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by Katie

Olivia’s Story Part 5 Clamped
my Master had ordered me to be dressed and waiting for Him when He arrived home. i showered quickly; not touching my genitals. Then i quickly put light make-up on and braided my hair. i dressed in my Master’s favorite black full-skirted dress. He arrived just after i knelt by the door. He ordered me to accompany Him into the bedroom as He showered and changed.Then He ordered me to lie over the end of the bed with my skirt gathered around my waist.

He sank His fingers into my pussy; which was instantly wet and then sank into my ass. He told me to wait quietly as He retrieved His newest toy – a cat o’nine tails whip. He swatted it gently against my ass and then shoved the handle all the to the hilt. my vagina started to quake as i remembered the lessons i had already learned from His whip Then He entered a large vibrator in my pussy and set it on low as well as adding clamps tightly onto my nipples. my Master then ordered me into the car.

He leaned my seat all the way back and ordered me to spread my legs. The whip handle sank further into my ass as i settled in my seat. As my Master began to drive into town, He began pumping the vibrator in & out of my pussy. i struggled to keep from orgasming and finally my Master ordered me to come. Wave after wave of orgasm swept over my body almost instantly. He & i pulled into the parking lot of a very fancy restaurant; He set my vibrator back on low before He escorted me inside.

Dinner was a quiet affair; He & i discussed politics, education, His work. Just before we ordered dessert, my Master whispered for me to go to the restroom area and wait for Him by the phones. i left the table and waited nervously until He joined me. With His hand in the small of my back, He graciously guided me into the women’s bathroom. i was surprised that the large restaurant only offered a single bathroom, but it appeared to be quite comfortable. Beside the bathroom stall, there was a lovely sitting area with huge mirrors along one wall, a small makeup area with a chair and a divan. My master moved the divan so that i would be able to see my own face in the mirrors. He ordered me to kneel on the divan and partially bend over the back.

He gathered my skirt about my waist and then sat down behind me. He turned my vibrator on high and began to move the whip in and out of my ass slowly. He reached up and pinched my nipples and their clamps. my orgasm quickly grew but my Master said i was not allowed to come. He then removed the whip from my ass and told me to watch Him in the mirror. my Master’s huge cock slowly filled my ass.

He began moving in and out of my ass quickly. i watched His face in the mirror; pleased that He found such pleasure in my body. Then He began to maneuver the vibrator in and out of my pussy as well; turning it from low to high. i struggled to hold back my own orgasm, but i failed. i watched my own orgasm in the mirror; knowing i would be punished harshly for this severe disobedience.

my Master untied me and ordered me outside to the jacuzzi. He ordered me to bend over and inserted ben-wa balls into my sore ass. He counted slowly – all the way up to eight (which is the largest ball in’s catalogue).. He told me that He did not have time to tie me down and i was not allowed to cry out as He whipped me with His new whip. He said however at this time i would only be given ten lashes on my breasts, my ass, and my pussy. i quietly begged His forgiveness. He ordered me to be quiet and to bend over so my ass was high in the air. My Master hit me with the full strength of his arm and i could feel the welts building on my sore ass. He then told me to lay down on the divan with my head at the bottom and my legs spread over each arm of the divan, so my pussy was wide and available to the whip. The whip cut sharply across my breasts and they bounced up and down so my nipple clamps bit into my nipples. All too soon, He was ready to whip my pussy. He removed my vibrator & warned me again that i was not allowed to move or cry out. He whipped me quickly; the soft cream of my pussy lips turning red under His tutelage. Even though i was being punished, i couldn’t hold back another orgasm. He laughed softly as He watched my body squirming all over the divan.

my Master ordered me to stand up and bend over. He roughly shoved the whip handle back into my ass. He did not put the vibrator back in my pussy; i could tell He was very upset with me. He & i left the restroom and He stopped to tell the waiter to cancel dessert. He escorted me back to the car; i cried softly as He drove straight home. i knew He was very angry with me; He did not touch me at all.

When He parked the car; He ordered me to go inside and wait for Him. i went into my Master’s bedroom and removed my dress; then i returned to kneel by door. He entered and quietly ordered me to kneel on the top of the dining room table. He strapped my ankles to the table and then tied my hands behind my back. He left the room and returned a few minutes later. He changed my clamps for ones with vibrators; and replaced the whip in my ass with a huge dildo. my Master ordered me to open my mouth wide for His dildo gag. my Master picked up His largest paddle and told me i would receive ten smacks on each ass cheek. my ass cheeks burned red after the first two smacks and i was crying out behind my gag. my Master was punishing me harshly for having disobeyed Him. When He finished with the paddle, i received ten lashings on each ass cheek with the cat o’nine tails. As the whip burned across my ass; my pussy grew wetter and wetter. Once again, my Master had proven that i was a complete slut.

my Master untied me and ordered me outside to the jacuzzi. He ordered me to bend over and inserted ben-wa balls into my sore ass. He counted slowly – all the way up to eight (which is the largest ballin’s catalogue). Then He brought the string through my pussy lips – resting a large knot against my clitoris and then tied the string to one of my nipple clamps. He helped me into the jacuzzi and started the bubbles. The warm water rushed over my sore ass; driving the ben-wa balls deeper into my anus and pulling on the nipple Master ordered me to stand with my clitoris over the air jet. Almost instantly, my pussy began to quake with the beginnings of an orgasm. my Master lowered the jet to a soft bubble. He laughed and stated that i was so easy to please; i was too orgasmic. He stated that this weekend would be for His pleasure only. And it would begin with a blowjob. He graciously removed His dildo gag from my mouth.

i immediately sank to my knees as He stood. i began moving my mouth over His large cock, but He placed His hands on each side of my head and guided His penis in & out at His own speed. After a few minutes, He ordered me to suck His testicles. i could feel His orgasm coiling in His balls as i took first one and then the other into my mouth – sucking each of them like an orange. He slammed His penis back into my mouth and a huge wave of come splashed into my mouth. i struggled to swallow every drop to please my Master.He ordered me to stand and then dried me off. He walked towards the house and i followed; the knot from the ben-wa balls rubbing against my clitoris with every step i took. He led me into the toy room and ordered me to bend over His sawhorse after He removed my nipple clamps. He quickly tied my ankles and hands to the bottom of the sawhorse. He told me He was going to whip me again; i was to stay quiet.

i nearly screamed as the first paddle smack landed squarely on my pussy. Over and over again, He spanked my poor pussy. Despite the pain, i could feel my juices running down my thighs. He then spanked my ass cheeks until they were as red as my pussy. i thought my ass would be neon red as He punished me. He ordered me to orgasm for Him as He increased the strength of His spanking. Over and over the paddle landed on my pussy, my inner thighs, my ass cheeks – i didn’t know where the next one would land. He grabbed the string for my ben-wa balls and tore them quickly out of my ass. i orgasmed over and over again.

He stopped spanking me and released me from my bonds. Silently i followed Him to the dining room table. He tied me face up and told me that He was now going to whip my breasts. He asked me if i would maintain my silence or if i needed a gag. i told Him whichever would please you most. He laughed and stated He wanted to see me follow His orders. He left me and went back to the toy room; returning with a round paddle.

He suckled and teased my nipples; caressing them until they were standing almost at attention. He then flicked the paddle; my body moved but i did not cry out. He continued to spank my breasts and nipples until they were nearly as red as my ass felt. When He stopped, my Master told me He was proud i had
not cried out. He told me i was still to be punished for the rest of the weekend. He released my bonds and ordered me to stand by the table. He held up and old fashioned chastity belt with two dildos attached. It
had a hinge in the middle so that if it were unlocked, i could still keep a dildo in either my ass or my pussy while the other was used by my Master. He ordered me to lay back on the table and to spread my legs wide; He then placed a piece of clay over my clitoris to ensure that i would receive no enjoyment. He asked me to stand again and step into the chastity belt. He ordered me to spread my legs wide as He slid both dildos into me; they were so large, i was sure they would rip me apart. After a couple of minutes, they both were completely inside of me. He then connected the belt sides together and locked them. The belt was designed that both my ass cheeks were still available to spank.

i followed my Master out into the backyard; moving stiffly in my new chastity belt. Each step brought new erotic sensations, but i was unable to orgasm. i knew i would soon be begging for relief and to be allowed to
orgasm. my Master must have thought the same thing because soon i was tied faced to the x-cross with a dildo gag in my mouth. His harsh punishing blows rained down on my already tender ass; each one bouncing my body slightly. The spanking also forced the dildos to ram deeper into my ass pussy. i thought He spanked me for hours; but i knew it had only been a few minutes. i followed Him back to the jacuzzi where i was ordered to massage my Master. As my fingers traced His muscles, i could feel my pussy trying to contract, but the dildo was too large. my Master ordered me to bend over the side; He unlocked one side of the chastity belt and removed the dildo from my ass. It was quickly replaced with His huge cock. i clung to the edge as He quickly fucked my ass and then sprayed His come all over my ass. The jacuzzi water quickly washed it away and He replaced the dildo in my ass; relocking my chastity belt.

my Master dried me off and led me back into the house. He & i went into the bedroom and He laid down on the bed. He removed my gag and ordered me to give Him another blowjob. i suckled His penis and balls; my pussy aching the entire time to come. Soon i was rewarded by His come and i swallowed every drop. He ordered me to lay down next to Him and sleep.

When i awakened in the morning, i was tied spread eagle and face up; my Master‘s gag was back in my mouth. my Master was leaning on the bed in between my legs and i noticed the side of chastity belt was open. It was a little difficult to remove the dildo from my pussy because my juices had dried. my Master sank His tongue deep into my pussy and licked me all the way to the clay on my clit. my pussy tried to suck onto His tongue and He chuckled against my pussy lips. He moved His mouth away and sank two fingers into my pussy. i wiggled my hips; seeking relief. His hand smacked my naked pussy several times.

i was surprised as my Master kneeled over me and slid His penis into my pussy. Slowly He teased me; moving out of my pussy until His penis was barely touching me and then sinking deeply into me. Over and over, He tortured and teased me; sucking on my nipples. i was begging with my eyes to be allowed an
orgasm. He fucked me for nearly an hour before He came – slow; soft lovemaking. After He came, He leaned down and whispered in my ear; asking me if i understood who was in charge. i nodded my head; He was. He removed my bonds and told me to go shower and clean myself. He would allow me five minutes out of the chastity belt to attend to my needs. i quickly cleaned and relieved myself; returning to Him in the bedroom.

i stepped back into the chastity belt and He locked it again. He clamped my nipples; tightening them until i gasped. He slid His favorite dress over my head; and then dressed Himself. i had no idea where He was taking me. It was strange while He was driving not to have Him touch me. He drove us to a local mall and stated that He wanted to do some shopping. After only a few minutes, i thought i was going to lose my mind. i had grown accustomed to the dildos, but the lack of orgasmic relief was incredible. No matter how i moved my body; i was unable to come. my Master wandered through a number of stores, buying miscellaneous items. He took me into a lingerie shop and purchased some very beautiful gowns & teddies. Then, He took me into a bath shop and purchased a large number of scented soaps, bath oils, and bubble baths.

He then took me into a leather shop and purchased what seemed to be innocent items to everyone else, but my pussy grew wet as i thought of the new whip licking over my naked form. my Master also purchased a riding crop; although it frightened me, i knew i was only there for my Master’s pleasures. He & i ate a quiet lunch at an Italian restaurant before returning home. my Master ordered me to strip as He & i entered the house. He graciously removed the nipple clamps; i bit back tears as blood rushed back into my nipples. my Master then ordered me to lay face up on the table, but He didn’t tie me down or gag me. He ordered me to remain silent. The riding crop was quickly flicked against both of my sore nipples; each nipple was spanked
fifteen times. my Master stated that He would not be disobeyed ever again – my orgasms were His to control completely.

He then unlocked and removed the dildo from my pussy. He placed cuffs around my knees and attached them to the sides of the table so that my pussy was completely open to Him. i nearly screamed as the riding crop flicked over my inner thighs. He stopped long enough to remove the clay from my clitoris and then His new crop was flicked over my pussy lips. Tears welled up in my eyes as i imagined the next punishment.

New pain seeped over my body as my Master placed clamp on each pussy lip and then taped them to my inner thighs. my clitoris was fully exposed; i bit down on my tongue as my Master announced my final punishment was to receive fifteen lashes on my clit. i thought i would pass out as the crop met my clit. Over and over it landed on the most sensitive spot and despite the pain i could once again feel my pussy growing wetter and wetter. i could feel my tiny clit getting larger