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The Test
by December Girl

I haven’t been a very good sub lately for my man. I have not been willing to submit to all of his wishes. I know this is not good and that I do not always please him. Tonight I am going to make the effort – I will be his willing sub and fulfill all his wishes. I will tell him of this when he comes home. After that I can only imagine, with excitement and fear, what will happen then…

My instructions are very specific. I am to bathe, dress in the clothes laid out for me and wait in my kneeling position in our room until my man returns home. I am to wear a short white button up dress, my collar, a pair of white panties, stockings and heels.

I am ready and already kneeling when I hear my man enter the room. He does not speak but I feel his presence standing over me. Without a word he places a blindfold over my eyes and pulls me up to a standing position. Finally he speaks. He tells me that it is about time that I have figured out my place and am now willing to serve him. He says that it is a long time in coming but that I am going to have to prove my submission to him if he is to believe my commitment to him. He asks me if I am sure that I am ready to submit to him totally from now on with no arguments or denials in the future. I answer yes. He also asks me if I think that I must atone for my past mistakes and start proving my submission to him. Again I answer yes.

I only want to please him and I want to do this for him. I understand that I must try harder and give up the control I am so used to. As hard and scary as this seems, I want to be able to do it. It is in this belief that I will force myself to accept and honour his wishes with total submission, trust and love for him.

He is pleased with my answer to him and tells me it is time now to test my new found submission to him. He leads me to the bed and lays me over it face down, pulls my dress up and my panties down to my knees. Even blindfolded, I know what is coming – a dreaded spanking. I prepare myself to take it. I am not wrong, I receive multiple hard blows on each cheek. He lightly rubs my tender bottom and I am slightly embarrassed because I know that it is probably red with his hand marks. I am waiting for him to pull me up off the bed but instead I hear the unmistakeable sound of him unbuckling his belt and removing it from his jeans.

Fear instantly paralyses me. I want to cry out and tell him to stop…to not do it…but I know that I can’t. I must prove to him my submission and take this punishment for not totally submitting earlier in our relationship. The first lash stings so much it takes everything I have in me not to cry out. I endure this punishment and with each lash the tears roll down my face. Finally he is through. I am relieved that it is all over and a little proud that I have withstood it.

I soon realize that this is not a moment for pride. I hear the sound of the camera and hear my man say that this will be a keepsake of my disobedience from the past and the punishment that goes with it. I am mortified that he will now own a picture of my reddened and punished ass, but I know better than to make any complaint.

I sense my man moving behind me. I soon realize he is not going to remove me from my position on the bed quite yet. Instead I feel the pressure of the butt plug being inserted in my ass. I hate this but I am determined to submit to his every wish. Next I feel my panties being pulled back up, trapping the butt plug in my ass. A couple more hard slaps on my ass remind me just how tender my bottom still is.

I feel my man sit on the bed beside me. He pushes me off the bed and down to the floor on my knees. He says he is very proud of my obedience so far and that I deserve a small reward. I hear him unbutton his pants and drop them down. Next he thrusts his cock into my mouth and tells me to enjoy my reward. My man lets me know what he wants by leading my head by my hair. I know when he wants me to suck on his balls and when he wants me to open my mouth wide so he can thrust in and out. When it is time for him to shoot his load, he orders me to open my mouth wide and stick out my tongue. I do as I am told and he shoots his cum over my tongue and face. I feel him rub his cock all over the cum on my face and then stick his cock back into my mouth to be cleaned off. I know I will not be receiving the same treatment. I am sure my face will stay covered in cum and I am not wrong.

I feel the leash being attached to my collar and soon I am led crawling into the living room. I am left to kneel beside his chair. I sense my man sit down in his chair. My leash is then yanked as I am told to stand up in front of him. I am told to unbutton my dress and let it fall to the floor. I feel him uncomfortably tweak both my nipples before I am told to turn around. I then feel the ball gag inserted deep into my mouth and secured behind my head. My man tells me I have done very well so far but he wants to make sure that I don’t screw it up by talking now. He then tells me to bend over. I feel him pressing the butt plug deep into me. I am then ordered to turn back around so he can see my tits again. I feel him roughly massage my breasts and pull on my nipples. He then tells me to take a couple of steps back.

I have no idea what is going to happen next until I again hear the camera go off. Now I am totally humiliated with the image he has just captured. I want to yell at him but with the ball gag firmly in place, I am in no position to do so.

I am then firmly yanked to the very front of his chair. I am told to take off my panties and climb up onto him. I feel him insert his now hard cock into my pussy as I sit on him. Up to this point I have been grateful to have stayed off my still tender ass. As he fucks my pussy I feel him play with the plug in my ass all the while sucking on my breasts and nipples. After fucking this way for awhile he tells me to get off and turn around. I feel the plug removed from my ass and my man leading me back into his lap. But this time I feel him insert his cock into my ass. After he is all the way in my ass, I feel him grip my breasts and start to ass fuck me. After some hard ass screwing, I feel the ball gag removed from my mouth and I am then dumped to the floor to suck on his cock again. I feel him push his cock all the way in my mouth and hold my head there while he shoots his second load down my throat.

After I have cleaned him up, he takes off my blindfold and leash and takes me tenderly into his arms. He tells me that he is proud and happy with me and that he is looking forward to many more nights like this together.