The Visitor
by EroticSilk

The day seemed to drag on. As she made her morning coffee, her thoughts drifted back to the previous night. She paused and smiled. Her own private smile.

She sat down on the settee. She ran her hands across the seats of the couch. She had such a different view of them last night. She looked around and studied the room. Again, another smile, almost wicked.

She slowly raised her legs on to the couch. Her body ached. Her hips howled in pain. Her thighs struggled to lift her legs. She took a deep breath. There, that was better. She rested in the morning sun, beaming in through the window.

Slowly she sipped her coffee. Her fingers wrapped around the mug, its heat soothing. She raised her hand and studied her wrist. The angry red welts of the previous night started to blacken. Her fingers encircled her wrist. She applied a bit of gentle pressure. It was tender. She closed her eyes and just concentrated on the sensation. In any other circumstance, the cause of these bruises would have left any other woman devastated, but last night was of her own devise.

She slid her hand under her dressing gown. She cupped her breast. She lifted it, giving it some support, and slowly moved her fingers to massage. A pliant massage with caring hands. Then, she opened her dressing gown to survey the damage. She looked down, and gazed at her breasts. On each side there were vicious handprints. Marks left as a reminder that she had been owned last night. She had been possessed, used.

Another deep sigh. A satisfied sigh. Again, that smile crept back to her face.

She finished her coffee, and lowered her head to the cushion. All she wanted to do was relax. She drew her knees up to her to her chest. She was comfortable. She closed her eyes, and lets her thoughts drift to the night before………

The visitor came over at about 8 o’clock. They had never met before, but had shared many thoughts and ideas over the phone. It was ironic that they were actually meeting. It was something that she hadn’t actually contemplated before.

They met at the front door and exchanged greetings. She was pleasantly surprised. Her eyes drifted over him. Studying him. Yes, he was everything he had said he was, and more. The air of sensuality that surrounded him was something she hadn’t expected. She was positive it was a strong part of his nature, but the physical meeting confirmed it. It was almost intoxicating.

She could sense his eyes on her body as well. Suddenly she felt very attractive, very alive. Yes, she was being studied, and only hoped he was pleased with what he saw. She looked into his eyes. Her eyes always showed her true feelings. She hoped he could see the eagerness, the wanting.

She had dressed seductively for the evening. A short skirt, allowing full view of her long legs. Also to tease, she wore a light transparent blouse, which allowed nothing to the imagination. She wore a delicate bra and panty set made of the finest lace showing off her pink skin.

She took his hand and led him into the lounge.

Sitting on the couch was her husband. He was relaxed and confident. This evening was a long time coming. The men exchanged glances and grinned. They had discussed the course for the evening in detail, unknowing to her. They wanted this evening to be etched in their minds for a long time.

She came back into the lounge with 3 glasses of wine, sat down and joined into the conversation. It was light, pleasant, but she could sense there was something being hidden from her. The conversation was acting as time filler.

She couldn’t keep her eyes off the visitor. She liked the look of his lean, toned body. There was experience seeping from his words and this excited her even more. Was he shy? Was she supposed to make the first move? She ached to kiss him, but wasn’t sure if he was comfortable with that. This heightened the sensual tension in the air. Or was it just her? Perhaps he wasn’t interested. Her mind was clouded with all these thoughts.

She needed contact. The desire for physical contact was taking control. Instead of making her visitor uncomfortable, she sat between her husband’s legs. It wasn’t exactly what she had in mind but it was the first step.

His legs were strong, powerful. This knowledge was renewed when she could feel them wrapping around her. His hands rubbed her back, worked her shoulders and slowly made their way down the front of her. He was being so sensitive, caring. Little did she know that in moments to come that would all change. He leaned closer to her and whispered “I love you” into her ear.

He started to kiss her neck. His hands were firmly holding her, so she couldn’t turn around to kiss him back. His lips were warm and wet, sending shivers down her spine. She raised her eyes to look at the visitor and to see if this was ok with him. He smiled seductively and she was pleased. She asked him to join her, but he said no. He wanted to voyeur. Well just for the moment anyway. She was happy with that and her attention turned back to her husband’s lascivious kisses. This is where she was to lose all control of the events to come.

Slowly her husband’s hand crept under her chin, and around her neck. He pulled her back so her body was arched towards the visitor. Her fingers snaked around her husband’s wrists in an effort to free her self, but she couldn’t match his strength. His lips were all over her neck, and his free hand reached down her gaping blouse. His hand grabbed her breast and roughly kneaded it. His breathing hardened and she could feel it, hot in her ear.

What was going on? She was confused and excited. She was unaccustomed to her husband’s actions. Now, she started to worry.

“What are you doing?” she choked. He told her to be quiet or else it would get worse. She complied.

The husband released the pressure on her neck, and with that she inhaled sharply. While still trying to catch her breath, her arm was suddenly twisted up behind her back, forcing her to turn over and bury her face into the seat of the settee. She cried out in pain from the sudden movement, but didn’t resist. She was scared.

Her thoughts suddenly turned to the visitor. Where was he? What was he doing? The room was spinning. It was the combination for the wine and the sudden change in atmosphere. Was this all really happening?

She could feel the husband’s hand running over her body. Groping, grabbing. There wasn’t an ounce of tenderness involved.

She was pulled up into a standing position to the centre of the room and directly behind her, someone had placed a chair. When did that get there? What the hell was going on? The husband moved around her, and pushed her into the chair. Still holding her arm, he moved to the back of her once again. This was her chance to get a grip of things.

She scanned the room for the visitor, only to find him completely undressed and obviously enjoying what was happening. He was standing very close to her, with his cock in one hand and silk handkerchief in the other. His smile was a sinister one. He came towards her, and the last vision she had was the visitor reaching over her and covering her eyes. She felt a knot being drawn and the room disappeared.

She could feel her hands being tied to the chair. The rope used was soft, but non-giving. She started to struggle, but her efforts were futile. “I don’t think you are going anywhere Hun.” said the visitor. “So relax, cause I’m gonna drive you insane!”

It suddenly dawned on her, what was going on. For many nights now she had opened up to her husband about her fantasies. She explained in graphic detail what she thought of when she was alone. When she was exploring herself, touching herself. She had made the mistake of insinuating she could handle two men. How she wanted to be submissive. You see, up to now, she had been the dominant one. She loved being in control, of being centre stage. Now her wildest fantasy was being lived out. The thought of this created the strangest of emotions inside her, a combination of excitement and alarm.

She felt a pair of strange hands divide her. It was the visitor. There was no mistake about it. His hands worked vigorously, moving her hips done the seat of the chair. He bent her knees and drew her ankles to the leg of each chair. He bound them firmly. There was no way she was going to escape this.

Both men stood back and admired their handiwork. It was a visual treat. There was one problem though….

She could hear some shuffling around. She strained to make out exactly what both men were up to. She begged the men to tell her what they were doing, but there was no response. Then she could feel her husband’s hand around her neck again. His fingers pinched her skin and worked down to the collar of her blouse. She could feel him make a fist with the material of her delicate blouse in his hand.

In one violent effort he ripped the blouse from her. The fabric gave away with ease, and she could feel the sleeves fall down her arms and settle around her wrists. She shivered. Fingers fumbled with the hook of her bra, and were unsuccessful. Someone left the room.

Moments passed, and who ever left, had returned. Something cold and sharp was tracing a line up her arms, across her shoulders, down one breast and across her stomach. She could tell it was a razor blade. She inhaled quickly. Terror consumed her body, and she began to shake. Someone grabbed her bra strap and sliced it into ribbons. She could feel her breast fall out. Then the other was cut, and both her breasts were free.

Both men could see what kind of affect this was having on her. Her reddish-brown nipples were hard and erect. Her breasts were swollen with sexual tension. They were ripe and heaving with each deep breath. Her body was giving her away. She didn’t want them to go any further but her body told a completely different tale.

“Don’t.” she whispered. Whispering perhaps because she didn’t want them to stop?

Next was her skirt. With the help of the blade, it also fell away with ease. The strands of the fabric tickled her as it fell. She felt the visitor’s hand press against her stomach and another clutch her panties. In one swift movement he tore them from her body. Her hips raised into the air and fell again on the chair with the force of the pull.

There she was, completely naked. Her legs were separated so far they had a perfect view of her bare lips, a clear entry to her perfect clit, and moistening hole. Yes, it was damp. She was enjoying this.

She felt hands weave their way through her hair and turn her head. Her head was pulled forward and she could feel the smooth tip of someone’s cock trace her lips. Her tongue snaked out to give a quick lick, to see who had her. The taste was sweet but different. It was the visitor. In a conbined effort he brought her head closer to him and sank his cock in her mouth. The feeling was sensational for both of them. Her tiny lips dragged his foreskin back as far as it could go, and the visitor moaned. The fingers tightened around her locks, pounding her face into his hips. She could taste salty drops of cum, as his hard cock violated her mouth. She responded by drawing her lips closer together, increasing the sensation of penetration. Her tongue explored the crevice underneath his head, encircling him completely. She felt the visitor tremble slightly. She began to suck, drawing him in her mouth completely. Sucking with all she could. His balls slapped off her chin and his head reached the back of her throat. She tried not to gag but it was becoming more difficult with each thrust. She could feel the heat radiate of his throbbing cock, and she knew he could cum any second.

Her husband was enjoying the view. His wife was totally helpless. Her mouth absorbing each powerful thrust. He listened to the wet noises triumphing over her moans. He couldn’t wait any longer. He knelt before her.

He was between her legs, his arms spreading them as far as the ropes would allow. She felt his breath against her leg and then teeth sinking into the flesh of her thigh. It wasn’t a deep bite, but it drew her attention to what was happening. He slid up her thighs, both hands cupping her mound. His fingers encased her lips and spread them. She was open, bare for him to study and do with her what he wanted.

The cool air in the room enhanced the warm wet between her legs. He blew on her clit, teasingly. She raised her hips to meet his breath. God, she wanted him. With his index finger and fore finger, he ran them down the inner of her lips, catching the wet that was flowing from inside her. His fingers were drenched. The husband slid his other hand under her ass, grabbing both cheeks and lifted her. With that hand he separated her ass. He took his sopping fingers and circled her bottom hole. She shook with excitement. Suddenly she felt pressure as his fingers penetrated her ass. She weakened with the new sensation and her body weight fell back to the chair. This drove his fingers deeply inside her. As his left hand was buried up his wife’s ass, he took his other hand and began to examine her moist pussy.

The husband took one finger and circled her opening. It glistened in the candlelight. Then he brought another finger down, and embedded them both inside her. The effect was astonishing. Now she was full. She squirmed against the pressure of his fingers. With the two buried in front of her, he found her most sensitive area and pressed up. The effect was electric. She wiggled against his hands as his fingers started to screw her. The husband’s thumb was now manipulating her own little erection, her button, which was now throbbing and hard. He drove his hands inside her, with enough pressure to make her cry out. Her hips bucked against him and he responded with more pressure.

The visitor was still working on her mouth. It was only moments before he was going to explode. He could feel the intensity building up in his own cock. He looked down and saw her struggling against the ropes that held her. She tried to wriggle free, every muscle in her body fighting the restraints. The chair creaked and rocked back. The visitor grabbed it and pulled the front legs back onto the floor. He threw his leg over her chest and straddled her. Bringing her breasts together, he slid his swollen cock between them and began to ride her. What a sight it must have been. His head popping out from the top of those lovely tits, leaving trails of cum. They were becoming slippery with his own juices. He was almost there! He rammed himself between her. Faster, stronger. There was no way he could stop now. He squeezed her breasts together with every ounce of strength he could muster. In one last violent thrust he came. White, hot cum shot up her neck, under her chin and covered the bottom half of her face. He paused while the whole feeling of his orgasm rocked him. He trembled. Suddenly light headed he stepped back over her and sat down to relax.

The visitor’s eyes fell back to the woman. What a sight she was. She was on the brink of coming herself, but her husband wasn’t having it. No not yet anyway. She was panting, gasping for air when the husband pulled his fingers out from inside her. Her body was weak. She couldn’t take much more. He sat up, pulled her hips towards him and plunged himself inside her. It was like a hot poker dividing her, splitting her in two. The husband slammed his hips into her. She could barely absorb the shock. With each thrust chair sounded like it could give way at any time.

The visitor untied the rope that bound her hands and released her legs. Her skin started to pink where the roped were so tightly tied. For a brief moment he rubbed the welts for her. Soothe them for her. The husband rolled onto the floor dragging her on top of him. They were still joined, in union. The visitor had an evil idea……..

He dragged the rope that still bound her hands and tied her to the chair once again. This time she was sitting on top of her husband but her arms were stretched out in front of her. Her husband’s hip raised to meet hers. She tried to take control. She had to cum. If not she feared she would faint.

The visitor caught a movement out of his eye. The husband hands cupped both of his wife’s cheeks as spread them. The visitor could see her lovely crack and her gorgeous ass, bucking and devouring the husband. The visitor got closer, his once again hardened cock poised right outside of her ass. His head ready to penetrate. He wrapped his hands around her hips, and buried himself deep inside her ass. She screamed out. The bellow came from the very depths of her soul. This was something none of them had tried before, and there they were the three of them all connected.

The two men found a similar pattern. Both of their hips worked in unison. With each plunge her body lifted off the floor. She cried out in pure exhilaration. She once again was on the edge of orgasm, once again.

The husband’s arms snaked around her waist pulling her on top of him. Their bodies were crushed together. His hips worked vigorously. Rising and falling. The visitor moved his hands to the tops of her shoulders. He pulled on her shoulders, trying to draw her around him. His cock was totally engulfed around her tight little ass. He raised himself up to his feet, but still crouching to give his legs more leverage. The cheeks of her ass reddened more, and vibrated with every thrust, every stab.

She could no longer hold out. The orgasm consumed her. He lips tightened and throbbed around her husband cock. He body was racked with pleasure and pain. The men were milked, as the muscles in her pelvis tightened and released. They could no longer contain themselves. In a mixture of sweaty thrusts, the men exploded, filling her ass and pussy.

She had passed out. The very essence of her had ebbed away into limp flesh. The visitor and husband withdrew, letting their cum flow from every orifice.They stood up and looked at her limp body, collapsed on the carpet. She was still breathing, but suffering from complete exhaustion. Yes, the evening had pretty much gone as planned.

They started to untie her, and when she was free, she was laid on the duvet spread across the floor where the chair had been. She started to awaken with the sensation of her legs and wrists being rubbed with ointment. Their gentle caresses brought life back to her. The stimulation helped her blood to flow once again, and possibly ease the oncoming bruises and soothe the angry welts. She opened her eyes, to see the two men gazing on her, as their fingers worked to ease her aching body.

She closed her eyes, and sighed quietly. Someone had placed a cushion under her head, and with that she drifted off into a well-deserved sleep. The visitor got dressed, stood over her body once again. He wanted one last gaze before he knelt over her and kissed her forehead. He said bye the to the husband and then left, hoping that the experience may someday be repeated. The husband pulled his sleeping wife into his arms, and held her tight, securely. He brushed the hair away that had fallen across her face. His fingers stroked her curves, from the part of her sweet lips, across her cheek and under her chin. His other circled around his waist. He pulled her closer, not wanting to let her go. Then he drifted away, both of them entwined in
each other.

She woke in bed, alone. He had gone to work and she was left to recall the events of the night before. She grabbed her dressing gown and went downstairs to make herself a coffee. As she put the kettle on, a smile crossed her face…

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