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This website contains words and images dealing with areas of human psychology and sexuality which may be regarded by some as unusual. We don’t think they are of course, but you need to understand what you’re likely to see here. Do not enter unless you’re over 18 and not likely to be offended by adult erotic material of this kind or we’ll tweak your nipples with red-hot pliers for being so downright perverse (that was a joke by the way). Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Please note. All pictures involve either professional models or consenting amateurs and all are over the age of 18. No illegal acts are depicted, suggested or condoned in any way whatsoever. Any external links are to other websites that have stated they observe the same standards.

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BDSM Servitude Story
BDSM Short Stories

An Adventure into BDSM Servitude Story

Goddess on site. Without being asked, she kicked her own shoes off and lay herself full length on the quilt. Two very provocative young breasts thereby presented themselves for inspection. Inclining my head I kissed her just fractionally above her cleavage, moving downstream rapidly. She let out a small gasp of either pleasure or shock – I couldn’t tell which. From my viewpoint, it was definitely pleasure!

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Soap Opera Star Sex Fantasy Story
BDSM Short StoriesFantasy Series

Kinky Fantasy – Soap Opera Star BDSM Story

I am a glamorous TV star, yes. Beautiful, young, and wildly popular. I’m on one of those evening soap opera stars. Yeah, and my character is vicious and naughty, always teasing the men and getting away with murder. Everyone wants me, both on the show and in real life. When I go to the supermarket my face is on all the tabloids with rumors of me dating my 18-year-old co-star.

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