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Jillie’s Submission Part 3
by JB.

After he collared her, they made passionate love for the next 2 hours, in every way imaginable. He wanted to reassure her that he loved everything about her, and wanted her to not feel like she was going to be abused in any way. Then they slept the deep sleep of love and exhaustion for the next eight hours, holding each other tightly in tired arms. She awoke the next morning to the sound of the television, as he was up already, planning another day in their collective adventure.

Happily, she tries to reach up to rub the sleep from her eyes, only to find that she can’t. Her wrists are already tied together behind her back. As she tries to sit up, she finds that she can’t. Her leather collar is attached to the head of the bed. She feels better when she finds she can flex and move her legs. He did allow her at least that much freedom. She flexes and bends her knees as she feels an unusual amount of wetness seep between her legs. She can only smile and moan a little at the thoughts that course through her mind right now. Her heart races as she becomes a bit scared, but she calms as she thinks about last night. She firmly resolves herself to her fate, and reaffirms her heart to submitting to this man that she has so longed to submit to. She still does not know him well, but her heartbeat slows as she follows her instincts to what brought her to this moment in time. Apprehensively, she gazes at her ankles. She is wearing leather cuffs there too, clasped by small Master Locks. She shudders.

He makes a few more business calls while watching Sportscenter. He is relaxing with his feet up, in a light pair of slacks and a simple cotton shirt. He revels in the fact that his pager is turned off and no one can contact him for awhile. He really needs a break from the pressure. He thanks God he met this woman. She seems to be what he needed, and he prays it works out. Already showered and shaved, he thinks ahead to what is in store for the both of them today. He hears her moan as he sees Sosa has hit home run number 33 for the year already, leading Griffey by 2. Smiling, he decides all future business and sports can wait. She needs his attention. He makes his way to the kitchen to finish cooking breakfast.

She is lying on her right side as he enters the bedroom with a tray. He sets it at the foot of the bed as he reaches up to kiss her on the lips. They kiss passionately. They kiss for minutes at a time. He takes her neck in hand as he kisses her, and tongues her mouth longingly. He tells her he is pleased with his baby, and has cooked her breakfast. He unlocks her wrists, leaving the leather cuffs locked to each separately. He unties her neck and sits her up to feed her. She smiles as she sits up and takes part of a biscuit with gravy in her mouth…

All too soon, breakfast is over. He looks her deeply in the eyes and begins to explain some of what is in store for her. He explains that they will slowly explore this world together, building trust and testing their limits, but he has a few beginning ground rules. First, he means to be obeyed, at once and without question at all times. Second, he wants her to know he will do nothing to publicly humiliate her (unless at some point she decides she wants that, of course). Third, she can always feel free to use a safe word and call anyone she wants to at any time, and her word is “watermelon”. (It’s pretty hard for watermelon to come up in the heat of passion, he reasons, lol.) Fourth, she will from now on have a house uniform of her leather collar and black 3-inch heels (He knows she is not used to wearing heels all the time, so makes a concession at only 3 inches). She is to be in uniform at all times unless he explicitly tells her to wear something else. Fifth, he explains to her that she is now to begin her training, including some slight punishment, just to show her a bit of what would be in store for any disobedience. He smiles as he assures her she will find this most enjoyable. Apprehensively, she looks at him, memorizing her safeword, hoping she does not disappoint him by using it.

He stands up beside the bed, unlocking and removing her leather cuffs, and leading her to the shower. As he begins to run the water, he explains why there is an enema bag hanging there, and he expects her to thoroughly cleanse herself with it by using it 4 times, taking an hour long shower. As she showers, he begins laying out items in preparation for the day’s agenda, humming a little tune. He removes a plant from a hanger in the corner, and tests its strength, and feels like it will do as he hangs a rope from it. Slowly, he arranges all items in order of his anticipated use, intending her to just quickly be able to see and anticipate what may be in store. Hearing the toilet flush for the 20th time, he decides she has had enough time and tells her to thoroughly bathe herself, and present herself to him.

Quickly, she washes all over very thoroughly, feeling butterflies in the pit of her stomach. She is very proud of her body and how she has worked so hard on it to make it pleasing to her new Master. As she turns off the shower, she pinches her nipples as she shakes her hair out. Opening the shower door, she is happy to see he has left her a clean towel. Soon, she is dried off, wearing her new heels, and presents herself to her Master, and her new life. Once again her safeword goes through her mind as she sees the items on display all over the bedroom. She moans as he kisses her and leads her to the corner of the room, directly under a rope.

“Now we start, sweetheart, and I expect silence unless I ask you a question, is that understood?” he tells her. “Yes!” she replies to a rather hard smack on the bottom. As she wonders what she did wrong, he tells her to say “Yes Sir! Or yes Master!”. He cuffs all four limbs, locking them in place snugly. Placing her arms above her head, he attaches them to the overhead rope, pulling them only a bit tight above. Turning her around to face the wall, he attaches a 30-inch spreader bar to her ankles, thus increasing the tension on her arms a wee bit. He then attaches a long leather leash to her collar and lets it dangle to the floor in front of her. She inhales deeply, biting her lower lip as she feels cold lube enter her ass as his fingers lubricate her, exploring her gently. She feels the size of the butt plug that enters her, and winces slightly until it is firmly seated. She feels it seat deeper as he pulls her leash between her legs, tightly attaching it to the back of her collar. Just as she gets comfortable with that, her nipples are assaulted in turn with tweezer style clamps, adjusted just tight enough to really feel them. Next, she feels him slip a blindfold over her head and tie it snugly, making it rather dark for her in her new world. Just as she gets used to that, she feels her ass filling more! “Yes dear, it is an inflatable plug. If you are good, you will also find out how well it vibrates” he explains.

“Now, just a little bit of punishment” he tells her, explaining that though she has done nothing to warrant this, she needs to understand what the price of disobedience is. “If you are a good girl, I promise to make this most enjoyable, dear; now, get ready.” Smack! She feels a sharp burn to her left buttock as he tells her this is one more use of a good wooden hairbrush. He repeats with the same intensity on the right cheek. She moans a bit, but does not cry out. He lets her know there will only be eight more smacks with this utensil before proceeding on to the next. He reminds her to be silent for now, as she may get her chance to count out when he flogs her. Or maybe he will have her count out manual spanks. Lightly, he continues, applying 5 hairbrush smacks to a different part of each buttock, careful to just sting and not bruise. He is very pleased with how she takes it, and unties her hands, leading her to the edge of the bed, pushing her over, with her torso over the bed. Hobbling, she eagerly complies, very pleased with herself, thinking that this is not so bad. As a matter of fact, she can feel how wet she has become, and her face reddens at that thought.

“Well, baby, you have earned some pleasure already”, he happily tells her as he unlocks her leash, tying it over the bed to keep her positioned just right. He tells her to place her hands over the back of her neck as he pleasures her, and tests her will power in the next step. She complies as she gasps, feeling his fingers probing her, seeing how wet she has become. “My dear, you seem to like this”, he moans in her right ear. “You are not to cum until I say you can, or you will receive your first true Punishment”, he explains as he picks up a lovely small ribbed vibrator. Slowly teasing her clit, he begins to lightly insert it, occasionally pulling out to tease her clit more. He feels her begin to shudder as he sits under her spread legs, lightly nibbling her clit as he begins to fuck her with the vibe. Feeling rather nice and leased, he lets off the pressure with his mouth and the vibe, reminding her not to cum yet. Slowly, he brings her close again, then lets off, asking her if she would like to cum. “Yes Sir!” she replies, and he tells her not yet. He stops completely, and backs away, rises, and lightly runs his tongue down her back. “I told you I would test your will power, and now we shall see, darling” he chuckles to her.

Lightly groaning, she feels a leather strap encircle her waist, and he attaches her wrist cuffs to d-rings on either side of it. She pushes her filled ass into the air, seeking relief as her nipples begin to burn a bit. He senses that, and slowly reaches under her, removing the clamps for the time being. “I love your large nipples, and I want to make sure we take proper care of them baby” he tells her as they fill back up with blood, the nerve endings pounding. Sensing her ass more upright, her begins to rub each cheek, telling her he wants to turn them red with his hands next. He removes her blindfold, letting her know he will sense any little motion telling him she has used her vision to anticipate a blow. That would displease him. He slowly rubs her left cheek, and pounces, telling her to count them out. “One, Sir” she says, and he is pleased. He does the same to her right cheek, open palm, one place only, “Two, Sir” she replies. He repeats until five properly placed hand blows are on each cheek, each in precisely the same place. Looking lovingly at her now magenta ass, he once again is pleased with his baby. He decides to take her the final step for the day, one he had hoped she was ready for.

“Normally I would gag you for the next step baby, but I won’t today, for your safety. Please continue to make me proud of you my love,” he tells her as she wonders, “what the fuck could be next?” Able to rotate her head from side to side, she sees him open a jar of Vicks and apply a toothbrush to it. Shuddering, she contains herself as he lightly applies a dab to her clit, then runs some along her inner lips. She feels it burn as he assures her it will not hurt her, and tells her to get through it and she will begin to enjoy the sensation. He slowly places a vibrating egg inside her vagina, then follows up with a clit clamp as he reattaches her leash between her legs and tightens it behind her collar. She feels her butt plug expand as he pumps more air into it. He turns the egg on high, and turns the plug on low as he shows her the 12-strand rubber flog. She is a bit frightened at the flog, but squirms against her leash as her pussy throbs.

Lightly, he brushes the flog over her back and ass, then Whack, jolts her left cheek. Alternating, he tells her to be silent and just feel it. He makes sure he whips a different part of each buttock each time, four strokes each, and then he pulls back. Placing the blindfold back on her, he reminds her to be silent. Suddenly, she feels the flog sharply in her crotch! Whack! She can’t believe he hit her there, but he reassures her she is well protected by her leash. She moans, not believing she liked it. Once more, 10, she feels it in her crotch. She whimpers as he unties the leash unclamping her clit. As he begins to suck on her clit again, he asks her if she wants to cum as he sees her so cleft is so wet she is literally dripping on the floor. She begs to cum, so he turns her butt plug on high, nibbles her clit, and tells her to cum NOW! Trembling, she cums on cue, cums for minutes, cums so hard she almost faints. As she relaxes, he removes all accoutrements, lying her back on the bed, looks into her eyes and tells her how much he loves her as he holds her tight.