Spanking Story – Came Home
by RDM

My wife and I are a very happily married couple. We just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary – which may be unusual for couples in our society, but we seem to have been able to work out our differences without breaking and dishes or raising our voices at each otter. The reason that I’m writing this is because of what happened yesterday. But before we go into that, maybe a little more background is in order.

It’s no surprise that we have had some problems. When you live with someone for 14 years. It would be more of a surprise not to have had some kind issue or two, but as I said earlier, we have been able to work out most of the items that have caused our differences of opinion.

Money has been an issue off and on, but we have transitioned from a 2 income family with no children to a one child family (still 2 income) to most recently a one income (mine) family. Please don’t misunderstand that comment as a complaint, because it is not. I wish that my wife had been able to quit working earlier and stay home with our child. I think that we would have been better off in the long run if we had tightened our budget and done without some of our “extravagances”.

Anyway, I guess for the most part that we had fallen into a routine. I was slowly climbing the corporate ladder and as my responsibilities grew so did the number of hours that I worked. Although I tried to be home as much as possible, my job took me away and on the road 3 to 4 nights every week.

Our tastes and needs for sex have also changed. Okay, mine have changed. I’ve tried to get her to try new things, but she thinks that they are all “kinky” and wants to know what’s wrong with “normal” sex. I used to write out my fantasies and leave them where she would find them to read – hoping that even if she didn’t really “want” to do what I had written, she would do it because I wanted her to. Besides, I always catch her reading those ‘Romance novels’ and wonder why those are “ok” but my fantasies are not. It makes me wonder if I’m not what she really wants in a husband. She always says that they are only stories and that I am all that she needs. . . . . . .. but she never has fantasies that she wants me to act out for her. . . Hmmmm.

Anyway, we have had this fight about the fantasies that I had written and she said that she thought that she wasn’t good enough for me since she couldn’t meet my needs by doing those things that I wanted. I told her that it is all a state of mind and that she could do them if she really wanted to. Ok, I was wrong to say that. I want her to “want” to do it so it becomes a playtime thing for us and although I don’t want her to do anything that she doesn’t want to do – she doesn’t want to do anything. So I’m stuck. She did tie me up and spank me once( and I had to tie myself up), but it was more out of frustration on her part. It was frustrating for me too because she really wasn’t into it – and I could tell that she was doing it just to get me to shut up about it.

So. I keep teasing her about tying me up and spanking me – to gauge her reaction. It’s getting somewhat better – but not to the point that I think she would do anything about it. She did make a comment about being afraid that I was going to go and find someone who would do it. What she fails to understand is that I don’t want someone else to do it to me. I only want her. I just want her to want to do it to me as much as I want her to do it to me. Oh well.

I come home yesterday and she was sitting at the kitchen table. In front if her was a bag of clothespins, the vibrator, the paddle and nipple damps. She also had a tube of KY jelly and a roll of duct tape. I got this wry smile on my face and was thinking that she was going to act out one of my fantasies but she raised her hand to me as if she had read my mind and said: “This isn’t what you think it is, I’m not going to make you my sex slave. I’m not even going to tie you up. Or spank you. These are here so I can make sure that you use them all on yourself — while I watch to make sure that you are getting what you keep telling me you want”

I wasn’t sure if my mind had understood exactly what she had said ”You’re going to watch?” I asked. “Yes, I’m going to watch. you didn’t think that I was going to shove that thing up your ass did you? I know that you’ve done is before, I just get to watch this time. Now go upstairs like a good boy and shower before I get bored with this kinky shit and tell you to forget it. Go!”

I hadn’t realized that I still had my briefcase in my hands, so I went into my office and put it beside my desk. She had followed me in there and said “You know, I’m already getting tired of this. Strip! Now! Off with all of your clothes and bend over your desk. NOW! NOW! NOW! Damn it!” Well, I haven’t seen her that mad since, well, never. I took off my tie, unbuttoned my shirt and took it off along with my t-shirt. ”Damn, I’ve seen ice melt faster, how hurry up” I took off my shoes, socks and removed my underwear with my slacks.

“Now, if I remember right, one of your kinky ass letters had me spanking you the same number of times as your age- right? so why haven’t you bent over the desk yet?” As I bent over the desk I realized that I had a huge hard on when it hit the edge of the table. I moved my hard to re- adjust it when she connected the paddle to my ass for the first blow. “OW!” I said to which she said “Tough Shit. Now grab the edge of the desk and hold on.” By the time she had finished I was crying. She had really blistered my ass. “Good. You deserve that for taking so long – now go shower. You still have a show to do for me! and don’t take too long or you’ll piss me off even more and then you’ll really be sorry that you wanted me to do this silly shit ”

I ran up the stairs. I showered quickly, and when I had finished toweling off, I came back down to the kitchen. “Okay. It’s your turn” she said. “I don’t care what order you do it in, but you have to use everything that’s on the table” I stood there naked in front of her, not knowing if she was just playing a game or was really serious. she scooted her chair back away from the table, propped her feet up and said “Well? what are you waiting on?” “I wasn’t sure that you were serious” I said. “You bet I am. You always want me to do this kinky stuff to you. I know you do to yourself when I’m not here, so I just want to see for myself what you get out of it. So start before I change my Mind”

I picked up the nipple clips and put them on one nipple at a time. The vibrator was next. I got some KY jelly and put it first on the tip of the vibrator, then on the opening where it would go. I took a piece of duct tape about 2 feet long and ripped it in half down its length. I wrapped the middle of the tape around the end of the shaft next to the switch in a criss-cross pattern. One of the weights from the nipple clamps hit the edge of the kitchen table with a “thud” which made her look at it, grab it and let it go. When it jerked to a stop, that one, then the other side came off and the whole contraption fell to the floor with a lot of noise. “Sorry, I hope that hurt. Put them back on – and add some of these clothespins to you nipples while your at it”.

I had finished putting the clothespins on, and was reaching for the vibrator when she said “Turn around so I can watch you”. It was difficult because I was standing so I started to kneel on the floor when she smacked my ass with the paddle again “Do it standing up so I can watch you. I can’t see if you’re on the floor” As I finally guided the tip of the vibrator home, I felt her reach around me and turn it on. She grabbed the end and jerked it back and forth and then stood up behind me as if she was fucking me, she moved it in and out and in circles. She was being quite rough with it and it just made me that much harder. When she stopped, she wrapped the edges of the tape to my ass so it wouldn’t fall out.

I thought I was going to explode when she reached around from the back and grabbed my dick and stroked it several times. She ripped off the nipple clamps and each of the clothespins that she had made me add and sunk down on the floor in from of me and took me in her mouth. She moved slowly up and down the shaft and after two or three times stood up. “I don’t think your finished yet – are you? You still have all of these clothespins to put on and I haven’t quite decided what else to do with you”. With that she opened the door to the basement and as she was going down the stairs said “Come down here”.

As I descended the stairs, I saw that she had fastened tow ropes into handcuffs and secured them to the rafters. It was kind of difficult to walk with the vibrator in place and I kid of felt like duck. “You know what to do – I’ve read this enough in your stupid fantasies – honestly honey, I don’t really now what you get out of this shit – but if this will make you happy – here it is. Now put your hands in there so I can make sure that you can’t get out of them like you did the last time”. As I put my hands into the loops that she had formed, she pulled them tightly to my writs and moved the knot to the back of my hand so I couldn’t reach it.

“There. Now, spread your legs.” I started to complain. ”Honey, this is enough already. Please let me down”. She just looked at me. “Not a chance babe. Quit your whining. This is going to teach you that if you write these sick fantasies and leave them for me to find, that you’re wanting it. So here it is. Tough shit. Now for the last time, SPREAD YOUR LEGS !”

As I spread my legs out, the ropes on my wrists became tighter. Then she used the padded bar from my weight set to tie two chains around my ankles. “There. That should do nicely. Now that you can’t move, let’s see what we can do to you to make you a little more un-comfortable”. I saw her as she moved passed me and went up the stairs. I tried to move the knots around to the front of my wrists so I could try to wiggle out of the loops, but she had them too tight.

I heard her coming down the stairs with the bag of clothespins. “Here we are !!” she sang out, “this should be fun! Now. Where do I want this to go ? Here. Here. Here. Here. Here and here too!” she said as she clipped one clothespin onto my body after another in no apparent order or pre-conceived plan. Each nipple area got 3 or 4 added as she pinched the skin and applied them so as not to disturb the weighted nipple clips that were already hanging off of my nipples. Even my dick and my bag got more that I thought they could have had clipped to it.

Smack! “40, 39, 38, 37. . . .” She was counting backwards as she spanked my ass with the paddle. I didn’t see her bring it down with her when she came down the stairs so it was a complete surprise and almost took my breath away. “Please. PLEASE stop” was all I could say as she continued to count out loud as if she hadn’t heard me until she got to “ONE!!. I told you that I didn’t want to hear your whining.” She reached down and tested the vibrator. “Comfy? I hope not.” She put a hood over my head and put the earphone radio that I used when I mowed the yard over my ears turned it to country music. “I know that you don’t like country music so maybe this will teach you to appreciate it”.

It seemed like it had been over 30 minutes since she had turned on the headphones and I couldn’t hear if she was there or not when a bright flash of light told me that she was taking pictures. I couldn’t hear anything with the music in my ears, and she moved one side of the head phones off so I could hear her say “This is so you can see how stupid you look all trussed up like a turkey.” The flashing continued for another 5 or 6 times from different angles.

“I must get one with your red ass” she said “But it isn’t red!. What a shame. Well, I guess I will just have to make it red again” and carefully placed the paddle on my ass, as if she was aiming and – smack! She repeated that about 8 more times. Each time as if she was taking aim, but at a different spot on my ass. She ended it with a barrage of 10 or 15 more paddle smacks in very quick succession. “Now, that looks like a red ass that you can be proud of!” The flashing started again, but this time it was directed at my ass only.

I was in pain. This hurt more than I had imagined it would when I wrote out my fantasies. I started wishing that I had not put so many paddle smacks into it and done some other stuff. I’ll know better next time.

“Ok. I’m done with you down here. I’m going to let you down, but you can’t remove anything that I’ve put on you.” She removed the headphones and the hood, leaned up and kissed my while fondling my crotch. I felt better as she loosened the rope that was around my wrist, my arms were getting a little sore from hanging like that for the hour or so that she had had me up there.

“Go upstairs and sit at the kitchen table” I did as she instructed. I hadn’t noticed until she came up the stairs that she had on her bath robe. She took it off and I could tell that she had showered. She slid onto the table and spread her legs in front of me. “Eat me” was all she said as she laid back and wrapped her legs around my head. I sunk my tongue deep inside of her until I heard her start to moan. I knew that it was time to stop when she raised up off of the table and said “ Take off that shit and come up stairs and fuck me.” She said as she walked out of the kitchen.

As I took off the clothespins and nipple lamps that had been on my for most of the afternoon, I felt a certain sense of pain. It seemed a little strange to feel pain after they were removed, but that is how it felt. I also removed the vibrator after I turned it off and cleaned it with a paper towel. I went upstairs where she was waiting for me and we had the best sex that we have had in quite some time. After I came, she rolled over and, spreading her legs said “Honey, just one more thing. Clean me up with your tongue please” to which I was more than happy to oblige.

So. That was the end of the night for both of us. We woke up in the morning, she made me coffee and I made a 3 egg omelet with cheese and turkey. As I sat down at the kitchen table, I leaned over and kissed her. “Thanks. Even though it wasn’t what you wanted to do, I appreciate you indulging me in my fantasy” “You’re welcome. But don’t expect that again anytime soon. You can keep writing them and leaving them for me. Who knows, maybe you’ll come home some day to another surprise”