Smothered By Her Love
by Ian Clifford

I met Mistress Bunny through the Internet. We exchanged messages, then mail and finally, phone calls. I explained to Her my intense love of having a Woman sit on my face, riding and smothering to Her heart’s content. I also told Her that I have a fantasy of being smothered to death.

She let me know that She enjoys nothing more than sitting on a man’s face and the thought of smothering a willing male to death was extremely sexually exciting to Her.

Mistress Bunny is a very striking Lady. She stands 6′ 3″ and weighs about 190 lbs.. Her butt is pear shaped and looks fantastic because of Her small waist. Mistress Bunny is thirty years of age and a Scorpio by birth. She is obviously very strong and muscular.

We arranged to meet at Her place and She told me that my face and Her Butt were to become very well acquainted during my stay. I arrived on the Monday morning and Mistress Bunny escorted me to her living room. She was wearing a blouse which revealed Her massive cleavage, and a short, flippy mini skirt. She asked me to sit down and She sat across from me.

“ So you like my butt, do you Ian? Well, your face and my butt are going to become really well acquainted during your visit. “

“ Mistress Bunny, I replied, I absolutely love your butt and consider you extremely gifted in this and other respects. You are an absolutely gorgeous lady and I hope that you enjoy every minute of sitting on my face – I’ll just love it. “

“ Well, if you really like my butt, maybe you would like to kiss it to show your appreciation. “

“ Yes, of course, Mistress Bunny. “

She stood up and faced away from me. She bent over at the waist with Her long legs straightened. She flipped up the skirt onto Her back revealing Her naked butt. She wore nothing beneath Her waist other than shoes. It seemed as if She had really been anticipating my visit.

She said to me, “ now, kiss my ass, and do a really good job or I’ll have to punish you. “

I knelt behind Her with my face only inches from Her gorgeous butt. I drank in the sight in eager anticipation. I then pressed my lips to Her gorgeous, round globes and began kissing in earnest. I kissed every inch of Her butt flesh drinking in the scent and taste of Her round globes. I also kissed up and down the backs of Her long legs. After my lips were pressed to every bit of Her butt and legs, I started licking these same areas until She glistened from my saliva from the back of Her waist down. My kissing and licking would be considered worship of Her gorgeous butt.

I buried my face into the crack of Her butt and started lapping Her pussy from behind. I was amazed how perfectly my face fit into the crack of Her butt and I just loved the taste of Her pussy. She moaned in appreciation of my ministrations.

“ That was great Ian, and to show you my appreciation, I’m going to give you the face sitting of a lifetime. Now lie down on the floor and offer me your face. “

I did as asked, lying on the floor face up and awaiting Her pleasure. She stood above my head and then squatted down so Her gorgeous butt was directly above my upturned face.

“ Ready, Ian? I think I’ll start with some really brutal face riding. I’m going to pound your face into mush. “

“ Do it for me Mistress Bunny, I just love your butt. “

She sat down hard on my upturned face and then lifted Her hips off my face and slammed Her butt down hard again. Talk about a brutal face ride. I thought She would pile drive the back of my head into the floor. She rhythmically bounced up and down on my face for what seemed like an eternity but neither She or I had nearly enough. She continued to bounce up and down on my face until the back of my head hurt from the pounding and my face felt brutalized in the extreme. I was grateful for the padding on Her butt; otherwise my face would have been smashed to bits. After She had enough of this, She sat down on my face and leaned forward shoving Her tasty pussy into my mouth.

“ Now, eat me real good, Ian. “

She literally shoved Her crotch into my waiting mouth. I didn’t need any further urging. I lapped hungrily at Her sweet pussy and She maneuvered Her hips until my tongue provided direct stimulation to Her clitoris. I lapped for a long time thoroughly enjoying the taste of Her sweet pussy.

Finally, when She had enough of this and had come violently several times, She sat up straight with Her butt directly on my face and announced,

“ Now let’s see how long you can hold your breath or perhaps you’ll learn to breathe through your ears. But don’t worry, I don’t intend to smother you to death – at least not yet. “

She ground Her hips down on my upturned face and I felt helpless as I smothered beneath Her. I could not breathe at all and my only respite was when She occasionally lifted Her hips off my face and permitted me to breathe in huge gulps of air. After a while of this my lungs began to hurt from being deprived of air. I thought how easy it would be for Her to smother me to death but I remembered Her promise that I was not to die, yet.

When She had enough, She stood up and stated,

“ That was wonderful, Ian. I am thoroughly pleased with your service under my butt and intend to use you to the fullest until Friday, when I will smother you to death. I have a few treats in store for you before you breathe your last. Bouncing up and down on a guy’s face give me great exercise for my legs but I also need an upper body workout. Let’s go to my dungeon to give my arms a workout.”

We went to Her dungeon. She had me lay face down naked on a whipping horse and securely fastened me into place. A mirror in front of me allowed me to see all of the room. She then selected a braided cat of nine tails whip and stood behind me. I could see Her preparations and realized that I was about to be whipped.

“ I just love administering severe whippings. It keeps my arm in shape and I just love seeing just how much any given guy can take.”

Thus saying, She raised that whip and brought it down hard on my naked buttocks. That took my breath away, and was painful in the extreme. Her strength was now even more obvious to me. She whipped hard and after less than a dozen strokes I was reduced to tears and bawling like a baby. She continued the whipping until I screamed from each lash. My buttocks were well marked and bloodied. Her body glistened from the exertion and I was still crying and moaning in pain. She tossed the whip to the floor and announced,

“ Now, that should be enough for now. You will remember this whipping tonight when you lie on your back to permit my access to your face. Remember your butt was made to be whipped, mine worshipped.“

She released me from my bonds and helped me to my feet. I could barely walk and staggered from the room. She escorted me to a cell beside the dungeon and told me to rest for the day until my next face sitting session in the evening. She also told me that I was to be whipped once per day so I would always remember what it is like to live in pain.

I cried myself to sleep in my cell and in the evening, after supper, She came escorted me again to the dungeon.

“ Time for some more face sitting and remember I promised you some special treats. See this belt? I wear it while sitting on your face. It is weighted to about 150 pounds and provides additional exercise for my legs as I do squats on your face.“

I could see that the belt was heavy as She fastened it around Her waist.

“ Now, Ian, lie on the floor and present me your face. I know that you will be uncomfortable considering the whipping, but to serve me in pain must be thrilling for you. You must remember that this is one of the prices you must pay for the honour of having me sit on your face. “

She squatted over my face and then sat down hard with the extra weight slamming Her butt into my face. She was right, the extra weight provided an extreme crushing sensation. She lifted Her hips off my face and again sat down hard. She continued to do squats on my face and the sensation was indescribable. She was sure getting Her leg exercise and I was thoroughly enjoying having Her ride my face. After an hour or more of this She tired of riding my face and the exercise in the extreme. She sat down on my face, ground Her hips down, and started smothering in earnest. My lungs felt as if they were on fire as my breathing was denied me. Finally, when She had enough, She stood up and announced,

“ That is enough for today. Tomorrow, I have another treat in store for you. I’ve invited four of the ladies from my Kung Fu class by to enjoy your face. These women are all tall and have small waists and shapely butts. Each of us is going to enjoy your face for about two hours. I’m sure you will love it. “

I slept the night in anticipation of the events of the following day.

In the morning I was escorted to the dungeon for another brutal face sitting session. Mistress Bunny wore the weighted belt and gave me a real good face pounding.

After using my face for about two hours, She fastened me to the whipping horse for my daily whipping. My hide was just beginning to heal from the previous day’s whipping. I screamed from the first lash until my ordeal was over and She was satisfied.

In the evening, I was escorted to the dungeon by Mistress Bunny. She introduced me to her four friends.

“ This are my friends, Delila, Cleopatra, Jane and Marlene. Each of us is going to enjoy your face for about two or more hours. We’re going to have a face sitting marathon on your face. To show the ladies how I use you, I’ll be first and they can watch me give it to you. I’ve told them that you are also whipped daily and they will be present to watch you whipped tomorrow. Now, lie down and offer me your face. “

She strapped on the weighted belt and squatted over my face. She sat down hard and began brutalizing my face. After about an hour of this, She smothered me for a while and then turned the action over to Delila.

“ Ian, for each of these ladies, you will kiss their respective asses for at least half an hour. Then you will lie down and offer your face to each of them. They may wear my weighted belt if they choose. Each will ride and smother you until they have had enough. “

Delila is a strong, muscular black lady. I knelt behind Her and started my kissing of Her gorgeous butt. After She had enough of this, She ordered me to the floor. She wore the weighted belt and squatted on my face riding and smothering until She had enough.

Cleopatra was next. She is a gorgeous black lady and I thought she may be Delila’s sister. I served Her in the same manner as Delila and She too wore the weighted belt.

Next, Jane enjoyed my ministrations. She is a tall brunette of shapely proportions.

Finally, Marlene tooke Her turn on my face. She is a tall blonde, likely of German extraction. Each of the Women wore the weighted belt and each was strong and muscular.

When my ordeal was over, I was in ecstasy. I had thoroughly enjoyed having five Women use my face in one night. The Women too were very pleased. Each of them had come several times fom my efforts.

The next morning I was escorted to the dungeon for Mistress Bunny’s morningly face sitting session. She put on the weighted belt and did Her squats on my face for over an hour. Then She smothered me beneath Her butt until I was sure that I’d die right then even although She’s promised not to terminate me until Friday.

After She had Her fill of my face, I went over the whipping horse for my daily whipping. Again She whipped hard as my screams filled the room. Her friends from the previous evening were present to enjoy my whipping.

For the evenings face sitting session She introduced me to four more Ladies from Her Kung Fu class.
These were Rosie, Anita, Stephanie and Margaret. All were tall, strong, muscular Women. Rosie and Anita are black ladies, while Stephanie and Margaret are white ladies with red hair. Each took Her turn, first with me kissing each of their asses, then to brutal face riding and finally to smothering.

On the Friday morning Mistress Bunny had Her morningly session on my face. Then She administered my daily whipping in the presence of all eight of Her friends. Her friends spent the day while I lay on the whipping horse and cried and groaned from the whipping.

Right after supper, Mistress Bunny and Her eight friends assembled in the dungeon. For my final session, I lay on the floor and my arms and legs were spread eagled and fastened to rings in the floor.

Mistress Bunny explained,

“ Ian, for tonight you are fastened so that any thought of escape is impossible. Each of my eight friends from my Kung Fu class will have Her turn on your face, lasting for at least two hours. Each has decided to wear my weighted belt while sitting on your face. When all have had their fill of your face, I will take my turn. I will ride your face for a minimum of two hours and then will smother you to death. I have another little surprise in store for you. Each of us will spend at least one hour riding your face and then the next hour for each will be spent on your face while you are wearing a face dildo. First, let’s introduce you to some brutal face sitting and then I will bring out the face dildo. Your face will be thoroughly used and raped, tonight and your fantasy will come true beneath my ass.”

Each of the eight Women in turn spent an hour or more on my face riding, while bouncing up and down on my face and wearing the weighted belt. Black and white asses bounced on my face and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I was sure that the back of my head would be pile-driven into the concrete floor. My whole head hurt and my face in particular was brutalized but I loved it none the less. For more than eight hours the assault on my face continued. When One was finished, the Next took Her place. My face felt the full effects of this face rape. When each of the eight had Her turn on my face, Mistress Bunny strapped a face dildo onto my head. The dildo pointed upward and the placement was directly above my mouth. The dildo was ten to twelve inches in length and of massive girth.

“ Now, Ian, each of my friends will take Her turn on your face while riding the face dildo. You see, the dildo is big since we are all big girls and love big cocks. The best thing about riding a dildo is that there is no male attached to it, so only we get the pleasure. I know you’ll derive pleasure from watching our asses bounce up and down on your face while riding the dildo. You’re going to get a first hand look at how a Woman rides a dildo. When my friends have each had their turn on your face, I will take my turn and at the end of my turn I will smother you to death while my friends watch you die. Believe me I will get great sexual pleasure from smothering you to death but my friends too have told me that they would also be really sexually excited watching a willing male being smothered to death.”

Each of the Women took Her turn riding the dildo protruding from above my mouth. None were wearing the weighted belt but all pounded really hard while riding the dildo and my face. I felt brutalized in the extreme but loved the sight of their asses bouncing up and down on my face. Each had several orgasms from the stimulation. It must be exciting for these Women to ride this dildo with full knowledge that I watched every minute of their pleasure.

When each had complete Her ride, Mistress Bunny took over. She removed the strap on face dildo and rode my face for over an hour, bouncing up and down and thoroughly enjoying herself. Then She strapped the face dildo to my face and sat down on the dildo and again began riding my face and the dildo.

She asked me, “ ready to die, Ian. I’m in a real mood to smother you to death right now.”

I confirmed that I was ready and what a privilege it would be to offer my life for the honour of being beneath Her butt. I thanked her profusely for the events of the past week. I told Her that not only had I enjoyed servicing Her but also Her friends. I knew that no male could achieve the state of pleasure and happiness I had in the past week.

“ Do it for me Mistress Bunny, smother me to death.”

Bye Ian, its’ been a pleasure using you. “

She sat on my face and ground Her hips down onto me. I couldn’t breathe. My whole world became Her gorgeous butt. My lungs hurt from lack of breathing. Eventually, I passed out.