Molly the Puppy Girl is an American adult visual novel meets a live-action adventure video game, coming in 2019.  Starring Martha Wells, an 18-year old country girl.

Martha is a senior in high school, who has her whole life ahead of her as she’s about to graduate in three weeks. In the first episode of this erotic adventure, Martha is captured by a mysterious man while she’s walking home from school.   Kidnapped by a man she never met before, Martha is subjected to playing the role of an animal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without a break, completely naked except for the dog collar she’s forced to wear around her slender neck.

Renamed Molly, you play as her as she struggles with the life of being a dog, her goal to be trained to behave as a puppy girl slave to her new master.

The first episodic adventure begins with Martha, a sweet and confident 18-year-old girl, as she’s kidnapped and turned into Molly, a sub-human canine. There will be future episodes continuing the series of Molly the Puppy Girl is episodic, with future episodes all released separately.

Molly the Puppy Girl is playable in all web browsers.


My name is Martha Wells. I may look ordinary to you, but something happened to me over the past few months that changed my life. And it’s all true, even though this story sounds absurd. See, let me explain.

I’m just your average high school senior living out in the country. I just turned 18, and I have my whole life ahead of me. Three weeks until graduation, with more finals than one can shake a leg at. As I was walking home on Friday, I was thinking about my future, but my future is not quite what I expected.

It was a cold, wet spring day. I was walking from school to my house, trying to make sure the dirt from this country road wasn’t getting on my clothes. My parents can’t afford to get me a car yet, so I was trying to hitch a ride.

I’ve hitched rides plenty of times. The guys can’t resist me. Guys have a thing for short girls, and I’m not even 5 feet tall! I’m 4’11, with dark brown short neckline hair matching my eyes. I’m also Brazilian, so all I have to do is shake my butt and the men come.

Driving around the block of the School sure enough, a car pulled over. I expected a pickup truck, or a beaten down car, but instead it was a shiny black Lincoln with dark tinted windows. Seeing its tires sink into the dirt road was a little off-putting.

The windows of the car opened, and out came the driver. He was a young man wearing sunglasses, dressed in a blue pinstripe suit, a shirt that looked professionally tailored, and a silk tie of a rich person. Who was this guy? Could he be a banker? But there weren’t any banks around. Could he be a teacher? No, teachers don’t get paid this much. I’ve never seen him or his car before. Could he be a tourist?

There seemed to be a gleam in his eye that the green-rimmed sunglasses couldn’t hide. As he spoke, he spoke like a man with culture.

“Do you need a ride, young woman?” he asked me.

I couldn’t say no. It was an unusually cold day, and I was dressing like it was summer, only wearing a brown vest. Plus, I have a chance to feel like I’m rich for a few minutes. I agreed and sat down at the passenger seat of his car.

At first, it seemed like an ordinary drive back. I gave him my address to our family farm and he seemed to enter it into his phone. After a few minutes, he gave me a bottle of water.

“You seem thirsty. Do you want this?”

I was a bit thirsty, so I took it, not caring that it was opened. I gulped it down. It tasted a bit funny, but the water in these parts was always a little hit or miss.

We continued to go down the road, and I noticed the turn to the family farm was coming up. I yawned, and tiredness filled my eyes. Being a high school student, I rarely got sleep, but this was a different case altogether. I tried to mumble for him to turn right, but instead he sped right past it, going from the speed limit to racing down the road.

Just then, I realized what was going on. Mama did tell me never to talk to strangers, and it seemed like I didn’t learn my lesson. I tried taking off my seat belt, but it was stuck. Tied to open the door, but it was locked from within.

Before I could scream, my face stung as he slapped me. Then, he placed his hand on my knee, caressing my thigh. I never believed this would happen to me. My mind panicked, but then slowed down. The pain from the slap faded. Before I fell unconscious, I processed two things: the fact he laced the water he gave me, and his words to me.

“You’ll do very nice.”

What happens next?

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