Reading Time: 4 minutes

Erotic Story – The Kiss
by Liisa Lash

We are so close to one another. Each blatantly invading the other’s space, a wall of electrically charged energy making our breath come in short gasps. It is warm, I can feel the heat from your body moving into me, as blood rushes to my head, my face becoming flush with desire. Our eyes are locked together, searching. I feel your gaze uncover my soul, the very core of my being, and I have never felt so exposed before, so utterly naked. I jump, as your fingers first contact the skin of my forearms, following the curves downward, to my wrists and you take my hands in yours. Our hands intertwined, exploring, memorizing each line, intimately tracing each digit, working together finding each others strength, connecting us.

A bare fraction of an inch separates our bodies and time comes to a complete stop as we continue our erotic dance. It is amazing how aroused I am becoming, locked together by eyes and hands, I feel as though I cannot get enough air. Nervous, or is it excited, energy flows through my stomach, and, yes, the amazon begins it’s flow between my legs. I can feel your sweet breath on my face and I yearn to taste your lips. A gentle breeze glides past us, caressing my bare legs beneath my skirt, sending yet another chill through me. I hear the steady lap of the rivers water against the rocky shore, and feel the cold steel of the bridges rail in the small of my back as you hold me captive in your strong, unforgiving, arms.

You step closer, and bring my hands, still wrapped in yours, behind me, pushing my chest out towards you. My nipples, already hard from the slight chill in the air, feel the heat of your body through the fabric of both our shirts. I moan softly when I feel the tickle of your stubble against my cheek, leaning me back further, you are now in control of my balance, in control of me. Your warm, wet, tongue traces the curves of my ear, your breath heavy, your lips kissing me softly, driving me wild. I can feel the heat of your very erect cock pressed hard into my thigh, and I try desperately to rub my mound against your swollen member. You chuckle, your, oh so evil chuckle, and whisper “patience” as you continue to ravish my neck with attention.

I am aware of nothing, except the excitement you are causing to flow through me, head to toe. Each nerve in my body, utterly lost in you. I move my head to try and catch your lips, but you know me too well, and simply continue your oral assault on the other side of my neck. Moaning, now in frustration, as well as excitement, my thighs sticky from the juice now flowing freely from my smooth pussy, my tongue now finds your ear, and I whisper and moan “please” so desperately, there. I feel your smile as you grind your cock hard against my mound, and bite deeply into my neck. You release one of your hands and quickly hold both of my wrists in the other, still behind my back. Your free hand glides over my ass and pulls me tighter to you, then, reaching in the waistband of my skirt, you pull the back of my thong panties tight. Wrapped in your fingers, you continue to pull and encase my swollen clit tightly in the material. Your cock, now grinds hard against my eager love button, my legs rising to encase you.

Bites, alternately soft and hard are peppered along my ears, neck and shoulders. Your hunger for me, increasing my hunger for you. I kiss and lick you as I can, but your ravenous assault on me leaves me weak and panting for air. My moans continually get louder, and I can feel your desire rising in time with each of my moans. Your mouth follows my jaw, ear to ear, and then back to my chin, where you stop, and then look at me. Our lust so clearly seen in each others eyes, your tongue darts out and licks my lips. Finally, I get to taste you.

Our tongues, dance quickly outside our mouths, licking and tasting, tongue. My tongue catches your lip, and now our lips will meet. Lip to lip, pulling gently, upper lip, then lower lip, a tongue here, and there. Very warm, very wet, and oh, so, sweet. So softly, our open mouths meet, relishing the sensation of my tongue gliding over yours, sucking your lips, your tongue over mine, sucking my lips. Our tongues rolling together, stroking each other. Your soft moans echo my deeper, louder moans, as the tempo between our legs intensify. You start to bite me gently, then harder, and I am happy to do the same. My mouth is starving for you, but you are far hungrier, and draw blood, startling me I draw back. You lick the blood from me, catch my lip and then my tongue, and suck it into your mouth. I try to pull away, but cannot, and you suck harder, drawing me in deeper. My tongue, and mouth, are now completely enclosed within your mouth. Barely able to breath, I begin to tremble as my orgasm hits. Moaning, screaming from within your mouth, I gasp for air as my hips buck frantically against you, as wave after wave of pleasure courses through my body. You loosen your grip on my tongue and say one word, “beautiful” as we continue to kiss, softer, sweeter, and slower, for the eternity it takes for me to come down from the best kiss I ever had.