Sweet Revenge
by Mistress Chantel

Never let it be said, I whispered, that I shan’t . . . hmmm, pay back, I believe is the word. And Tony . . . this is my pay back, love. . . .

My blue eyes twinkle with a titillating mixture of untamed passion, mischievousness, and a strong burning intensity. . . . Slowly kneeling down, I close my eyes as my fingertips trail slowly along my long shapely legs, the tip of my tongue barely discernible as I moisten my full lips. My body glides slowly upwards, into a gentle arch as my fingertips trace across my thighs, along my stomach . . . then slowly follow the curve of my breasts. I open my eyes, gazing intently at you as my hands move slowly upward, catching stray tendrils of my fiery-red hair between my splayed fingers.

My hips begin to move in a slow undulating pattern, seemingly in isolation from the rest of my body. I move my hands ever so slightly, beckoning softly to you as my body sways, writhing , openly, wanting . .. needing . . . you. Slowly, I spin and bend, my hair caressing my body as the provocative rhythm grabs hold. My hips begin to sway towards you as I tilt my head slightly, my back arching, each sensual movement sending its loving, lustful message . . . wanting, needing – a touch, a caress, your lips upon my flesh.

Twirling slowly, I allow my hands to caress across my hips. A soft, sweetly seductive smile on my lips, as I look at you.

Well my love, I whisper huskily, is it my fate, to have only my hands touching me?

Laughing softly, I saunter slowly to you, my hands resting lightly on your shoulders as I place tender kisses along your neck. With each delicate kiss, my right hand drops lower, the nails tracing intricate circles along your chest, pausing only to gently pinch your left nipple. The fingertips of my left hand caress across your chest and belly, reaching to tickle softly along your outer thigh.

My eyes twinkle with pent-up mischievousness as I stare at you, seeing the longing in your eyes, the tenseness in your muscles as you strain to receive more of my touch.

I did enjoy your attempt to dominate me love, I whisper, when I allowed you your fantasy. But, today is a new day. . . .

Dipping my head slowly, my eyes gazing intently at you, I flick my tongue out, licking a warm, moist path from your chin, along your sharply arched neck. Gently pinching your nipple with my right hand, I lick a path to your other nipple. My other hand slides to your inner thigh as I graze my teeth across your nipple.

Do you know what your moans do to me, my love?

I nibble delicately at your nipple, alternately darting my tongue out to flick rapidly across the stiffened peak. Slowly, I draw it between my teeth, as my index finger grazes across your hard manhood. A small smile plays across my lips as I feel your penis twitch and jerk, seeking relief from my teasing hand, and I hear you inhale deeply, exhaling a low, rumbling moan.

As your back arches and your arms and legs strain at your bonds, I stand quickly.

Tsk, tsk tsk . . . you should be ashamed of yourself, I said, and I was just about to reward you for how well you obeyed my order to keep quiet. Hmm, I guess you dont deserve the reward now.

Pursing my lips, I watch as you struggle to regain some semblance of control, the pleading and lust in your eyes darkening the hazel to a deep, chocolate brown. Your rigid, straining limbs rest upon the bed, the muscles still jerking and twitching spasmodically. Oooo, I have an idea, I giggle impishly.

Turning to leave, I pause to glance at you over my shoulder, just in time to see you nervously lick your lips. I blow a kiss towards you, winking slowly, before sauntering from the room.

* * * *
I couldnt believe my luck. My Mistress was giving me a full night, to do whatever I chose, act out any fantasy I had, as a reward.

A reward, I thought, for what? For adoring this woman I love? For giving her everything I have to give?

Shaking my head, grinning, I finished the preparations. Soothing music accompanied by the sounds of breaking waves, filtered from the stereo. I lit a candle before dimming the lights, and was quite pleased by the soft shadows casting about the room. Breathing a deep, shaky breath, I could smell a hint of her scent in the air, and immediately was soothed.

Damn, I thought, grinning, who would have thought the scent of lavender and roses could be both sensual and soothing?

Glancing at my watch, I whistled a happy tune as I hurried from the room, anxiously awaiting the woman I loved.

I turned to face the door, as I heard her key in the lock. Years of training came into play, and I dropped to my knees, holding my head proudly as she wished, my eyes lowered respectfully to the floor. My muscles tense and quivering in anticipation, I held my back ram-rod straight, my knees parted slightly, with my hands rested palms up, on them.

I heard her heels tap-tap tapping closer to me, as she moved with feline grace into the room. My breath caught as I breathed in her aroma, my heart ready to burst from my chest, as I felt her steady gaze on me.

Greetings, my love, she said, you may stand.

I swiftly stood up, my arms relaxed at my sides, wanting to lift my eyes and gaze my fill of her beauty.

Greetings, Mistress, I said, I’ve missed you.

She moved closer towards me, and her husky voice held a hint of laughter, as she replied. I missed you as well, my love . . . but my trip out of town couldnt be prevented. I thought of you, often. . .
I leaned into her soft palm, as she caressed my cheek. A deep sigh of utter contentment escaped from my parted lips, and I closed my eyes briefly, reveling in her touch. I felt her lips on mine, and barely resisted the urge to run my tongue along the contours of her lips, to taste her. All too soon, she ended that sweet kiss.

Get me a glass of wine, my love, she said, and tell me how we shall be spending this night of fantasy.

Nodding, I hurried to pour her a glass of chilled Chardonney, knowing it was her favorite. I glanced at her surreptitiously from the corner of my eyes, and thought my jaw would drop. Her heels added a good two-inches to her five-foot eight-inch frame, her long legs covered by sheer black hose. My eyes traveled further up – her legs seemed to go on forever – before the tight, little leather skirt came into my view. It looked like it was molded to her flesh, and I felt a strong stirring in my jeans as my heart began to thud loudly.

My hand began to shake, almost spilling the wine, as my eyes traveled farther up her torso. Her full breasts were hardly contained by the sheer, deep green, silk blouse she wore, and her fiery-red hair tumbled about her face and bare shoulders. My heart almost stopped, when she darted her pink tongue out, moistening her full, red lips.

Youre so beautiful, Mistress, I shakily whispered.

I felt a strong pull in my loins, when she laughed in that husky, soft, melodic way she does, and felt a shudder of intense desire course through me. My eyes fed hungrily on her beauty, for an eternity. An eternity that ended too quickly, as I regained my senses, and promptly moved to her side, offering her the wine.

She sipped her wine, as she slowly perused the room, barely cocking her head to the side as she listened to the music. When her eyes traveled to the bed and observed the silk scarves tied to the head board, her brow arched slightly.

So, my dear, she whispered, you wish to attempt dominating me, eh?

My face burned from her seeing so quickly, what my fantasy was, and I hastily lowered my eyes. The blush intensified when I heard her chuckle quietly. My embarrassment was so intense, I missed the rustling sounds of her clothing falling to the floor, only realizing what was about to transpire when I heard the gentle creak of the bed as she laid upon it, her wrists entwined in the silk scarves. Her risqu wink was encouraging – but I knew, she was still, very much in control.

I’m here, and helpless. Take me, you fool, she called softly, grinning like a naughty schoolgirl caught playing where she shouldn’t be.

Moving swiftly to the foot of the bed, I reached for and found the rose-scented lotion I had left there. I began to massage her feet with firm, gentle strokes, feeling her muscles relax and surrender to my ministrations. My steady, gentle touch began to work its magic, as I massaged the soles of her feet, moving up her ankles and along her calves. The strokes became more sure, when I heard her exhale a deep breath of contentment. My fingertips plied her muscles with relaxing, sensual strokes as I lavished my warm touch slowly, up each of her legs. Reaching her hips, my fingers splayed across and stilled, as my thumbs circled softly. I had to smile as I saw her jump slightly, when I drizzled the warm lotion on her stomach.

Her soft little coo of pleasure when I rested my palms flat on her belly, almost undid me. I took several deep breaths before I was able to go on, spreading the silky liquid with slow, rhythmic strokes, moving from her navel to her side, and back again. My hands began to move with confidence, as I lavished attention upon every inch of her stomach.

I drizzled the lotion across her nipples, and grinned when I saw her hips begin to squirm a bit. I began kneading and squeezing her soft breasts, with deliberate, yet gentle strokes. She sucked in her lower lip, biting it softly, when I gently squeezed her nipples.

I leaned down to nuzzle her neck with soft kisses and gentle nips, and could feel her body trembling. I kissed and licked her softly, moving slowly down her body, finally reaching her nether lips. My tongue and lips caressed her oh-so-sensitive bud, circling and flicking across her clitoris. I was forced to place my palms firmly on her hips as my tongue probed her, when, with a moan of pleasure, her hips surged up to meet my tender assault.

I felt her legs wrap across my shoulders, gripping me tightly to her.

My tongue gently lapping, catching every sweet drop of her nectar, as her hips bucked wildly against me.

I drew myself up on my knees, pulling and holding her legs against my ,shoulders, placing the tip of my rigid hardness against her dripping mound. With one steady thrust, I buried my full length to the hilt.

She moaned loudly as I stretched and filled her.

Surging almost violently against me, she met my every assault as I impaled her with deep, long thrusts. Driving deeper and deeper, faster ,and faster, I heard her alternate between ecstatic moans of pleasure and lustful grunts. Or were those animalistic cries, my own . . .?

Her hips bucked wildly against me, and I could feel her inner walls constricting and squeezing me. I knew I was no longer in control – was I ever in control? – when I heard her scream. My body tensed and stiffened against her as I exploded deep within her, splashing her inner walls with spurt after unending spurt of white-hot release. I dimly heard her wail, as wave after wave coursed through her body.

Trembling mightily, I collapsed on her still heaving body. I kissed and nuzzled her neck fervently, desperately trying to regain my breath.

Thank you Mistress, I whispered shakily, I love you. . . .

* * * *

I saunter back into the room, keeping my hands hidden from your view. Standing next to the bed, I allow my eyes to feast on your restrained body.

Have I ever told you, I said, just how much you truly please me, my dear?

I lean down, placing a tender kiss on your lips, my tongue flicking out to trace lightly across. Standing back up, I stretch my leg over, straddling you. Chuckling softly, I wriggle my hips, pressing myself against your belly, allowing you to feel the moist heat from my mound and I feel your hardness, still rigid and throbbing, jutting against my buttocks.

Leaning to reach above you, my breast dangles in front of your face. My hard, taut nipple tickles across your lips, and I inhale sharply when you dart your tongue out, unable to resist the temptation of licking it.

Oooo, feeling a bit daring, are we? I quietly ask.

Your passion darkened eyes glance up, catching my movement, as I hold a small canister over you. I giggle impishly, watching the look of puzzlement mixed with passion, wash over your face.

Remember the lotion, my love? I ask. Well, I prefer . . . chocolate.

With a devilish grin, I drizzle the warmed chocolate along your neck, then lean to nip and lick it off. Sucking gently on your neck, my tongue twirling rapidly, I clean every drop of the sticky liquid from you. I reach above you once again, as I drizzle the chocolate across your chest.

Popping a small ice cube between my teeth, I lower my head to your chest, and as my ice-chilled tongue circles, I feel you shudder deeply.

I lick a slow, cool path to your left nipple, drawing it into my mouth, allowing the ice cube to lay against it. Your shuddering and trembling increase, as I flick the ice cube in and around my mouth, my tongue coolly-hard against the sensitive nipple.

Turning my head, I lavish the same attention to your right nipple, my hand gliding across your chest, resting against your tingling, left nipple. Lifting my hips, I slide down your body, trapping your hardness between our bellies. My tongue licks and circles, as I gently rotate my hips against you.

Pausing momentarily when I hear you whimper, I lift my upper body.

Holding myself still above you, I stare at you intently. Your deep, shuddering breaths the only movement, each inhalation raising your chest, giving our bodys the briefest of contact.

My poor love, I whisper, I know tis torture. But you can take it, for me . . . cant you?

You nod your head in barely discernible acceptance, biting on your bottom lip, straining to please me. Smiling gently, I return to my task, lowering once again to nip and lick along your chest.

Sliding lower, my breasts lay heavily on your thighs as my tongue circles around your navel. Each circular path of my tongue, widening more and more. With each downward stroke of my tongue, your rigid, throbbing hardness bumps against my chin, and I snake my hands up across your chest.

Grasping each taut, straining nipple between my thumb and index finger, I pinch and roll them rhythmically. Arching my neck sharply, my fiery tresses tumble across my face, hiding me from your view.

I blow a gentle puff of air across the tip of your penis, and a loud, ragged moan bursts from you, your body stiff and straining, seeking more. Tossing your head from side to side, continually uttering no no please no hoarsely as I alternately blow a puff of air and tickle my hair from the base to the tip.

My tongue flicks lightly, teasingly across the tip, licking the glistening drops of precum from the head. With a fierce upward thrust you lift us clear from the bed, straining and pulling at your bonds. Dragging my lips and tongue up and down the length of you, I nibble and nip at your shaft . . . alternating feathery soft kisses with each nip.

I pull myself up onto my knees, leaving you bereft and alone, your body straining for contact. My hands return once again to my own body, cupping my breasts, rolling and teasing my nipples with my thumb and index finger. Tilting my head back slightly as I close my eyes, my left hand glides slowly and steadily down across my belly, my fingers probing my now dripping entrance.

A low, guttural moan escapes my parted lips as I quickly insert two fingers, my mound arching against my own hand. My fingers unmoving, as pleasure overwhelms me from this gentle assault upon myself. A deep shudder courses over me as I slowly withdraw my dripping fingers.

My eyes, dark with passion, gaze steadily at you as I slowly draw a finger into my mouth, suckling greedily . . . then slowly place the other finger to your lips, allowing you to draw it into your own, hungry mouth.

I reach to firmly grasp your straining shaft in my hand, drawing you closer to my now-drenched sheath. With a savage, downward thrust, I impale myself, burying the full length of your hardness deep inside me.

Trembling, barely able to hold myself steady, I reach a shaky hand to untie your bonds, signaling that its now time for you to participate fully.

Your hands move swiftly to my hips, guiding and holding me steady as our hips thrust and grind forcefully against each other. My hands move to your shoulders, nails raking and digging bitingly at their stronghold.

Surging almost violently against you, my hips bucking and riding you wildly, I scream as I feel a spasm wrack my body. Realizing I am so very near, an animalistic cry emerges from deep within me as another spasm surges through me . . . and another . . . and another, all building in a never-ending crescendo.

My low wail joins and mingles with yours, as your hips jerk violently then stiffen and still, as you explode deep inside me, your seed spurting into me in jolting wave after wave, filling me beyond capacity.

I collapse against you, trembling strongly in the aftermath, my shaky breath drawn in shallow gasps. Reaching with trembling, weak arms, you cradle me against your chest, placing a soft kiss upon my head.

Thank you, you whisper raggedly, for your sweet revenge, my Mistress.

[Image Credit – Koffinkorps on Deviantart]