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Erotic Story – Manners
by EroticSilk

She stood up and wiped the sweat from her brow. It was had been a wearisome day already, but she loved the work. She gazed around the barn. The sunlight peaked through the wooded slats, showing remnants of hay wafted in the air. The quiet was occasionally broken with the soft flapping wings from above.

She plonked herself on a bale of hay and stretched out. Her hair fell around her and she undid one of the three buttons holding her short denim blouse together. She sighed as the warm sunlight fell across her body. Her bare stomach rose and fell with each deep breath. Awe, bliss! As she laid there soaking up the morning sun, she heard a whistle from outside.

She sat up instantly and crawled closer to the barn wall. She peeked though a knot in the wooden wall, and saw him. She studied him as he rested from whatever chore he was doing. The top half of his body was bare and glistening in the new sun. Drops of sweat ran down his arms, caressing his pronounced biceps. She moaned. He was truly a sight to enjoy.

The sound of her moan made the stranger turn around. She watched his muscular torso twist and her eyes wandered down to the small of his back. She studied the way his jeans hugged his bottom and legs. They left nothing to the imagination. His looked around, scanning the horizon for the source of the moan, but saw nothing. Her eyes rested upon him for a moment longer, then she stood up and went back to her work.

She had been polishing the horses’ bridles for about half an hour, when she suddenly felt she wasn’t alone. She looked up and saw the stranger; his silhouette filled the barn door. She stood up abruptly, letting the freshly polished leather hit the floor. Damn! All that work for nothing!

He walked towards her, his large frame slipping in and out of the shadows. He knelt down before her, grabbed the bridle. He studied the smooth reins as he ran them through his hands. He rose casually, his body towering over her.

She looked up at his face. The look of callus was apparent. Unshaven and tanned, he had an air of savageness about him. The wild in his eyes pierced her own and held her entranced.

He reached behind her head; his fingers grasped her hair, and brought his lips down to her own. As his tongue darted passed hers, the taste of sweet sweat filled her mouth. She brought her hands to hold his face, and he abruptly pushed her away.

“I hate being spied on!” he shouted. She started to tremble. “Do you like what you see, Hun?” he sneered, and walked closer to her. She tried to apologise in protest, but he was too enraged to take any notice. “I see I’m gonna have to teach you some manners Doll.” he whispered in her ear. He grabbed her hand and shoved it between his own legs. “I’m gonna give you a whole lot of that Babe.” He groaned, obviously enjoying the feel of her hand over the bulge in his jeans. She glared back at him. “I’d like to see you bloody try!”

In one violent motion he pushed her back down to the bale of hay. He effortlessly sat astride her chest. She battled to get away but she was no match for his brute strength. He removed the reins from the body of the bridle, grabbed her wrist and wrapped the warm leather around it. He leant over her and grinned. He raised her other arm and bound both wrists together. Her wrists drowned in his huge hand, while his other explored the crevice between her breasts. With ease he undid her two remaining buttons and the blouse fell away, leaving her exposed. She could feel the sting of his unshaven chin as he buried his face between her breasts. His lips sucked on her pink skin, drawing flesh into his mouth.

He stood up and brought her to a sitting position. He casually undid his jeans and let them slide down his brawny hips. He reached down his jeans and brought up his now hardened cock. His hand moved roughly up and down his shaft. “Do you want that Hun?” he asked. His eyes penetrated her.

He stood in between her legs, his cock, poised outside her mouth “Open for me Hun.” He softly demanded. She shook her head, please no. “Come on now Hun, don’t make this difficult for me!” He demanded. Her lips drew tight.

His fingers snaked through her hair once again. He held her head adamantly and guided his cock into her mouth. Slowly his head penetrated her lips, his foreskin drawing back further down his shaft. She could feel a wet trail of sweet cum across her tongue and she gave into her body’s urges. She sucked on him, drawing him further into her mouth. He tilted her head up and saw the pleasure in her eyes. This excited him and yet angered him even more.

He slapped his hips off her face. The sudden jolt startled her, and the muscles in her mouth constricted. The unexpected tightness aroused him even more. His rhythm quickened. In a fury his hips beat against her, his cock gliding in and out of her luscious lips. His balls striking her chin. Her cheeks expanding to try and take all of him in.

He could feel the blood coursing up his shaft. He was nearly there. Yes, she was going to get what was coming to her, the naughty girl! He heard her wail in pleasure. He came to a complete stop. He stood back and saw her licking his sweet juice from her lips. She grinned. She wasn’t going to let him get the better of her.

He went completely wild. How dare she! That beautiful bitch! It was a battle of the Souls now, and he had to win.

He grabbed the leather that bound her hands and dragged her to the barn wall, where there was a large iron hook. Its previous use was to hold hay for the livestock. He lifted her squirming body up and slung her wrists over the hook. He stood back and looked at his handiwork. There she was! Raw, beautiful and helpless! He grabbed at her jeans and tugged them down her legs. He slung her shoes and jeans across the barn floor. She fought as much as she could. “Please don’t!” she shrieked. “I’m begging you, let me down!” He laughed and focused on her delicate panties. With one healthy tug they ripped. She clamped her legs together in a last vain effort to hold the panties in place, but he reached over and pulled them away.

He grabbed her legs and placed one on each hip. His arms circled around her thighs, and the feeling of her struggling against his groin was vibrant. He let one leg fall and his hand crept between her legs, up her thighs and cupped her lips. He traced the outside of her lips, and then the inside. He found her button, her little clit, and rolled it between his finger and thumb. Suprisingly it was hard, giving her away. It was an inner war she was battling. No, she didn’t want this to happen, but the pleasure was so intense. She arched her back and pressed against him.

He fell to his knees and threw both her legs on top of his shoulders. His face was now buried between her legs and he lapped the honeyed juice that flowed from her. His tongue worked its way from the delicate skin below her moist orifice up to the rim of her lips. This sent electricity through her body and she thrusted her hips into his face. He drew her clit into his mouth, his tongue flicking it vigorously. With each stroke of his tongue her body shook. She started to tremor with the oncoming orgasm. He threw her legs off him and let her dangle.

“You Bastard!” she screamed. “Finish me! Don’t you fucking stop!”

He held her body tight and crushed his hard on against her. He reached down, his hands crept under her ass. In one swift motion he lifted her body into the air, and buried his cock deep in side her. She moaned in an excruciating pleasure. She felt as if she was going to split in two. Her legs bounced off his hips, absorbing the power behind his thrusts. He had both her cheeks in his hands, squeezing them, kneading them. The sweat rolled off them both, making it difficult to hold her up. Their thighs met and the pace quickened. His thrusts became violent. She strained against him and the leather harness.

Her body froze as the wave of her orgasm overtook her. He legs stiffened and she pulled up on the hook. She screamed in absolute gratification. The muscles in her saturated pussy tightened their grip around his throbbing cock. He plunged deeply, in a last attempt to break her. Her body was becoming limp, suffering complete exhaustion. He closed his eyes and arched his back as he could feel the pressure give way. Searing hot cum shot up his cock and deep inside her.

His body trembled and he wrapped his arms around her waist. He drove himself once again, letting her body milk every last drop.

He held her tightly, securely, allowing a hint of compassion to show. He lifted her up, letting her arms drape around him, and carried her over to the bale of hay. Gently he laid her in the soothing warmth of the sunbeam, and allowed her to drift away into deep sleep. He brushed the hair away from her exquisite face, full of contentment. The stranger untied her arms, and grabbed a stable blanket nearby. Tenderly he draped it across her naked body, brushed his lips across her cheek and left.

Perhaps they both learned something that day.

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