   Tina was very much amused by this plea.  She felt instinctively, that she should give her slave an orgasm now.  Yes, she mthought.  I will give her one.  And I will be the only one to give her orgasms.  I will do it, just to show her, what pleasure she can get from me. To encourage her in her desire to be dominated by me.  She bent her slave over.  Cupped one of Karen’s breasts with her left hand, and gently put her right hand between the legs of the trembling little slut.  As she started ,caressing Karen’s sex, the shaking of Karen’s body reached frightening proportions.  Now, my little slut, Tina said to her slave.  I will give you an orgasm shortly.  But I want you to realize, that you will only orgasm, because it pleases me to let you do so.  And that I will teach you, to experience your orgasm as being primarily for my pleasure, not for yours. Is that clear, my slut?  Karen nodded frantically.  She perfectly understood, as she felt that her whole body was overtaken by the willpower of this other woman.  Tina felt like God to her.  Her body did whatever Tina would want it to do.  That struck her so intensely, that her sex started  dripping the fluids, coming somewhere from deep inside of her belly, all over her thighs.  And as the fingers of her Goddess found her way to her clit, gently massaging it, she felt like if she was on the edge of a giant melt down.

Still, Tina was not completely satisfied with her growing control over this slave woman.  She wanted this first orgasm to be given, to sweep her slave completely of her feet.  So she prolonged her teasing.  She discovered, that Karen could climb up the ladder of arousal almost endlessly.  And that she could pinch her slaves clit quite severely in this high state of arousal. It amazed her, how much things she could do to Karen’s body, while the girl just got more and more aroused.  Finally, Tina took Karen’s hair in her hand and pulled forcefully, thus directing Karen’s absent minded gaze up into the room.  She slapped the ass of her slave a few times and gave her a final pinch on her clit.  Then she massaged the cunt lips of her submissive housemate slowly, but very erotic, rhythmically extending her fingers to and from the slut’s clit, gently touching the throbbing piece of lusty flesh. Then she just ordered Karin to come.  It took several seconds for Karen to be washed away with a completely unknown intensity of feeling.  One that she never knew existed.  She exploded into the universe.

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