Becca had been very bad this week and she knew what was coming to her – discipline. She was afraid but excited nonetheless. It had been more than a week since her husband had gave her bottom any attention, causing her to feel unsubmissive and very rebellious. She started her acting out first Monday with not having his dinner ready when he got home, then Tuesday she made sure he had no clean shirts. By Friday she hadbroke virtually every rule he had. 

She went to bathroom to prepare herself for him. She was a lovely woman 6 feet tall, long dark brown hair, blue eyes that pierced your soul and she was soft the kind of woman with luscious curves. Her breasts were quite large and hung almost to her belly button with large dark pink nipples. She hated the fact that her breasts hung so low but her husband thought this was the sexiest thing on her. Oh how he loved to wrap them around his big cock. He could hold both nipples together in his fingers and slide his dick in and out of the mammary cave. She stepped into the tub slowly allowing the steamy water to encapsulate her. Then she went to work shaving her body. He was very specific about his command no hair anywhere from the neck down. She grew more excited as she had to hold her pussy while she shaved. Her insides ached oh she couldn’t wait, she fingered her clit till it was hard and pulsing wildly, her orgasm rippled through her body a small moan escaped her pretty mouth.It was then she heard the front door, it was him, early no less. Her heart raced, she was supposed to meet him at the door with her collar on and be kneeling. She tried to dash into the bedroom and grab her collar so all wouldn’t be lost but it was to late, he was coming down the hall. 

Dirk grabbed his wife by the hair and shoved her back into the bathroom “this is it I’ve had enough of you disobeying me, bend over my knee!” She timidly knelt over his knee thinking oh shit I’ve never seen him this angry. The first slap on her ass stung horribly the affect of her still damp ass and his all his anger. He whacked her ass for 5 minutes then took his finger and rammed it up her ass while telling her she needed to get her ass loosened up for all he was going to do to it tonight. He went in as far as his finger would go and then pull it all the out knowing her asshole wouldn’t have the chance to adjust to it. She winced at first but the more he did this the hotter her cunt got. When he realized she was starting to raise her ass up to greet his finger he was disgusted, how dare she get off on her punishment. He threw her onto the floor “You Ass Whore, I know you want something in your ass and I’m going to give to you!” 

He walked to the hall closet to get the enema bag. She was so aroused by his forcefulness she almost laughed to herself, thinking it was so brilliant of her to plan her bad behavior. He on the other hand was filled with ideas for a very sadistic evening. He came into the bathroom and told her to stand and lean over the tub with her hands on the edge, she swiftly obeyed, He then filled up the bag with hot soapy water, he then strapped the bag up to shower rod and attached the nozzle onto the hose.

He had bought this nozzle today along with some other special implements. It was 6 inches long, pliable and best of all, four ridges with a small, medium, large and extra large round on it, much like a beaded butt plug. He then inserted it in her ass roughly until he got to the large one because he wanted to cause the most painful entrance as he could he then extremely slow pushed it in all the while she is trying to take deep breaths to relax, her ass felt like it was being ripped open but she refused to make a sound to give him the satisfaction of hearing her pain. He then stuck the extra-large one in she let out a yelp. He was very pleased now, he then adjusted the flow
value and began filling her ass with the enema. She enjoyed the warmth and relaxed. 

He completely filled her up and then pulled out nozzle slowly.He then dried off her ass very carefully and got a large piece of duct tape and then taped her ass cheeks together. Dirk then ordered her to lay in the tub on her side with her facing him. He lectured her on allher bad deeds and insolent behavior this week. “I am the Master of you and you will obey me, I know what you are thinking and I know you did this on purpose to try to get my attention but let me tell you I ignored you on purpose I knew you would suffer more from my withdrawal than at my hand. I waited and planned on tonight all week, I know you want it harder and rougher than I have given you in the past but alas my precious one I thought you needed to build up to such glorious pain and I did not want to rush  it but I have come to realize what a pain slut you are and I will respond accordingly. 

Her stomach ached, goosebumps were breaking out over flesh and her nipples were rock hard. He kept at her in a very low firm voice he made her look right into his eyes the whole time. He then asked her if she was ready to make her confession and apologies, she very politely said “Yes master “I am so very sorry, I did rebel against you, I did plan it, with this she starting sobbing and I thought you weren’t paying attention to me because you didn’t care about me” 

“I will be better” she cried. You can get up and go to the toilet now he commanded, you may expel your bowels. He ripped the duct tape off and she quickly sat on the toilet. He stood there not moving watching her, her humiliation showed as the gastric sounds exploded. He smiled and then told her to clean everything off and meet him  in the bedroom.